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Bumping up! c: Just got stuff to work on my costume!
Bumping this up :D Can't wait!!!
Submitted the gathering and hoping for sunday afternoon! c: Hope to see everyone there!
Just submitted the gathering! Hoping for Saturday at noonish as usual!
Just submitted the gathering! c: I'm hoping for Friday afternoon!
Oh! I already made a facebook event and a forum on here and took over. I'm sorry about that! I hosted it last year and just figured since you didn't answer in months, that you didn't mind. I don't want to confuse or upset anyone. I just wanted to continue to host it like I did last year! I've been updating my forum for weeks now.
Bump! c: 90 days remain!
90 more days until the con starts! c: Bump!
Bump c: 90 more days until fanime!
Please check the first post for the facebook event! c: feel free to RSVP, share and post! <3
A facebook event has been made! Please check the first post! Feel free to RSVP and share to anyone you might think is interested! Can't wait for another awesome year! c:
Made a facebook event! Feel free to RSVP and share it to people who might want to go! c:
Not yet. I will be making one at least a month before the con, if not much earlier. c: I'll post again when I do!
There was a lot of confusion. I was going to update this before, but someone posted before I could. That person has not answered their thread in a while, so I'm not sure if they still want it. Since I hosted last year, I would really like to host again since everyone was so nice and made it fun!
Thanks again to everyone who went last year! You all were so sweet and creative with pictures! c:

As stated in my first post, I really don't want to upset anyone, I just want to make sure this happens. So if you really wanted to host it, pm me and maybe we can host it together? It's a big gathering so the help is nice! Hope I didn't accidentally write anything in a rude or upsetting manner. <3
No worries! I posted again on the other one just to make sure. Hopefully the other person replies. I hosted it last year, and I was gonna do it again but they posted before I even could, so I wasn't sure on what to do and didn't want to be mean. Haha. I'm just glad there's a lot of interest this year. c:
Hi! I was just checking if the organizer still wanted to run the gathering. I ran it last year, and would be happy to take it over again if not. I just wanna doublecheck because I've had a lot of people ask about this, so I want to make sure to avoid conflict. c:
Hi! I just wanted to let you know that someone was already planning on hosting this! I'm not sure if they're still interested, but you might want to send them a message to ask since they claimed it first. I was the one who hosted it last year, and was planning to take it back over if no one else did, but they got there first so it's always best to ask to avoid conflict. :),19742.0.html