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Hello! This was my 14th year running this gathering, I think? Haha Regardless, It went well!

I'm sorry again for not being able to take every single persons suggestion! I'm amazed to see people's creativity with Pokemon cosplay. Kids and Adults alike seemed to have a lot of fun, and I'm glad I got to help organize that. Feel free to post pictures here! I will definitely host this again next year! My 15th year must be special! :D

THANK YOU ALL FOR ATTENDING!!! I'm so glad it worked out well!

Although, I did get a sunburn on my shoulders after xD hopefully no one else suffered that too.
Greetings all Gravity Falls people who went :D

The gathering was very fun! The weather issue was pretty bad, but other than that I hope you all had fun! Feel free to post pictures you took here too! I hope to do this gathering again next year! :D

THANK YOU ALL FOR ATTENDING!!!! You're all awesome!!
Hello everyone! The gathering was sooo fun :D So many people with so many creative costumes and pose ideas! Sorry again that I couldn't do every pose! and Sorry for the tough heat! I myself was feeling sick. Haha. Totally okay now!

So many of you were sooo sweet and nice! I hope to see you all again! :) I definitely want to continue running this gathering!

THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING! :D Feel free to post pictures here or even chat a bit!
Less than a week! Can't wait :D Hope everyone's prepared!
Can't wait to see you there! :)

Less than a week guys! Hope everyone's ready! :D
Less than a week! I'm so excited! <3 I added a bit to the red text, just simple things that everyone probably already knows. Should be common logic.

Feel free to message me if you wanna meet up early or if you need help getting to the location! :D Or if you wanna grab dinner as a big group and talk about Danganronpa. Totally cool with making new friends!
Hi everyone!

I was just wondering, would anyone be interested in a Danganronpa dinner? Like everyone meeting up somewhere and chatting. Maybe make some friends. Cosplay or just people who love the series. :) Me and my boyfriend thought it would be a good idea to make friends, and it'd be a way for anyone who can't go to the gathering to still chill with people who like the same series.
Could be breakfast or lunch too <3 If we can get a few people, I'll try to set something up.

Otherwise, I hope everyone's cosplay is coming together and can't wait to see them all :D
It's May! Hope everyone's costumes are going well :D Mine is causing me issues but should be done :D
It's now May! :D Hope everyone's got their costumes ready!
It's May! :D Hope everyones ready! Almost done with my cosplay!
Oh no! That sucks! >_< Hopefully you can still come and enjoy the costumes and fun :) <3 Maybe next year xD
Bumping this up! I can't wait for fanime! <3
Bumping this up <3 A little more than a month! Can't wait to see everyone!
Edited with the date and time and location! Hope everyone can make it!
Oh no! I'll make sure there's another group photo at the end so you'll get to at least be in one if you can make it in time!

Updating the first post and the facebook event tonight! :)
Excuse me. :) I'm actually hosting the official DanganRonpa Gathering at fanime this year. I wouldn't want any confusion. I'll give you the link! I hope you can join us!  If this is a non-official gathering, then please ignore this. But the official one has been taken. Thanks. <3,21297.0.html