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Greetings everybody!  My name is Dominic, I go by the name DJ Sandman, and I'll have the honor of spinning for you guys on Friday as well as Saturday!  I just wanted to get a list of song requests for the hangout you would like to hear.  Simply add your request in the comments section and please be as specific in your titles as possible.  I'll do my best in accommodating the songs requested ^_^  I'm looking forward to this hangout and seeing all of you there!
Hey guys, I went as Soos last year with my fiance' as Wendy. It pretty much was just meeting up in a centralized spot and taking a bunch of photos before dispersing.  I'll be on the lookout for all GF cosplayers as I will be handing out badge ribbons!  As far as making a gathering happen one just needs to submit the information and desired time into the submission thread.
It was great meeting all the new faces as well as the familiar ones at this year's gathering, my gf and I had a blast!
I was wondering if any of the photos from the gathering had been posted?  It would be awesome to see them!
The Bills (ang Gompers), Society of the Blind Eye (you guys have pushed me to work harder on my outfit for this lol), and Giffany were among my favorites.  Hope to see you guys at other upcoming cons as well as next Fanime!
Barring anything I may have forgotten, I will be there as Human Genma
I'll be there as Dick Gumshoe (variant version I came up with)
I'll be there as Soos with my girlfriend as Wendy and throughout the con at random times I will be dressed as The Sascrotch!
Gaaahhhhh!!! Stupid Line-Con!  I too missed the gathering as well due to this.  I was really looking forward to seeing your Kuroko and taking that pic theoephenes.  I wore my kuroko during a portion of that day but didnt see you around anywhere XD
I figured you might have already changed costumes by that point.  If you're by chance going to Sac Anime, I'm likely bringing it there.
Quote from: theophenes on May 13, 2013, 03:30:32 AM
I see no problem with noon. And yes, Sand,man, I'll be happy to do a picture with you. Move imitators unite!


Michi, I forget but where are those locations?
Quote from: Michi on May 11, 2013, 05:14:49 PM
Woohoo! More people! Would you guys be okay with this being earlier in the day like sometime around 12, 1, or 2?

DJ_Sandman - Are you the same second Kuroko on :)

lol I certainly am ^_^  Just keeping both bases covered, I believe I came across it here first then
Gravity Falls taking over!
Please add me to the list as Kuroko.  @theophenes: I definitely would like to get a pic with you if it's cool.  More Kurokos!
I remember the guy who set up his dj equipment along one of the convention center walls lol

Hearing the sax being played is one of my favorite things about fanime especially at the later hours as it adds to the relaxed vibe during the night. 
I also wanted to add that I will also be doing a surprise Gravity Falls Cosplay which I'll be wearing throughout random times at the con.  Grunkle Stan will know when he sees it lol
Any room for Human form Genma Saotome?
Hey guys, I thought I would post this up here from my recent trip to Wondercon in Anaheim!  Here is a pic taken of myself, my girlfriend Ecco, and the super awesome Jessica DiCicco! (Voice of Tambry in Gravity Falls as well as the voice of Flame Princess from Adventure Time!)

I think I disappeared from the list.  Any chance you can re-add me as Soos and my gf as Wendy?
Also I would like to ask if my girlfriend (nickname is Ecco) can be added on to the list as Wendy?
A bunch of Mabels squaring off against a bunch of Wendys photo would rock!
If you're in need of Soos, I'm your guy!  I cosplay him pretty regularly lol