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Hotel and Facilities / Re: 2017 Roommate Thread
« on: April 25, 2017, 12:55:19 PM »
**Roommate found, thank you! ; ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Hello, Fanime goers. I am currently on the lookout for one (possibly two) people who are needing a room.
I'll keep this short & sweet (or try to...) because we only got about a month left & I think we can all agree- last minute stuff makes us all crazy.

So hotel details!

Hotel - San Jose Marriott, Non-smoking Single King.
You would be granted floor space & closet space, should you have cosplay items.
You are welcome to bring an air mattress, sleeping bag, etc.

Check in date - 5/26/17 (Friday)
Check out date - 5/29/17 (Monday)

**There are only two individuals staying in this said room, my brother & a good friend.
Both whom of which are respectful, good-natured & friendly. // Bonus points to you if you're a gamer!
They are both in their mid-twenties, & have been attending Fanime for years.
So meeting new people is nothing out of the ordinary. c: Don't be shy.

My brother will be cosplaying Negan from the Walking Dead; as for my friend... I don't know if he's cosplaying, yet.
But cosplays are 100% welcome in the room!**

Requirements ;

* 21 & over is preferred, seeing as alcohol is likely to happen. Nothing sloppy or belligerent, though!
More so social, & chill drinking.
* If one roommate is welcomed in, the price for stay is $100.00
Should two roommates be welcomed, only $80.00 - but we can iron out payment details a little later.
* No smoking in the room, please... No judgement of any kind, just do so outside. pl0x.
* Curfews or whatever aren't really t h a t big of a deal. For example, if you like going to the raves, or staying out late, go for it.
Simply know my brother likes sleep, so being considerate to that is all I would emphasize on if you plan on coming back into the room at like 3am.
* We will provide water, & snacks so you may certainly help yourself to whatever will be there in the room. (Jerky, chips, granola bars, gatorade, etc) & should we go out to eat, you are more than welcome to join. c:
* If you're an Artist Alley / Dealer's Room seller, you are welcome to the closet space, if need be.
* No crowds of people or groups of friends in the room in respect to other people's belongings.
* Muuusstttt be tidy. Less mess, less stress.
* Each person will also have their own room key!

Hopefully we can all be adults here, & just have a good time! Myself, & my group are super chill, all around gracious people. So if I aroused anyone's interest, feel free to contact me; most call me Caroo. -u-

email -

Facebook -

Instagram -

or even message me here, if you want. c:

So yeah, take care & hopefully I'll get some feedback.
- Caroo

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