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I originally booked my rooms at the Marriot in November when they opened,but I forgot Fanime was a 4 day convention and only booked till Sunday (Booked fri-sun). I didn't realize my mistake till February and added to the waitlist to get that one night. Is it easier for me to get that one night that is for someone looking for the whole weekend or does the hotel wait until entire blocks of days open up for the next person on the list before giving rooms/nights away?

Is it basically impossible to get that one night even if i wait past April 25th? I don't want to invite people into my room if i can't cover them the whole time.
Hi I'm sorry if this was answered I looked in the FAQ and could not find it. I haven't gotten my final notice of acceptance yet but I'm out of state and when I get my permit I'm going to have to mail it, which takes longer than just go to the local BOE office  :( I'm wondering if anyone knows when I'll need the permit # by?

I read some where that BOE doesn't like to give permits till 30 days prior to when we need them, so I'm like, uh oh can i actually send my form too early? Does anyone have experience with that? Should I mail it now or wait till 30 days prior to when I know we'll need them? And if so, that is why I am asking when T_T, sorry. Thanks.