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aim: shounen bat ej
Does anyone know where I can get eyeshield cosplay stuff, ie jerseys, helmets,etc.... I'm really thinking about cosplaying as Kurita-san. Can anyone help? Ebay doesn't have shyt.

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Did anyone take any pics of the Naruto Gathering? Akatsuki?
Did anyone take any AKATSUKI gathering pics on Saturday 5/23/09? I would like to see them. I cosplayed  as Sasori's puppet HIROKU.

I had some funky design shaved on the back of my head. I cosplayed As Hiroku all Sat ans Sun.

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I'm looking for a place to crash. I prefer a smoking room. I can sleep on the floor, I don't care.  I'm clean. I shower everyday. I'm pretty quiet. This is my 10th Fanime this year. Kinda late to book a room. I can pay cash. I'll be out by Sunday.Can anyone help a fellow cosplayer out?
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I'm over 21. Responsible and clean. I smoke and drink. I cosplay.  This is my 10th Fanime I'll be attending. I couldn't book a room this year. I'm looking for someone with a room who would like to split the cost with me. I'm in need of a room. I like to have a room to relax, sleep and especially shower. I'll be gone by Sunday. Can someone help me out? I live in Hayward. Please email me for details. Thank you.

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i'm looking for a room. how much? i'll be out by Sunday.

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i need a room. email me for more info please?

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I'm over 21. Responsible and know wrong from right. I smoke. I drink sometimes. I am looking for a room. I dont care if i sleep on the floor. I just need a room to chill, relax, sleep and shower. I dont mind paying half or whatever. As long as I get a cardkey. Can anyone help? I'm from Hayward and I'm hoping to find someone soon. Fanime is in a couple days.
[email protected] ;D
<<<will be Hiruko. I like being the baddies.
I kinda wanna do a skit or something? After 10 years, I think I would do one. AKATSUKI anyone?!?!?
I'll be cosplaying as HIRUKO ( sasori's puppet). Anyone need a Hiruko?
I can help out, since I dont have anything to do on the weekends.
I'll be cosplaying as Hiruko (Shippuuden). Does anyone need a Hiruko for a skit???????
SHOUNEN BAT EJ ( add me)