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Hey everyone! I have two announcements:

>We won't be able to dance to World's End Dancehall remixing with Tell Your World, so we'll be not doing it because the moves we still need to figure out :c
>We have Heart Beats that's awarded from J-Pop Summit like what Sara told me, so we'll be having a dance practice at the Cesar Chavez Park (right across the street where Fanime is located), so we'll be meeting up at the statue of a snake (looks like a shape of poop).

Don't forget to bring water, snacks, towel (in case if you guys get sweaty) to have more energy!

Practice will be on Saturday March 30 at noon and Sunday March 31! April 2 - 4 will probably be another practice if any of you want to come! You may go home any time you want!

The actual flash mob will be on May 25!


If you can't make it to practice, then you may look up a video on YouTube for a Heart Beats dance tutorial.
Hey guys! I'm pretty new to all the flash mob ideas and I have a friend Sara Verches to help me out with the flash mob plans that I have come up with and she's also the Fanime staff as well ^u^ I made a group on Facebook and have the group on Facebook to vote which song like Gangnam Style (-coughs- overrated >w>), Bad Apple!, Tell Your World, Gangnam Style Kidz Bop (not my idea xD), and World End's Dancehall. Few weeks later, everyone voted Tell Your World and World's End Dancehall! Also, one of us also voted for "Heart Beats" that Sara suggested and she said "it was a winning dance at JPop Summit".

I'm planning to have a flash mob on Saturday somewhere at 1 or 2 pm and Sunday as well! Are you guys up for a new dance?