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This morning, I was browsing gtaforums, and found out there was a new update for GTA Online that came out today. This update allows you to have an anime themed car.

To get the anime car, you need to get a Karin Sultan and take it to Benny's. Then upgrade it and you should see an option for the anime design under the livery section.

When you upgrade the car at Benny's, the name of the car becomes Sultan RS.

The name of the anime is Princess Robot Bubblegum. This thread is in the "Everything Else" section because the anime only exists in the GTA universe, not in real life.

Here is my Sultan RS. I made the car blue with black rims because I want the Carolina Panthers to win the Super Bowl.

And here is my Sultan RS's theme song:
A couple of ships from the anime Arpeggio of Blue Steel ships have appeared in the game World of Warships. The ships are the Kongo and the Myoko.

I have Kongo. Isn't she pretty?

I gave her a theme song as well:

I don't have Myoko though.

What are your thoughts on these ships? Do you have them?
As of this post, the Philadelphia 76ers are off to a 0-15 start. They currently have a 25 game losing streak dating back to last season. They are 2 losses away from setting a new record for the longest losing streak in professional sports. (Currently, the longest losing streak is at 26, held by the 1976-1977 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the 2010-2011 Cleveland Cavaliers, and the 2013-2014 Philadelphia 76ers.)

I thought this would be a good discussion while we wait for the NorCal cons to come around. So, why are the 76ers so bad? Will they ever win a game this season?


And no, I am not a 76ers fan.
Yeah, I couldn't resist making a thread.

Huge shout out to the Xbox One gamertags FlexPiTo, TemperingDruid2, and TeslaCommando (if the owners of those gamertags somehow stumble upon this thread)!

In case you didn't know already, the Criminal Mastermind Challenge is a challenge in Grand Theft Auto Online. It requires you to play all five heists in order, on hard, with the same group of people, all without dying. It can be quite difficult and stressful, but we beat it.

Well, guess it's time for me to get ready for Fanime now.
Today, I was walking back and forth from the convention center to the Fairmont. It seemed like every so often, there were classic muscle cars flying by on the streets with insanely loud engines.

Now, I'm into those types of cars, so I personally didn't mind. But what about you guys?

Did you hear the loud engine sounds? Did you enjoy hearing them? Or were you annoyed by them?
Anyone know of any good Italian restaurants near the convention?
Swag, yolo, like for Chop!

I wonder how people would react if I rolled up to Fanime in this.
Gaming / Thoughts on my garage in GTA Online?
April 22, 2014, 11:41:39 PM
A few days ago, a Youtuber filmed my garage in Grand Theft Auto Online. He finally just got the video up, and it was pretty cool having him do a tour of my garage. What do you guys think of it?

I'm on Xbox and The Last Flight is my gamertag.

I wonder what would happen if I rolled up to Fanime in a chrome Adder with dollar rims.

I wish I could bring my chrome Alpha to Fanime.

Things in the Universe / Re: The Fast and the Furious 6
January 24, 2014, 05:20:53 PM
Quote from: G.I.R on August 18, 2013, 08:30:11 PM
Quote from: Glitch on August 17, 2013, 02:03:04 AM
So is this guy making multiple accounts just so it doesn't like it's only him making all these pointless movie threads?
He wouldn't be AKA Giantsgiants would he?  Same type of lame topics and same smarmy dialog.
I swear that is not me. My name is not Allen.
Sorry if they sound like dumb questions, but I just want to make sure it's okay to do these things.

1. If I have my badge, am I allowed to leave the convention grounds and re-enter the con at a later time?

2. Can I bring things that are not related to anime to the con? I'm thinking of bringing a magazine or two for me to read while I'm in line.

Thanks for all the great advice guys. I showed my mom driving directions I got off Google Maps and told her the important streets and exits. She's okay with me going, but she'll talk to my dad about it. My dad doesn't come home from work until Thursday.
Thanks for the great advice so far, guys. But I think their biggest concern is with me going down there in the first place, regardless of which transportation method I'll use.
I've been really wanting to go to Fanime for years, but never bothered or mustered up the courage to ask my parents if I could go. I always feel like the odds of them saying "Yes" are very low.

The main reason why I think this is that San Jose is around an hour drive away from my house, and it would be too inconvenient for them to drive down there just to drop me off and pick me up. I have a driver's license, but we don't go to San Jose often, so my parents are skeptical about me driving by myself down there. I don't have any friends I could go with because none of them are into anime.

So, I'm not sure what the best thing to do is. Do you guys have any advice?



The long horn you see there is a Tibetan dungchen. Don't they look cool?

What do you think of these instruments?

I wonder if you're allowed to bring them to Fanimecon.
Things in the Universe / Best Youtube comment ever?
April 21, 2013, 12:56:04 PM

Maybe I should ask that question at an anime convention panel.

What do you think of this comment?
I was wondering about this because when I browse through American music videos on Youtube, sometimes I see a top comment where the username is the name of an anime character.
There's this song that's been stuck in my head all say. It goes "Bandz a make her dance. Bandz a maker her dance."

Is it a good thing or a bad thing that this song is stuck in my head?

If you don't think it's good, then how do I get it out?
I listen to 99.7 Now.