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Due to an issue with finances and work, I was unable to meet the requirements for staying on with Tech Staff this year.  Next year will be no problem, but its this year that's the problem.  And I'd really like Staffing the Con.

I have been a Vol from 2000 to 2005 and Tech from 2006 to 2014, and I'd like to help out.

If there's a department that needs bodies, please contact me at my E-Mail; d-arby@Prodigy.net, with the message "Need Staff"

Thank you,

Darren Brimhall

I'm part of an On-line Text based MUD RPG start-up that's looking for a few good Coders and Builders who know their way around  C, C+++, C#, Small C, Java, Java Script, Visual Basic, Python, Perl, etc.

Must be able to work individually and successfully on projects and or with StoryCoders, StoryBuilders and StoryPlotters.

Must be able to fully commit and or document code for future use, re-use, maintains, or modification.

Four+ Hours per weeks working on coding projects.

Thos position is a Volunteer, non-paid position with a start-up internet gaming site that has significant growth poticentcial.

If interested, please E-Mail your interest, along with any MUD and Programming experience to; pakhnu@email.com

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