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Bump for support!

Bump for support! We still need chess pieces and chessmasters!

We need 5 more cosplayers on our board!!! Looking for any and all cosplays to join us in a battle to the death!

We've decided to open our cosplay chess pieces to ALL cosplays! No more gaming theme, any and all cosplays are accepted!

Updated as of 5/3/18

We've announced some great prizes to earn in our participation raffle! For more information send an email to or join our FB group at

Bump for support! We are auditioning chessmasters, but still looking for chess board sign ups!

Bump for support!

Updated as of 2/14/2018

We need people who are interested in being Chessmasters!

Fill out the form below to sign up for auditions!

Not at all! One year we had about 6-7 RWBY characters across the board. It made a lot of fun match ups!

Updated as of 1/12/18! Sign ups are still open!

Updated as of 12/7/2017

Staff & Volunteers / Rovers is looking for staff
« on: November 07, 2017, 12:50:05 AM »
We're Recruiting!

Think you have what it takes to work a con? Feel like you can contribute to the con experience? Then join Rovers! Rovers is a great way to make new friends, see the con from behind the curtain, and make the convention a more smoother experience.

What Does A Rover Do?
  • Crowd Control
  • Helping attendees who look lost
  • Peacebonding
These are a few among many different situations a Rover comes across while working for FanimeCon

But Why Volunteer?

As a volunteer, you earn your free badge! Rovers asks that you work 24 hours during the 4 day (5 including Day Zero) con. That means a 7 hour shift on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and a 4 hour shift on either Thursday or Monday. Of course, we will always accept those who are dedicated and wish to work more than the required 24 hours.

And the best part? Rovers is a great department to make friends! Rovers work together through thick and thin to resolve situations on the floor, and it builds lasting relationships that go further than FanimeCon. (It also doesn't hurt that Rovers is an excellent experience to put on your resume!)

So what are you waiting for? Send in an application at or shoot us an email at for any questions

Panels and Workshops / Re: Welcome to Fanime Cosplay Chess 2018!
« on: October 12, 2017, 01:22:54 PM »
Chess Pieces

List of current chess pieces

1. Zack Fair - Final Fantasy Crisis Core
2. 2B - Nier Automata
3. Super Craig - Fractured But Whole
4. Wonder Tweek - Fractured But Whole
5. Yoshi - Super Mario
6. Frederick - Fire Emblem: Awakening
7. Yuffie - Final Fantasy VI
8. Papyrus - Undertale
9. D.Va - Overwatch
10. Nepgear - Hyperdimension Neptunia
11. Ralph - Wreck it Ralph
12. Vanellope - Wreck it Ralph
13. Poro - Leage of Legends
14. Vaike - Fire Emblem: Awakening
15. Bendy - Bendy and the Ink Machine
16. Gaius - Fire Emblem: Awakening
17. Flappy - Flappy Bird
18. Robin - Fire Emblem: Awakening
19. Cape Mario - Super Mario
20. Goro Akechi - Persona 5
21. Kaneki Ken - Tokyo Ghoul
22. Rose Quartz - Steven Universe
23. Miguel Rivera - Coco
24. Mercy - Overwatch
25. Nightwing - DC Comics
26. Renge - Ouran High School Host Club
27. America - Hetalia

Panels and Workshops / Re: Welcome to Fanime Cosplay Chess 2018!
« on: October 12, 2017, 01:22:23 PM »
Please help us welcome our chessmasters to the stage!
Mei - Overwatch
Lucien Bloodmarch - Dream Daddy

Hi there everyone! :)


Cosplay chess is an immersive, full scale chess game in which the pieces have come to life and are fighting for their team! It is an exciting new way to enjoy a classic, time honored game. As we are a performance, sign ups are required before the convention starts. No need to know anything about chess to participate, just be sure to keep an open mind and be ready to have fun!

Participate as a chess piece or chessmaster and get the chance to win free prizes! We do a raffle every year, and this year we have a multitude of prizes such as art, signed prints, and gift cards to Joann's and Gamestop!

Chess Pieces
Chess pieces are the bread of our show! They compromise a majority of our members and play as rook, knight, or pawn on the board. Some of them may have speaking parts, however we will ask first if you are comfortable with it. Characters are paired in the most hilarious of ways for battle!

No auditions are required! Characters are granted on a first come first serve basis, and once we are full we accept reserve characters to fill last minute drop outs. We accept all fandoms and cosplays, however we ask that they be a published character (NPC characters are ok). All pieces must write a short, 2 sentence description of their character to be used when we introduce each piece. Please have in your description the following: The first sentence should be a vague introduction of your character, followed by a second sentence containing your characters name, and what fandom they're from. (see examples below)

"The hero of the video game of death, he's the beater who wears all black! It's Kirito from Sword Art Online!"

Heels are ok so long as they are thick, but stilletos are not allowed as they have the potential to ruin our board.

To sign up as a chess piece, please click

Chessmasters are the butter of our show! They lead their teams into battle with wit, charm, and stage presence. They have prominent speaking roles and are required to attend at least 2 online rehearsals. We use Discord for all online rehearsals and communication.

Chessmaster sign ups are now closed! Please welcome to the stage Mei from Overwatch and Lucien from Dream Daddy!

There is a mandatory rehearsal on the Friday of Fanime at 9pm, so please build it into your schedule. This is your time to meet everyone face to face, as well as the chess pieces you will fight so you can create a short, simple fight choreography. If for any reason you cannot attend the meeting, please email us so that we can discuss it.

Contact us!
Email :
FB group :

Hi everyone!

We have an official thread in Panels and Workshops but we are desperate for cosplayers to be on our board.

We are particularly keen on finding a Gladiolus from FFXV!!

Message me if you are interested, or find our thread titled Fanime Cosplay Chess 2017 in Panels and Workshops.

Thank you!


We are still looking for cosplay volunteers!

For the time on Friday, it has to be at 9pm? How long will practice be until?
I'm not sure if I will stay out that late on Friday, for the reason given that I live in SJ so I won't be booking a hotel.

Hi! I'm sorry for the delay in response, but the rehearsal should take no more than one hour or so. I don't expect it to last longer than an hour and a half, and if it does you are more than welcome to talk to me about leaving the rehearsal early.

Yes!! Apologies on our part, the title should say 2017. Join our Facebook group for more information. :D

We are still looking for cosplayers to be on our board! Spaces are filling up quick and are given on a first come first serve basis, so don't miss out!

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