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The San Jose Sharks just tied the series 2-2 which most likely will be heading back to San Jose on Sunday for a Game 6 either up or down 3-2. So the suggestion is, if there are any rooms available either at the Hotels or Convention Center that are not being used during the time of the hockey game. Can Fanime turn those rooms into a viewing room for the Kings/Sharks game?
Whether it's Anime, J-rock, J-pop or video games. What do you want to hear in San Jose McEnery Convention Center's PA system for Fanime 2011.

Here are my picks. The Winner: Miki Matsubara

                          ABC yori DEF su: Satomi Akesaka (Just For LOL's)

So what are your picks...
Whether its Anime, J-rock, J-pop or video games. What do you want to hear in San Jose McEnery Convention Center's PA system for Fanime 2011.

Here are my picks: The Winner: Miki Matsubara

                         ABC Yori DEF su!: Satomi Akesaka (Just For LoL's)

So what is your picks...

This has been moved to General Convention Discussion.
Things in the Universe / Lolicon Good or Bad.
January 13, 2011, 04:27:28 PM
"This just in from N.E.R.V."

An anonymous proposition has been given to me and state today and after I read it this could be one of the most controversial proposals ever requested and now its up to the otaku to give their opinions.
Should there be a new convention called Lolicon be inaugurated and added to the list of cons in Northern California?

Now everyone might be saying: What is Loli? Is it legal?(In the U.S. for that matter) Does this violate any amendment rights?   
I have heard of it before and it is only known as a term for the underage.

Are you a cosplayer and registered for the 99th Bay To Breakers this Sunday if so, Who will you be cosplaying as and What is your take in

conquering the seven mile crosstown course.
Forum Games / Name That Tune (DDR Version)
May 06, 2010, 10:15:45 PM
The rules are simple think of a DDR song in English. Type a couple of verses down and the next person guess the artist(s) and title. After

he/she tells the artist(s) and title. The cycle repeats, think of a DDR song type a verse down and the next person guess the artist(s) and

title. "Should the answer be wrong, the person who posted the verse can quote the person who answered and give out clues until one

person posts the correct answer". Here is an example, type the verse: "Rolling on the ceiling", "Rolling by your feelings", "Rolling on the

                                              ceiling again"

                                             The next person answers: Upside Down by Coo Coo

Let's test your DDR knowledge.

The Burritozilla is a five pound burrito from Iguanas Restaurant off S. 3rd st in San Jose. I mean is it really worth getting even though that it is a huge meal which will last an entire day. This can cause a con casualty and a con hazard waiting to happen. The likely symptoms, passing of gas on occasion, indigestion, stomach cramps, random trips to the bathroom, nausea and a huge mess on hotel or con grounds if you can not contain its ingredients or your digestive system.
So is anyone willing to risk it or do I need to have N.E.R.V. medical staff ready to go.  8)     
It has been 6 years where San Jose hosted an anime convention (FANIME) and within those years the San Jose Sharks made the playoffs and not one playoff game was held in late May ???. It's another year and we still don't know if it will be deja vu all over again and if it is the same omen year after year that the hockey gods are sensing the otaku's presence in late May then the sharks advancement late in the playoffs heading in the finals has still yet to be determined. This year is going to change the Stanley Cup Playoffs along with Fanime 2010 all in one weekend. "Your thoughts should this happen"     
Why do attendees attend Day Zero when this day is only for the following:
     People who pre-reg want their badges early
     Guest relations
     People involved in Swap Meet
The actual day the con starts is Friday morning around 10 AM, Can an attendee hold till then... Day Zero should only pertain to the list above and I still say that Attendees should follow con tradition and start the fun Friday going into Monday.
There should be a rule change about attendees at day zero because the true events don't start till days 1, 2, 3, 4       
Things in the Universe / NASCAR weekend or Bust
June 19, 2009, 03:21:05 PM
The countdown is almost over to the Toyota Save Mart 350 this Sunday at Infenion and hoping that there is not a lot of caution flags so I can get outta there and beat the horrendous traffic getting out of the raceway. Here is a little something I put up that happend in 1960 should things screw up on Sunday.
Only 3 weeks till Fanime and I still can't make up my mind....

Anyhow to keep me occupied the next three weeks, I'll  check out what is going on in the sports world by first off tuning in
to The Kentucky Derby this weekend. A horse race that has been going on for hundreds of years with huge amounts of money at stake.

The notable odds in favorite (for betters only)

Nowhere To Run 50/1
Atomic Run 50/1
Mine That Bird 50/1
Mr Hot Shot 30/1
Musket Man 20/1
Chocolate Candy 20/1 (The Local Favorite)
Registration / Pre Registration Extension?
March 02, 2009, 10:49:41 PM
      Due to our tough economy and some people can't come up with the money. I believe we should extend our pre registration till late April because by then our taxes will be done and we know how much do we get back in return, Most colleges and universities will get the second half of their Financial Aid grants and unemployment benefits will be extended. 

Moderators: You can lock this topic up, but its the truth in the struggling economy

Members: Reply your message if its a good idea, It can be a big help financially

                   For the protection of all the attendees, staffers, volunteers and Guests of Honor. The San Jose Police Department, Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department, The CHP, Adult Probation Department, and Gang Task Force should patrol the perimeters of Fanime. which includes nearby eating places, A 3 city block perimeter towards Downtown San Jose and The Civic Audiotorium should a big name band makes their appearence. The con population will NOT be victims of outside curruption throughout the streets of San Jose.
         For a fun and safe FANIME 2009.