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                 Showing my old HS friend around the con since it is his first time and I have been an attendee for 9 years.

I will probably be at Jhonny Rockets sometime this weekend at the stools area playing the song Lights by Journey.

Top 10 reason's why I hate my Goddamn job.

10. Misleading protocols and requests.
9. They're not into Anime.
8. They're not into NASCAR.
7. They're not into PGA.
6. They're not into NFL.
5. They're not into NHL.
4. They're not into NBA.
3. They're not into MLB.
2. Can't disect the truth from the co-workers or managers.
1. The Union hates us.
Eyeshield 21, One Outs or Hoop Days as the play by play commentators take it back to the studios where I come in and do analysis.
"Chris Berman, "Eat your Heart Out"

    38 days 15 hours 25 mins
Serious Business / Re: Prop 8 debate
May 09, 2009, 10:50:40 PM
      I have nothing against gays or lesbians but same sex message is a religous violation, I mean tying the knot at the witness of god with 2 men or 2 women is an outrage. Proposition 8 stains a 15th century love where it was Adam and Eve in the garden of eden. Adam the masculine and Eve the feminine. Adam was in love with Eve for beauty that Eve was in love with Adam for stength and courage. They lived happily together loving and charishing one another that they were inseperable.
      Proposition 8 is triggers voters to make a decision to a long religous tradition to a tradition that hasen't been written but plays a big role in society that plays the race or creed factor which is not the case. 
      Vote YES on Proposition 8 and keep a long religous tradition live on
    Of all of these baseball athletes getting suspended, going to court, getting fined is tainting America's past time over illegal substances. I think it's a shame not only it is costing a quarter of the players paycheck, but also to us fans who spend our hard earn money in going to watch these games.
    As a SF Giants fan we dodged a bullet this off season in nearly signing Manny to a contract but with Brian Sabean still our GM and hasen't yet made a good sign yet this off season like a young bat that puts up good numbers or a good setup guy for B.W. this is one move that could have the media and fans criticize him about.
    Time to step up and put on a winning streak in The Mission To Take Sole Possesion of 1st place In The West
Only 3 weeks till Fanime and I still can't make up my mind....

Anyhow to keep me occupied the next three weeks, I'll  check out what is going on in the sports world by first off tuning in
to The Kentucky Derby this weekend. A horse race that has been going on for hundreds of years with huge amounts of money at stake.

The notable odds in favorite (for betters only)

Nowhere To Run 50/1
Atomic Run 50/1
Mine That Bird 50/1
Mr Hot Shot 30/1
Musket Man 20/1
Chocolate Candy 20/1 (The Local Favorite)
Tandoori oven
150 South 1st street #107

Amaci's East Coast Pizzeria
Registration / Pre Registration Extension?
March 02, 2009, 10:49:41 PM
      Due to our tough economy and some people can't come up with the money. I believe we should extend our pre registration till late April because by then our taxes will be done and we know how much do we get back in return, Most colleges and universities will get the second half of their Financial Aid grants and unemployment benefits will be extended. 

Moderators: You can lock this topic up, but its the truth in the struggling economy

Members: Reply your message if its a good idea, It can be a big help financially

                   For the protection of all the attendees, staffers, volunteers and Guests of Honor. The San Jose Police Department, Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department, The CHP, Adult Probation Department, and Gang Task Force should patrol the perimeters of Fanime. which includes nearby eating places, A 3 city block perimeter towards Downtown San Jose and The Civic Audiotorium should a big name band makes their appearence. The con population will NOT be victims of outside curruption throughout the streets of San Jose.
         For a fun and safe FANIME 2009.