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Hi I might attend as 2nd uniform Lenalee
just bumping
can characters from other Square/Square Enix games come? Like Star Ocean? Or only FF.
If it's a good time I'll try to make it as either Sephiroth or Lightning
I just got into cosplaying Panty & Stocking and wanted to have a gathering for the series! Want to bring this epic anime back for gatherings.

Side Note: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Date: TBA(likely Friday May 27)
Time: TBA(trying to get 4PM)
Location: TBA(Trying to get G6)

Number of Attendees: 1

I will be there as Panty(angel version).

Facebook event page:

(List of characters/attendees coming soon!)
Hi guys,

I ran the 2019 Darling and the Franxx Cosplay Gathering and plan to do another one.

Date: TBA(Trying to get Saturday May 28)
Time: TBA(Trying to get 11am)
Location: TBA(Trying to get G5-Art Tree, right in front of the Convention Center)

Number of Attendees: 1(At least me)

Facebook Event URL:

Here's the link to the previous gathering from 2019:

If there's not too many people, we'll just keep it short. I plan to be there as Zero Two(plugsuit version).
Vote here on which day you would like to have the gathering on:

Link to Facebook event page:

Kill la Kill Cosplay Gathering at Fanime 2019!

Day : TBD
Time : TBD
Meeting Place (MP) : TBD(trying to get G9, that place to the right of the con center entrance)
Location (L) :The gathering spot

Photo Order:

Ryuko Matoi
Elite Four
Nudist Beach/Her Teacher
Honoji Academy
Mako's family(if they're there)

Ryuko vs Satsuki

Ryuko vs Mako

Ryuko & Satuki vs Ragyo


Anyone wanna try to start a Kill la Kill cosplay gathering in 2019?

I know the series peaked in 2014/15, but why not??
might attend as Atalanta(Fate: Apocrypha)
thanks for organizing this!
Any interest in a D.Gray-Man gathering? I cosplay 2nd uniform Yu Kanda.
might being going as Sesshomaru(Inuyasha), maybe
Nice seeing all of you at the gathering! I was Queen Ashe, playing the music from the game.

ok so right now, it's friday at 3pm at g8, to the left of the main entrance.
Im going to this as a photographer, also might play music from the series.
Kurama(Yoko) is getting ready!
Xac: which day would work better for you? Saturday?

Ok so I missed the deadline to be on the official gatherings board, I still sent them an email anyways.

Friday, 3pm, at area G5(outside the main entrance to the left)

If we don't get on the official list, we can still meet up. We're not a large group anyways.

ok this should happen. what time do you guys want to do it?

Friday at...3pm to the left of the main entrance?(the area with the trees)