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Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Website suggestion
March 27, 2014, 01:22:02 PM
So as I am sure you guys have gotten constant emails about the website but I am curious what time frame are we looking at for the website? I understand there is usually some odd tech issue, not to mention this being the 20th year I am sure you guys are wanting to do it big. I just want to know because I have a lot of people including myself that is a bit frustrated by it all. Mind you this is my fourth year coming so I know this isn't a common thing for it to be so late. If this is taking awhile for the site to be ready for public viewing. Maybe someone can create a document with the lists of events and such things happening this year. I would even be down to help with that. Let us know what you need! this is by fans for fans and I am sure if you honestly put a all call for help for a specific project a few will gladly help.