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plan on being there as Kurama.
cool. Wanna meet up sometime/form a gathering?
Updated 5/16/15:

So Friday at 3pm at area G5(to the left of the main entrance)

Anyone interested in cosplaying from D.Gray-Man for 2015?

I plan on cosplaying Yu Kanda(2nd uniform). Let's get the innocence =)
did the Eternal Sonata gathering get put on the list yet?
Hi guys! Myself and others plan to cosplay from the video game Eternal Sonata, at 1PM on Saturday.

Feel free to join this gathering!

Day: Saturday
Time: 1PM
MP:G1, gatherings table.
L: Chopin, Alegretto, Polka, at a minimum.

Meet up location is G1, which is the entrance to the convention center, at the gatherings table. We can then move somewhere else to get better photos, but let's start at G1.

List of attending:

Myself(POOTERS) as Frederic Chopin
Celine as Alegretto
Blossomberry Cosplay as Polka.
Hey guys,

I was the male Deidara from the gathering. I will post some of the pictures I got with my camera here.

Be on the lookout for Yuri! Brave Vesperia =)

Pic is from Anime Central 2013.

yea Friday at 11 would be cool with me
I'm going as Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia!
hmmm actually Friday morning could work also.

There was a gathering I wanted to attend on Sunday.
Sesshomaru(from Inuyasha) is goin to this.

Sunday would be ideal. Here's some preview pics from Sakura-Con in March of this year.

I'm down. I cosplay Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia.

yea I heard about it from the young Sasuke cosplayer...

I stuck around, must have missed u guys...
k cool! let the others know so that we can get this thread going for the benefit of all