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i need some advice on picking who to cosplay, i dressed as my avatar from gaiaonline last year, but i havent been able to find any good ideas for my body-type. i'm a 6'-0" male, stocky build but not overly fat.

pic is 2 years old, sad eyes are because i'd just woken up after about two hours of sleep.
no-one's mentioned off site rooms yet, so i guess i;ll break the ice.

stayed at the Ramada a block away from the con, clean simple rooms, mini-fridge, large towels, free wifi in all the rooms and VERY hot showers, great for washing off the funks. only downside was that the room was across from the elevator, and right above the supply room.  7/10
i'm already working on my cosplay for 08. it's going to be my third year going, and my first in cosplay. i pre-registered as soon as i saw it on the site.