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Will add more items as they come up!  This is just so everyone has a preview!  

Pricing breaks for items under $50 are as follows:

$50 order   -   $5 off
$100 order   -   $13 off
$150 order   -   $20 off

Everything else, prices ARE flexible, I can work something out!  Photos and more

detailed pricing can be found on my FB album:


I will hold something for you, if you're interested, send me a PM and I'll give you

a redemption code!  I'll hold items until 9pm Thursday night :D

[b]Small Items:[/b]
Touhou Pins (Large) $5.00
Touhou Pins (Small) $3.00
Touhou Keychains (Large) $10.00
Touhou Keychains (Small) $5.00
Sephiroth Keychain $3.00
Voodoo Doll Cell Phone Strap $2.00
Mona Cell Phone Cleaner/Strap $5.00
Ponies (Smaller) $0.25
Ponies (Larger) $0.50

Lucario Mascot Suit $150.00
NOTE: This is the one that was at Fanime last year, playing DDR, and with

Cynthia at the gathering, it is pretty well-worn out.

Kannagi Figure $10.00
One Piece Figure $5.00
Quiz Magic Academy Figure $20.00
Mon-sieur Bome Vol.1 Oni-Musume Repaint $25.00
Mon-sieur Bome Vol.2 Oni-Musume Repaint 0214/3333 $70.00
Bottle Fairy Figure Set of 5 ($30 ea) $120.00

Mon-sieur Bome Tenjho Tenge Vol.2 Tokubetsu Edition $30.00

Pop'n Vending Cards Set of 24 $30.00
Pop'n Vending Cards Singles $2.00
Technika 3 Premium Launch Card $20.00
Technika 3 Card $5.00
eAmuse Card $5.00
Initial D Ver. 3 Card $3.00
Final Fantasy V Trading Card Box ($2 ea) $30.00

Touhou Plush $50.00
Touhou Plush (Bagged Sanae) $55.00
Touhou Plush (Hatless Suwako) $40.00
Touhou EX Cirno Plush $600.00
Pokemon Plush $3.00
Nyan Cat $5.00

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! NES $12.00
Super Mario Bros. 3 NES $10.00
Double Dragon NES $3.00
Sports Games NES $1.00
NINTENDO GameCube (No controller, video cable) $12.00
Super Mario Sunshine GC $8.00
Super Monkey Ball GC $5.00
F-Zero GX GC $3.00
Bomberman Jetters GC $2.00
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles GC (JP) $15.00
Final Fantasy I Wonderswan Bundle $40.00
Final Fantasy II Wonderswan Bundle $40.00
Final Fantasy IV Wonderswan $15.00
Chocobo's Dungeon 2 PS1 $12.00
Z.O.E 2173 Testament GBA (JP) $20.00
Banjo-Kazooie Grunty's Revenge GBA $5.00
The Legend of Zelda Classic NES Series GBA $15.00
Pac-Man Collection GBA $3.00
Etrian Odyssey II DS (Sealed) $65.00
New Super Mario Bros. DS (Game Only) $10.00
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales DS (Game Only) $10.00
Mario Kart DS (Game Only, JP) $10.00
Mario 64 DS (Game Only) $10.00
Kid Icarus: Uprising 3DS $30.00
Tony Hawk's Project 8 360 (JP) $3.00
Raiden Fighters Aces 360 (Sealed) $25.00

Excel Saga JP Manga Set of 16 $35.00
Tsubasa Chronicle Set of 12 ($7 ea) $55.00
Kill me Kiss me Set of 4 ($3 ea) $10.00
Her Majesty's Dog Set of 5 ($3 ea) $13.00
Inu Yasha Vol. 12 $7.00
Chobits $2.00
Loveless $2.00

Assorted Manga $3.00

Character Design Studio $3.00
Draw Comics $3.00
How to Draw Manga 3 $4.00
The Art of Drawing Manga $2.00
Shoujo Beat $0.50
Star Wars Essential Guide to Planets and Moons $6.00
More Strategies for Nintendo Games $0.50
Enter the Matrix Strategy Guide $1.00
Warcraft III Reign of Chaos Strategy Guide $3.00
Breath of Fire IV Strategy Guide $15.00
Dragon Warrior I & II GBC Strategy Guide $30.00
Warcraft II Edition Strategy Guide $3.00
Star Wars Jedi Starfighter Strategy Guide $3.00
Paper Mario Strategy Guide $12.00
Donkey Kong 64 Strategy Guide $5.00

[b]CDs (pricing on-site, still researching):[/b]
Bastard Pop Terrorists 4
Bastard Pop Terrorists 6
Bastard Pop Terrorists 7
Bastard Pop Terrorists 8
Bastard Pop Archive++
Digital Maestro
Boss on Parade
Hardcore Addiction
Land of Passion
Legend of Square -Meets Hardcore-
The Day of Hardcore Vol. 5
No Alternative
No Alternative+
Next Wired (die!! die!! color!!!)
Privilege of Intersect Fractional
Privilege of Intersect Fractional 3
Teranoid Anthems
Teranoid Underground Edition (1st print)
Ultimate A-Style
Ultimate A-Style 2

[b]Production Cels:[/b]
Aya Cel $50.00
$20 Cel $20.00
$15 Cels $15.00
$10 Cels $10.00
$5 Cels $5.00

Gaia Online Original NPC Art $150.00 ea
Gaming / ITG2 Cab Song Requests/Recommendations
March 08, 2011, 05:54:08 PM
Hey so I went through some old threads, and thought it might actually be nice to figure out what gets played the most on ITG at the con.  I don't really follow it, and the last few years I really haven't been playing there for various reasons (stupid glare!!!).  What have you guys noticed gets played the most, and what kind of stuff gets ignored?  I have my own build of ITG2, and I'm thinking about trying to do something that will satisfy everybody a lot better.  I also think I remember there was no thumb drive/custom song support last time, that won't happen again.

Suggestions, please?  I really want to turn this one around, make it great :3
Gaming / Fanime 2011 Arcade Suggestions Thread
February 13, 2011, 05:09:08 PM
Arcade discussions go here, for eGaming suggestions, please go to this thread!,14744.0.html

What do you guys want to see this year?  As before, there will not be an official list until On-campus releases it to us, but please, speculate and suggest away!  I'll try to fulfill whatever requests you have, and bring anything that doesn't show up myself.  We'd like this year to be above and beyond, and your ideas will help us do that!
Looking for one of these sticks not overpriced. I've been trying to find an affordable stick, and none of the properly priced ones are in stock. Looking to pay in the range of $50 + shipping; less would be nice but not likely :P

Finally have to move these along to a new home.  I have two jumbo Mint plush for sale.  These are an extremely rare official plush from Gamers; I don't know the history behind them, but they are only available at the official Gamers store.  I bought my first one in Akiba, and have never seen any other than the other two I bought.  They retail for 12,800 yen, and are 55cm in size.  Mint comes with three changeable costumes.  Due to the rarity, cost, and size, I cannot accept less than $150 each + shipping and fees.  I like to be reasonable, but I'm only lightly flexible on the price; just because I have three of them doesn't make me inclined to lower the price.  I'd be willing to consider some trades, please make offers.

Again these are next to impossible to find, and are always at least this price, usually more.  Most people don't even know they exist.  Give these stray Mints a good home!

Selling this for a friend of mine.  This was brought in from Japan, has seen one con.  The armor work looks exceptional, despite being quite simple.  It's not in perfect shape, but it's unnoticable.  All the armor is made with foam and spray-painted gold.  It was supposed to be for a con, but we never went.  The costume is complete, no need to add to it unless you see fit. 

Set includes:
White Neckpiece
Black Collar
White Top
Black Undergarment
Black/white Socks
Leg Warmers
Armor (Shoulder x2, Hand x2, Knee x2)
Shoes (I think ~size 9)

Price is set at $150, which is about what she paid for it.  Also accepting offers, and possibly trades, but don't get your hopes up.  Price includes shipping and PayPal fees, within the continental US.  PayPal or Money Order accepted.

EDIT: Size Medium


Recommended Height: 163cm
Discuss.  I'm tenatively adding this to the tournament list, pending feedback, I've never really run one before.  Platinum hits the states soon, I figure ppl will be playing; I just picked up my copy of Pearl again for the first time in a year or so.  I'm looking to run something that everyone can be satisfied, probably stick to Smogon rules.
Post all your comments and suggestions for 2009 here.  I am planning on keeping this thread updated, which is why I'm starting another one.  It's preapproved, you can lock Asuka's thread.  Here's what the staff has recommended so far:

Power Strips, we need them!

Labeling Supplies, eg. Stickers, tape, etc.

Lockboxes: need a count of systems, engineering, and a date to build

Stock controllers (we need more N64 and GameCube Controllers (with RIGHT


Systems (we need more Xbox360s, Wiis, and setups for brawl)

Printer w/enough cartridges

We need a budget for all of this!!!!(Good luck)

Signup sheets for tournaments

Master Memory Card for Saves.

Tournament bracket software

Trained/informed tournament organizers.

More than ONE tourny operators.

Printed version of game inventory.


Waver documents for staff AND Con. people.

A written list of everyone belongings

Better sponcers

Relible staff.  Never awsome people you dont knpow will show up.

Halo Tourny..... EVERY YEAR CANCLED!

Mutiple department heads.

During shut down time, you need more than one person running invantory.

Password pertected laptops.

Projector for the BIG tournys. 

Better tv's

Personal bitch's (volinteers)   (you need to go to con up)

Outside gamer table

Make sure the arcade is seperated from the computers.

Better people watching the door

Check badage numbers for FINALIST'S (not including the people we let in)

E-Gaming Manual

Better set up of info desk

make sure everything gets marked. (Masking tape.)

More moded systems.  (FLIP TOPS!)

More Sharpys and Pens

Poker for staff during shut down.

Staff food and water/drinks.

Fog Horn
Gaming / e-Gaming Lost-and-Found
May 28, 2008, 11:27:45 PM
I'm contacting all of our staff for this year to sort our lost-and-found.  I'll be having the staff send me a list of what they're missing and what they have extra, if anyone brought stuff with them and no longer have it, or have someone else's stuff, please post here.  Actually, if you have stuff that isn't yours, please PM it to me so that other people don't claim something that isn't theirs.  I have IDs for about 10 people who did not check stuff back in.  If you are one of them, and have something of ours, you may also PM me or e-mail me with your name and the item; I'll keep it confidential.

I am personally missing two possibly three GC controllers: two black and one silver.  I would very much like these back if anyone has them.

EDIT: To alleviate any concerns that may arise with the log sheet, I have the log on an encrypted thumb drive.  The log includes driver's license numbers.  Only Crystal and I have access to this file, and we will be deleting it once lost-and-found has been sorted.