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One small suggestion about dealing with crowd control that I haven't seen suggested yet. Either get rid of or move Stage Zero. Reason being is that it is placed in the middle of the area that gets the most foot traffic of the convention; and especially when a big event is going on, it tends to really limit the movement of the crowd even with those lanes near the back. Won't fix all of the crowd issues, but it'll help where it counts.

Other than that, the fact that they didn't make schedules, especially after having the godly pocket schedules last year kinda makes me wonder.

If I remember correctly, that specific IIDX controller was ripped from a IIDX machine and modded to work on the PS2.
If I remember correctly the RPC tourney was scrapped because there wasn't enough staff/volunteers in egaming to do the touney due to the size and length of the smash bros tournament. To that I say, you only need like two people and maybe a megaphone for the RPC tourney.
I remember back when the con was Friday through Sunday. Post con depression would be pretty bad since I would usually still have energy to do things. Ever since the con started ending on Monday, post con depression hasn't been nearly as bad since by the end of the con I'm so tired that I want to go home and relax. Though it still hits me once I realize that a lot of the people I hang out with I only see like once or twice a year and mainly only at cons.
Pros: Great selection, was really digging the Arika Tetris The Grand Masters.

Cons: Tournaments got a little out of hand. RPS tourney got canceled.

Suggestions: Hold tournaments at separate time blocks and make sure to give more time for the bigger tournaments *Smash and SFIV* If that fails then make Smash Bros it's own department.

As far as the arcade goes (I know it's a separate department)

They needed an info table with OCE on speed dial.
Post videos of peoples para para routines whether they are being performed on the Para Para Paradise machine, Stage Zero, or in a hotel room.

Sorry for the shaky camera.

Quote from: Spiritsnare on May 12, 2009, 11:16:12 PM
Quote from: Zerocide on May 12, 2009, 07:31:11 PM
Oh and Vox up is superior to Golden Cross.


If it's anything, Watercube takes the cake for greatest CS song ever.

As for the tourny, how about implementing that rule where you can only chose a song once against any one player through out the tournament. That way someone can't just get super good at oh lets say, FAXX and get an auto win everytime it's his/her turn to choose a song
Ehhh, personal tastes in music tell me that Troopers is better then Gold. But given that I know for a fact that I listen to and like shitty music, I think Gold would satisfy the bunches

Oh and Vox up is superior to Golden Cross.

*runs for the hills*
Needs a lot more of this.

Gabber, Rotterdam, Freeform, Trancecore, Hardstyle, Nu style Gabber, Acid anything, Goa trance.
Get the following games:

Pop'n music
Guitar Freaks
Curtain Shooters
Air Hockey
Capcom fighting games
well I honestly can't see how they could really expand on the drum kit for the game. Especially given the size of the game from what I've heard. (though I do think there should be a hi ha) It looks like they're putting a ton of effort in the game, But I wonder if enough people will fully take advantage of the game. Given it's probably going to cost more then the average game for just one controller for one portion of the game; let alone all controllers for all games. I'm also wondering what the difficulty of the game will be like.
Quote from: "deepbluevibes"as i've said many times before;

drummania 1st day of con = hi-hat was bad for a bit, really good for another bit, then bad again, snare was tolerable

drummania 2nd day of con = hi-hat got a bit worse, snare got a bit worse

drummania 3rd day of con, first half = hi-hat was multi-hitting itself five or six times almost every time i hit it, snare was even worse. bass pedal started to act up, as did low tom (red drum).

drummania 3rd day of con, last half = hi-hat was unusable, had to use auto-hi-hat (i play like i'm on a real drumset; i can't do super light-taps with rolls where i have to hit it 10 times a second or more)... and the snare was atrocious, along with everything else.

i mean, i was *failing* 50's on extreme. >.>

Quoted for truth

Quote from: "AmazingKenchan"For arcades next year:

I am buying that Pop'n Music cabinet.  I'm trying to convince On Campus Entertainment to bring out their Pop'n 10 and upgrade it though, so we might see FEVER next year.

IIDX won't be there, sorry :/ on-campus I don't believe has a IIDX machine and one of the con-ops heads told me very rudely that they won't be getting machines from golfland again so there's little or no chance of that.

I've heard that On Campus actually does have a IIDX machine. It's just sitting in storage right now because apparently it doesn't sell (which doesn't surprise me)

Are you planning on buying the pop'n 10 machine from them or are you just trying to convince them to upgrade?

Oh and I greatly appreciate your work and such especially at SVGL (and the plush you let me swag)
/r/ sauce of that pic that was like 93 memes in one picture. Or rather , just the picture period.

Awesome panel
Fighing game line up was nice.

Pop'n music was a big surprise. Wouldn't mind having it again.

DDR machines were good. Nice having one extreme and one SN rather then 3 extremes like last year.

The only big complaint I have is: Fix the machines when possible. Drummania snare anyone?

Beatmania III would be niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice too. (IIDX AC kinda sucks unless monitor is good)

Nice Air Hockey

DDR freestyle was awesome

DanceManiax freestyle was awesome

More Curtain Shooters would be nice too

Nice line up this year over all.

The consol area was pretty good as well.
Gaming / 2007 Arcade Game List! [Please Sticky]
May 24, 2007, 01:47:51 AM
Quote from: "deepbluevibes"OH I entirely forgot to ask;

Does anyone know about the stool for drummania? Is it going to be the midget-sized one that was there last year, that isn't adjustable, or will it be a different one or?

And if it is in fact the midget one (or regardless), can we bring/donate a stool of our own, a chair of our own, whatever etc.?

They're probably getting the session machines from SFSU. And SFSU has a NICE stool for the game. If all else fails we could start stacking chairs >.>
Gaming / 2007 Arcade Game List! [Please Sticky]
May 22, 2007, 08:39:13 PM
The list looks decent. Surprised to see Melty Blood there. Happy to see Drummania there (hopefully sessioned). Props for Puzzle fighter 2 also.
Very impressive with the amount of fighting games (especially Soul Calibur 3) Also a very nice selection of non music/fighting games to choose from. Music gaming for what it was, was very nice. Two DDR machines ensured no mass pile up of coin line. And I was really happy to see a BMIII and Para machine there. Drummania did kinda disappoint me with the replacement of 10th and the not so good high hat. Air hockey table was a blast. Over all very awesome selection. My only suggestion is instead of two DDR extremes, there should be one Extreme and one of something else like a 4th+ or maybe even ITG or PIU.
I did like how the arcade attendents were walking around and asking people how the machine was operating and if the volume was good enough.
Gaming / Dance Dance Fanime! 2006 DDR Tourney
January 11, 2006, 03:11:09 PM
Quote from: "Khaistyle"

Breakfast at SFSU, no bar.  
(I'm on the left in the picture)

And that breakfast was awesome.
May I suggest one thing for the tourney, if your going to use non-stop or oni courses in the tourney then use Random caprice in non-stop, it's the most fair course of them all I think.
Where to begin:

I had a final the day fanime started (8 am) I also had to move out of my dorm that very day too, not fun.

The person that had the room in his name at the convention couldn't attend, so we had to wait till around 10 pm before he faxed the hotel his information. Lost both my California ID and College ID for 3 hours (thank you who ever returned them) Friends were pissed because of the room situation. One of my friends brought over an uninvited unpaid guest, and he went out on the street and picked up some girl who also stayed in the room unpaid (the room was already filled with 5 people with out the two uninvited/unpaid guests. They both stayed all 3 nights. Those two kept kicking everyone out of the room for obvious reasons...

On the last day: My friend said he could give me a ride because we thought one of our people was getting a ride home with his girlfriend. Turns out he wasn't. So I somehow get the ass end of everything and end up taking Amtrak back while the unpaid uninvited guest got a free ride home.

Sorry if I rambled too much I love telling this story. Nothing wrong with the convention though, had a great time there. Just the room situation really blew.