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I'm creating a 'Zine Style RPG called Infernal Star.  I welcome anyone who is interested in joining.

The story is set in the distant future of 2524. Earths Resources have run dry, the planet can no longer support human life. In an effort to preserve humanities future, the leaders of the world come together what should be done.  Their decision was gather every family with children between the ages of infancy and 10 years of age, all families that are four months into a pregnancy, and all persons between the ages of infancy and 20 years of age. These people were to board a generation ship and journey through space until a new , life supporting planet could be reached.

For an unknown number of generations, the colony ship Aquila travel through space until it reaches a planet that had enough oxygen to support life. The humans aboard the colony shop dub the new planet, Neo-Terra.

Not long after landing, they realizes the planet is already inhabited by a race beings known, as the Amalia. The Amalia themselves are a race of beings that resemble creatures and characters from the myths and fantasy's of Ancient Earth.

I have a number of character images that are usable for any characters, people may be interested in playing. I would be happy to work with you on creating a character for this RPG. You are also welcome to create your own design for a character. Much of this RPG is still in its beginning stages, so if you are not sure you want to join up or not you are welcome to help out by contributing with some of the world design, language building, character creation so on and so forth.

I have one person who is in Semi-control of one character. These are some characters I have for adoption at this current time.

Vico Hummel : Vico is the eldest son of Haken & Marissa Hummel. Ever since he was a child living on the colony ship, he had dreamed of the day that a life supporting planet will be found. When the colony does finally land on the Planet of the Infernal Star (Neo-Terra) he is resentful upon learning the planet is already inhabited. Vico has a largely zenophobic view towards the Amalia, and wishes they would all just disappear. While he can be considered a villain character, he isn't really evil...just short sited. Allot of his actions are based off fears and anxieties he has about the new planet and the beings that live on it. And naturally that fear breeds hatred. After their father chooses to sacrifice himself to atone for Vico killing a young Amalian boy, Vico still refuses to show remorse feeling that he was in the right and that the Amalia were responsible for his parents murder.

Currently controlled by A. Tambornino

Alexandria Verivanka Cross: Vico's girl friend. The two met while Vico was training with a small soldier battalion that worked as security personal on the Colony ship. Like Vico she is not evil, but she is resentful about the Amalia. Unlike Vico, her personality is self righteous, vindictive and spiteful. She doesn't care who has to get hurt so long as things that need doing, get done.

Roza Hummel: The eldest daughter of Haken and Marissa Hummel. Roza is kind hearted and likes to follow her mothers example when it comes to every day life. After her mothers death, she takes it upon herself to try and fill her mothers role in her families life. Roza is fascinated by "Neo-terra" and it's inhabitants. However she also fears that humanity could return to old habits and end up causing the same sort of damage to this planet that their ancestors had done to Ancient Earth centuries ago.

Currently being controlled by me.

Murtagh Hummel: The youngest son of the Hummel family. Murtagh has a strong facination for this new world and it's inhabitants. He strongly believes that there are much things to learn about the Amalia as there is to learn from them. Growing up at the colony ship he used to idolize his older brother.  On the Planet of the Infernal Star, Murtagh feels resentment towards his older brother because he is too blinded by hatred and fear to realize what he has done. Murtagh even goes as far as denouncing Vico as his brother. With the help of his older sister Roza and three Amalian youth he has befriended, he starts a new group on the Planet of the Infernal Star....The Infernal Starians.

Incredible Stuff I can Make / Infernal Star RPG 'Zine style RPG
« on: December 15, 2012, 06:00:15 PM »
This is an RPG group I started a few months ago.

It's a 'Zine style RPG meaning that the characters and world comes to life through the stories and artwork that people create.

The story is set in a fictional timeline where the planet Earth is unable to support life. So it was decreed that every child between the age of newly born-20 and every pregnant woman was to board a colony, and sent into space until a New-Earth could be found. An unknown number of generations later a living planet is finally found and dubbed "Neo-Terra."

It's not long before they realize the planet is inhabited by the Amalia, a race of beings that resemble creatures that reside in Ancient Earth Folk Lore and Fantasy.

Will the Neo-Terran's and Amalia destroy each other in their fight for the planet, or will they learn to live in peace.

I make original anime characters using royalty free clip art.

Here is some examples of some designs I have can be found



Some of these characters I sell as products on

Other characters are used as characters in an online RPG group I have started.

General Anime Chat / Anime review project
« on: January 07, 2011, 07:12:09 AM »
Hi, at this current time I'm doing a project called Anime 365. In this project I am giving a review to one anime or live action drama a day. I have successfully six reviews and working on a seventh.

Does any one know of any anime or Live action drama's I could potentally review. I will accept anything even Yaoi, Yuri and Hentai. Note: I am not a fan of fetish smut so this will more then likely receave low ratings.

The anime and Dramas I have currently reviewed are
Origin Spirits of the past
Otaku Unite
Chii's sweet home
Chii's new address
They were 11
Chocolate Underground
(Currently reviewing) Boku no sexual Harassment.

Current anime that have been suggested to me by people

Real Drive
Midnight sleazy train
Ledgend of the Overfiend
Please Save My Earth
Kare Kano

General Anime Chat / What if there was an Otaku University
« on: June 03, 2010, 01:09:45 PM »
I saw recently saw the movie "Accepted".

For those who haven't seen the movie it has a guy who is essentually a college reject, so he and his fellow college rejects lease a conveniantly abandoned psychiactric hospital and remodel it into a fake College campus.

I thought the movie was dumb when it came out in theaters a couple years ago and I still think it's dumb now. But it did get me wondering...what if there was an Otaku University. A school for anime/Manga fans.

It could possibly work if done well cause of course their will be the A-typical subjects of "Language arts," "Math", "Art", "Music", "Gym" "Buisness" "History" so on and so forth.

But they can be sort of done with an anime theme to it
so Art will consist of "Manga Drawing" "Costume Design" "Art mediums" Ect.

Gym: "Anime Fan Dancing" "Ninja training (Mainly stealth, tracking, and team exercises) Ect.

Business: Anime industry

Language arts: Creative fanfiction, Character analysis and development, Animated debate

History: History of Anime, World history depicted through anime

School wide events: All night Capture the flag event.

Howered there are many cases as to how this won't work. Some prime examples are the Sub vs. Dub factions, not to mention the "Het fans vs. Yaoi Fans vs. Yuri fans" And this is in addition to the school board prudes who feel this school shouldn't exist because it doesn't function as a normal school.

Meetings, Gatherings, and Get Togethers / Anime Fan Gathering
« on: May 23, 2010, 11:13:51 PM »
Hi, I'm wanting to have an anime fan gathering in the Manga Section of the Borders in Downtown, Pleasent Hill. Meet up will happen at 12:30 on Satuday June 12.

Will this be a good time for people?

General Anime Chat / Anime Sparknotes
« on: May 14, 2010, 05:37:42 PM »
Heres a question for people?

If someone were to make a Sparknotes thing for anime, would that be a good idea or not?

Hey everyone. I'm planning on having a meet up for the new Astroboy movie in Pleasant Hill. Will gather at the theater early afternoon on Saturday the 24th for the movie. Depending on how many people there are we will either go to the Borders Books across the street from theater, or go to the park down the block from the theater to discuss the film and how it compared to the anime.

Hi. Since the Dragon Ball film is such is a topic of issue currently I was going to make the second episode of my audio production all reviews, rants, and issues with the Dragon ball Evolution film or anime/manga to film adaptations in general.

If you've seen the Dragon ball Evolution film you can give a review on it. If you haven't but you've heard a lot of reviews and stuff about it you can give your views based on that. You can also state how you wish the movie had gone and what things you wished had been done. Or you can give your views about anime to film adaption productions and whether you think that is a boost to the anime fandom or just screws everything up. I accept contabutions in Audio or written form. Everything will be credited to you.

Hey any anime fans in the Pleasant Hill Area. I'm going to do a brave thing and go catch a matinee of the Dragon Ball evolution film this weekend. I'm a fan of the dragon ball franchice but I'm not a die hard fan of Dragon Ball series itself.  I'm not expecting it to be good because after all it's dragon ball, people don't exactly enjoy Dragon ball in any of it's forms due to high levels of intelligence. They like it because it's an amusing and the same time action packed story where good trumphs over evil and almost everybody lives happily ever after until the next saga when the next A-hole of the series arrives with the intention of aquiring the dragon balls, becoming immortal, destorying the earth, and then becoming the strongest most powerful being in the universe in some simblance of that order.

But like I was saying I do not have any high hopes for this film. I don't expect it to be accurate to the story and thanks to some reviews I know I won't be disappointed. I am however going to see it for a few laughs, and also because it's a film adaption of a classic well loved anime. There are still many anime to film adaptions coming out so I doubt this film will be the one that ruins things for everybody. You might want to worry more about the Full Metal Panic movie.

After the film I'm going to go to the local Borders (right across the street from the movie theater). Any one who decided to join in is welcome we could probably find a place to discuss the film or just discuss anime in general.

Things in the Universe / Anime Skits and Audio Fanfiction
« on: March 18, 2009, 09:43:28 PM »
I was thinking we needed an group devoted to anime skits and Audio Fanfiction. Anyone who has a skit idea, are script writers, are interested in voice acting are welcome.

General Anime Chat / Early Review of the Dragon Ball: Evolution movie
« on: March 16, 2009, 09:03:19 AM »
Anime news network has an early review of the Dragon Ball:Evolution movie.

From the sound of things it's not only as bad as we feared, it's worse.

Lets just say a good number of Dragon Ball fans will be leaving the theater in tears when they see this...

Things in the Universe / Anime podcast started
« on: February 28, 2009, 11:22:43 AM »
This a first episode to a podcast I started a couple weeks ago. It's interactive so things like Letters, Poems, Character Studies, thoughts, and essays pertaining to the one of the sections will be read aloud over the air.

If you rather not have your entry read over the air then simply put a note on the email body or subject line saying you would prefer it was not read over the air.

If you have a computer mic then you can have your own voice reading out your poetry, your poems, your character studied, your thoughts, your essays.  However you can also do rants, you can record songs, you can record your voice doing little audio skits as anime characters. There  also can be audio fanfiction done (both in regular audio book style or in radio play style)

Episode 1 part 1

Episode 1 part 2

Episode 1 part 3

Things in the Universe / Anime Fan Project
« on: January 01, 2009, 01:41:29 AM »
Hi, I'm working on a project called Anime Confessions

Anime Confessions is a collection of Essays, Thoughts, Fanart, Photos, Poems, and Audio clips from anime fans about anime and manga.

So far only two people have really added anything to the collection, and I would like to know if any one here would be interested in this project.

The site for this project is

Things in the Universe / Anime fan christmas carols
« on: December 21, 2008, 10:27:40 PM »
It's that time of year again, so I would like to see anime fan parodies to popular christmas carols.

Here's some examples:

The 12 days of the con

On the first day of the con,
my best friend gave to me
A great big box of pocky.

On the second day of the con,
my best friend gave to me
Two DVD's,
A great big box of pocky.

On the third day of the con,
my best friend gave to me
Three Fan art pics,
Two DVD's,
A great big box of pocky.

On the fourth day of the con,
my best friend gave to me
Four cosplay costumes,
Three Fan art pics,
Two DVD's,
A great big box of pocky.

On the fifth day of the con,
my best friend gave to me
Five Hiei Plushies,
Four cosplay costumes,
Three Fan art pics,
Two DVD's,
A great big box of pocky.

On the sixth day of the con,
my best friend gave to me
Six live sized cut outs,
Five Hiei Plushies,
Four cosplay costumes,
Three Fan art pics,
Two DVD's,
A great big box of pocky.

On the seventh day of the con,
my best friend gave to me
Seven yaoi dojinshi,
Six live sized cut outs,
Five Hiei Plushies,
Four cosplay costumes,
Three Fan art pics,
Two DVD's,
A great big box of pocky.

On the eighth day of the con,
my best friend gave to me
Eight AMV's,
Seven yaoi dojinshi,
Six live sized cut outs,
Five Hiei Plushies,
Four cosplay costumes,
Three Fan art pics,
Two DVD's,
A great big box of pocky.

On the ninth day of the con,
my best friend gave to me
Nine hours of workshops,
Eight AMV's,
Seven yaoi dojinshi,
Six live sized cut outs,
Five Hiei Plushies,
Four cosplay costumes,
Three Fan art pics,
Two DVD's,
A great big box of pocky.

On the tenth day of the con,
my best friend gave to me
Ten anime viewings
Nine hours of workshops,
Eight AMV's,
Seven yaoi dojinshi,
Six live sized cut outs,
Five Hiei Plushies,
Four cosplay costumes,
Three Fan art pics,
Two DVD's,
A great big box of pocky.

On the eleventh day of the con,
my best friend gave to me
Eleven new manga,
Ten anime viewings
Nine hours of workshops,
Eight AMV's,
Seven yaoi dojinshi,
Six live sized cut outs,
Five Hiei Plushies,
Four cosplay costumes,
Three Fan art pics,
Two DVD's,
A great big box of pocky.

On the twelfth day of the con,
my best friend gave to me
Twelve Glomps by Fanboys
Eleven new manga,
Ten anime viewings
Nine hours of workshops,
Eight AMV's,
Seven yaoi dojinshi,
Six live sized cut outs,
Five Hiei Plushies,
Four cosplay costumes,
Three Fan art pics,
Two DVD's,
A great big box of pocky.


Caroling, caroling, Here we go
Christmas bells are ringing
Caroling, caroling to the show
Christmas bells are ringing

Otaku voices sweet and clear
Sing the songs we love to hear
Ding dong, ding dong
Christmas bells are ringing

Caroling, caroling thru the Con
Christmas bells are ringing
Caroling, caroling until the dawn
Christmas bells are ringing
For manga & anime we do sing
Happy tidings now we bring
Ding dong, ding dong
Christmas bells are ringing!

Caroling, caroling, Here and There
Christmas bells are ringing
Caroling, caroling everywhere
Christmas bells are ringing
Sing we all this happy morn
While our folks look on in scorn
Ding dong, ding dong
Christmas bells are ringing

Twas the day before Chrismas

Twas the Day before Christmas
and all through the con.
Not an otaku was stiring
at the wee crack of dawn.

The Fans were all nestled in their hotel beds,
with visions of Bisho's dancing in their heads.
With the girls in the beds and the boys on the floor.
no one complained when Chris started to snore

When out at the con their arose such a clatter,
we sprang awake to see what was the matter.
Tripping over someone as I made a dash,
and slammed head first into a window with a crash.

The streetlights went out one by one
as the street was bathed in the light of the sun.
when what what to sleep dazed eyes should apear
but an army of Bishi's bringing up the rear.
And their leader so lively and quick
I knew at that moment it was saint nick.

On four legged vihicals and on foot they came
as Santa whistled and shouted and call them by name
on Yusuke, on Tasuki, on Rei and Ami
on Duo, on Tenshi, on Ayeka and Sasami.
To top of the con, to top of the day
lets greet your fans and be on our way.

A great cheer howled through the street
as we huridly all put shoes on our feet
And down the hall ways and stairs we flew
For Santa and presents and bishis too.

The help all looked troubled as we reached the ground floor
The lobby was swarming with Otaku by the score
Out the doors the otaku did bound
to the wonderful treat that magic morning had found

Santa did laugh and handed out toys
Anime and manga to the Otaku girls and boys
Yaoi and Hentai to the older bunch
and to others a ramen and pocky lunch.

Manga, Dojinshi, and DVDs
Videos, art books, and many plushies
The bishis they danced and they made merry
they sang karaoke, and praise the cosplay

They posed for photos and avidly spoke
And let out a laugh when ever someone told a joke
A hug and smile before we said good bye
the scene was so beautiful I wanted to cry.

Springing to the sleigh and to the bishi's Santa did call.
We need to get going, I'm needed at the mall.
I heard them exclaim as they began to slowly disappear
"Good bye for now, we'll see you next year."

General Anime Chat / Kyo kara Maoh episode discussion
« on: November 13, 2008, 08:25:29 PM »
Hey fans of KKM or people like me who are just discovering this anime. I'm putting togeather an anime discussion of all the KKM episodes on my Live journal, if anyone is interested or would just like to check this anime out, that would be really great.

The link to the journal is right here.

Things in the Universe / Hell Girl and Human Nature
« on: November 13, 2008, 07:50:39 PM »
Hey. Here's an essay I did for a project I'm working on called Anime Confessions

Hell Girl and Human Nature

By Venka Le Fay
Age 26
Pleasant Hill, Ca.

Jugoku Shoujo or Hell Girl, as it is more commonly called, is an anime that centers around an enigmatic girl named Ai Enma. Almost every episode has someone who has been “victimized” by someone else. The victim feels a desire for vengeance against the person who wronged them. When they desire vengeance they are able to access a website only appearing at the stroke of midnight and summon Ai Enma to their aid.
Ai responds by handing one of her three assistants in the form of a straw totem doll over to the victimized person. She tells them if they desire revenge they must pull the scarlet cord from around the dolls neck. But, she also warns them that doing so was to dig two graves, one for their tormenter, and one for themselves for when they pass on naturally.
Some of the people who are victimized are even given visions of what sort of existence they will have when they too pass on. In several of the episodes, the victimized person tries to get justice in an alternative means such as approaching the instigator and begging them to admit to their crimes. Or, they may try to find ways where justice could be served without the need to go to Hell. Ultimately they end up pulling the cord and send the victimizer to Hell, while the rest of their existence becomes nothing more then a lit candle.

Each vignette of the first seven episodes seems to follow this repetitious pattern. However from episode eight up until the end of the first season the third party characters of Hajime Shibata and his daughter Tsugumi appear. Hajime tries to track down the victim and convince the victim that seeking vengeance will only cause more suffering. Unfortunately in the end most of victims ultimately chooses an eternity of suffering, over acknowledging there are some things that life that aren't always how we would like them to be.

After viewing all six volumes of the first season, I have noticed the patterns of evil depicted in each of the people instigating the problem. Episodes one-six the instigators were largely egotistical. These people all were too full of themselves to acknowledge what they were doing as wrong. Making the viewer feel they truly deserve to be taken to Hell.
One example can be found Episode 3: The Tarnished Mound. Mamoru Hanagasa, a Star Pitcher of a high school baseball team hits a class mate Kinichi Muroi with a baseball bat. He then tells Muroi's friend Daisuki Iwashita to take Muroi home and to say that they had been rough housing. Three days later Muroi dies of his injuries and Iwashita is blamed for murder. Iwashita tries to get Hanagasa to admit to his crimes. Hanagasa admits the death wasn't intentional but refuses to come forward and say he was the one responsible. Even when he is being confronted by the Hell Girl's assistants, Hanagasa refuses to admit to his faults. Instead he claims he has a gift that only comes once a decade and that Muroi and Iwashita should be honored to sacrifice themselves for his talents.

Episodes Seven-nine the aggressors weren't bad enough to really deserve going to hell. But they weren't good people either. It seemed more that the use of Hell-Correspondence was nothing more then an easy means to an end.
An example of this is in Episode 7: The Cracked Mask. Legendary Actress, Midori Kurenai adopts a girl named Ayaka and trains her to be her successor after seeing what potential Ayaka had as an actress. Ayaka however doesn't care much about acting. She tries sending Kurenai to Hell, but didn't want to be sent to Hell in retribution. So she attempts to gain Kurenai's favor by staging a robbery attempt so that Kurenai would give her the co-star role of her acting troop’s last production in gratitude. However Kurenai sees through this and has another actress named Kaoruko Kurushima playing the co-star role. Angered by this Ayaka pretends to befriend Kaoruko, but then has two thugs pour a liquid down Kaoruko's throat, ruining her voice. Kurenai again isn't fooled and tells Ayaka she knows she was responsible. Ayaka tries to send Kurenai to Hell like she had planned before. But Ayaka is sent to hell instead because of what she did to Kaoruko.

Episode 10-14 the aggressors were in the wrong as well, however the person who was the victim was just as bad as the aggressor. In these instances Hell-Correspondence was used more in a matter of poor judgment.
For example Episode 10: Friends. Minami Shibuya becomes upset when her best friend Shiori Akasaka starts making friends with two other girls. Shiori is driven even further from Minami when her new friend’s convince her that Minami was like a stalker on account she would text message her every half hour or so. Minami decides to send Shiori to hell and even plans to do it in front of her. Shiori finds the Hell Girl doll that Minami had and nails it to a tree hoping that would curse Shiori. However the next day Shiori was going to team up for a field trip with her new friends only to find they have chosen someone else. Realizing her mistake Shiori contacts Minami and the two become friends again. Unfortunately Shiori is sent to Hell when she forces Minami to pull the scarlet thread hoping to curse the girls who had betrayed her.

Episodes 15-18 are almost like a combination of the three evil aspects of the previous 3 volumes. The aggressors are egotistical, but they’re not bad enough to deserve to be sent to Hell. There reason behind their evil is generally from incorrigible behavior brought on by paranoia and possible mental disorders. The end result of sending these people to hell is a bitter victory for the victim.
A huge example of this is episode 18:Bound girl. A girl named Miki is enslaved by a reclusive and miserly woman after Miki’s welsh corgis, Yuki and Pinky bite the woman on the leg. The woman tells Miki that if she tells anyone about what is really going on she would kill the dogs. However when Miki’s teacher, and even Hajime Shibata come to the woman’s house to ask about Miki. The woman kills the dogs, despite Miki insisting that she has kept her promise. Turns out the Woman had killed her own parents to gain her inheritance. She also killed her own child to keep it from inheriting her fortune. So she was paranoid that everyone who came to her house was there to steal her money. Miki sends the woman to hell for killing her dogs and the puppy’s one of her dogs had in captivity. But the ending result is bitter for her because she didn’t pull the string before all the dogs were dead.

Volume five the characters are a combination of the previous volumes. But the victims end up in a Hell of their own making.
Episode 19: Bride Doll has a good example of this sort of thing. Inori is an orphaned girl who was picked by a wealthy doll maker to be her son’s bride. Unfortunately Inori is not permitted to do anything for her new family except sit up straight and act like one of her mother-in-laws dolls. Inori doesn’t like this because she feels trapped, and even tries to return to the orphanage. However she remembers her mother-in-law is the main benefactor towards the orphanage and that it would be shut down if she rejects her new family. In fear and desperation she sends her mother-in-law to Hell. Unfortunately for Inori, Inori’s husband was just like his mother.

In the final volume we see how fear, desire, and anger can lead to one digging a grave for two. We learn much about who Ai really is and why she is the one who ferries the people to hell. But we also learn how Hajime and his daughter are distantly related to Ai.
Episode 26:The Ephemeral has a good example of this. Ai is being ferried to Hell for attempting to kill Hajime Shibata and his daughter Tsugumi for being related to Sentaro Shibata. Sentaro had once been Ai’s cousin and best friend, unfortunately he had been pressured into betraying her four centuries ago. Sensing her vengeance wasn’t yet complete Ai appears to Tsugumi and tells her that her father was responsible for her mother’s death. Ai continually encourages Tsugumi to send her father to Hell. Tsugumi refuses and tries to tell herself that what Ai says was not true. Especially since she knows what will happen to her when she does send her father to Hell. Hajime arrives to stop Tsugumi from pulling the scarlet cord. Ai tortures Hajime by showing him the moment his ex-wife had died. Seeing this Hajime breaks down and says everything was his fault and that he deserved to be sent to Hell. Tsugumi tells him that even though she gets mad about some of the things he does, she could never hate her father that much.

As Human's we are creatures with many flaws. Unlike animals we tend to rely on our thoughts and emotions rather then our instincts. The desire for vengeance itself may be a part of human nature. But everything as Ai Enma often states must come with a price. Everything we do affects everyone else to a degree.

Even though vengeance and evil are part of human nature. Humans are not born evil, nor do they truly desire to be evil. But we still choose to do evil things. We do not always commit acts of evil by choice, but by choosing to be something we are choosing whatever comes with it. For example the Nazi’s during World War 2. Not everyone who was part of the Nazi regime liked what they were doing to the Jewish people. Still many committed acts murder upon hundreds of people under the excuse that they had no choice in the matter. However here in lies the eternal conundrum. Does not the fact that these people choose to be part of the Nazi regime, mean they choose to be murderers?

Imagine if you will you have a friend you have known your whole life, and this friend is important to you. However one day you see your friend tormenting this one person just because they are different, and what’s worse is your friend is encouraging you to torment this person as well. You never felt right about this, but you fear you will lose your friendship with this person if you stand up for the victim.
We’ve all had situations like this, where we see someone getting hurt and we feel powerless to stop it. Or if we can stop it, we don’t feel it is our place to stop it. Other times we fear what will happen to us, if we do try to stop what is going on.

What frustrates me the most about the Hell Girl series wasn’t so much the abuse and torment that was taking place. But rather how everyone was blissfully unaware of everything that was going on with the victim. I know different cultures have different ways of dealing with such matters, and to think everyone should side with the victim is a rather ignorant mind set.

As much as I do love the drama and story that the Hell Girl anime presents, I am actually grateful that all it is an anime and manga series. The situations the story does feature however are all too real. If Hell Girl truly did exist the cycle of vengeance will be ceaseless. Anyone who has anger or some sort of strong emotion against them would be sent to Hell, and those who weren’t sent would be going to Hell themselves in time.

Ai Enma though a fictional character does exist in parts of human nature. Do we pull the scarlet thread or don’t we. To we condemn our tormentor to suffer or do we choose to forgive. This is a choice only we can make. Until we decide Ai Enma can only observe until the scarlet thread has been untied.

Forum Games / Anigrams of Anime/Manga/and video game characters
« on: October 08, 2008, 05:41:40 PM »
Hi I thought this might be intersting to find what anigrams can from anime characters

for example my full name Jaana Humlie is an anagram for A Humane Jail. Simply type the name of an anime character on and a list of Anigrams will pop up. You can feel free to look at the names that have already been used to find other anigrams.

Here's some examples

A-ko Magami: A Magi Amok

Sage Date: Eat Gas Ed

Allen Walker: Kale Ran Well

Dorothy R Wayneright: A Thyroid Grew Thorny

Lord Wolfram von Bielefelt: A Bed Fever Follow Till Morn

Edward Elric: Cradled Wire

Mitsukuni Haninozuka: An Union Musk Zit Haiku

Meetings, Gatherings, and Get Togethers / Anime fans in the east bay
« on: August 21, 2008, 01:15:41 PM »
Hey, I'm an anime fan from the Pleasant Hill area. Are there any more anime-niac's in the Pleasant Hill, Concord, Walnut Creek area.

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