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My friends and I are attending this! We'll be cosplaying Haku, Chihiro, Sophie, Sheeta, and possibly Kiki and No-Face. Hope to see you guys there~
hey ska, i was hoping i could get a little more clarification on the karaoke contest rules.

when the rules specified how to submit materials on a usb drive, it mentioned prelims, semis (if applicable), and finals. does that mean we have to prepare for semis as well, or should we just have the prelims and finals as the rest of the rules and the contest sign-up sheet state?

also, it says that we can bring our own lyrics, but what kind of format should they be in? could we just have them on our phone, or on a sheet of paper?

Departure! full version, not TV size - Masatoshi Ono - Hunter X Hunter (2011)
Nagareboshi Kirari - Yuzu - Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Hyori Ittai - Yuzu - Hunter X Hunter (2011)
Hunting For Your Dream - Galneryus - Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Unravel - Ling Tosite Sigure - Tokyo Ghoul
Kisetsu wa Tsugi Tsugi Shindeiku - amazarashi - Tokyo Ghoul root A
My Dearest tv size- Supercell (Koeda) - Guilty Crown
Departure ~ blessings - Supercell (Chelly) - Guilty Crown
Sora Mo Tabezu Hazu - Sayonara Ponytail - Tsuritama
Before the Moment - Eri Kitamura - Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
Itsumo Nando Demo - Kimuta Youmi - Spirited Away
Goose's Dream - Insooni (this is a Korean song)

The bold is to indicate the ones I'd like the most. This is off the top of my head for now so if there are more, I'll make sure to add them! There are also instrumental versions online for most of the songs that I've listed, so if there's any issue finding specifically instrumental/karaoke versions, please tell me! This is my first time using forums and I'm very excited.