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The reservation process wasn't that bad for me at 10am. The only thing that sucked was that I was about to get the hilton, but forgot to add friday too, and when I went back to change to add friday the hilton just sold out, fortunately there were tons of other hotels to choose from so I went with the marriott two double bed room, and it went well enough. Even after I made that reservation for an hour there was still rooms at the westin, the hilton had a king size rooms available, and the mariott still had all it's rooms available. I didn't stay on for long and went back to sleep so I don't know how long each hotel stayed available for. Overall this was pretty good no stress really of rushing and hoping it went through. Sure I didn't get the hilton, but I heard the marriott is good too. This is way better compared to general registration room reservation where everything is crashing, and rooms go in minutes. Now hopefully they don't have linecon again this year. I don't know what happened, but the 2 times we went we just walked through 2016 was the only time I ever had to wait in line to get my pass. I look forward to fanime this year. Only question I have is if there is any advice to get out of paying deposit fees.
Video Programming / Gaki no tsukai video room
November 24, 2016, 02:44:18 AM
I said this last year, but honestly more people need to know about gaki no tsukai like the batsu games, their absolutely tasty stuff, and most of the other stuff they do. You can make an entire night of just the silly stuff that they do without even showing the batsu games such as no laughing detective as they are rather long up to 5 hours usually, and the videos aren't hard to get.
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Guests for Fanimecon 2017
November 24, 2016, 02:38:02 AM
Super best friends
I say this every year, this is all I want from fanime is for the Best friends Zaibatsu and Teamfourstar to be in the san jose area.
I try to try something new everytime I got to fanime, but I stick with 3 things Jack in the box, Psycho donuts, and Iguanas or La Victoria. This year I'm gonna try out Ramen Yamadaya, Ike's sandwiches, Pizz'a Chicago, and maybe smokeeaters. If you love burritos go to Iguanas they are always consistant with good food, and Psycho donuts are the best donuts i've had. I would say stay away from Johnny rockets, it's always full of people and a burger costs at average 6 dollars. I would say try something different. I can go to mcdonalds whenever I want. hell I get mcdonalds atleast twice a month. Try something different sometimes... I say after saying I go to jack in the box, psycho donuts, and Iguanas every year. Do some research. Apparently there is a safeway nearby like... 12 minutes away. This is getting off topic but buy some stuff to drink... not from the convention 4 dollars for a monster is insanity.
Neon FM should be there it's a pretty good rhythm game.
I think it was last year where there was a dark room where people came in played a horror game, and there was a night vision webcam that was pointed towards their face to get their reactions. I was thinking that the same dark room could be used with Keep talking and nobody explodes. It would be a great game to watch and play. Perhaps get a way to communicate with eachother where you get a team of 3 one diffuser and 2 people with the instruction manual for the bomb. The Difusser is, of course, in the dark room, and the 2 people with tha manual are outside the dark room giving instructions on how to difuse the bomb. I honestly think this would be a great idea for the gaming all PC area.
Video Programming / Re: Gaki no Tsukai night?
May 21, 2015, 04:02:41 PM
I was wondering if it was still possible to do gaki no tsukai night at fanime? They just finished and subbed the whole "no laughing prison" just the other day. Unfortunately it's only on Daily motion for now. Is it still possible to do this?
Game: League of Legends
Role: Support with AP.
Character pool: Can work with anything really but would prefer a Tank at top.
Looking for: ADC/APC bot, Jungle(?), Mid, and Top Tank or AD will work I can work with anything at top but preferably a tank.
Have: Might already have a jungler if my friend wants to join the tournie.
Contact info:itselguapo on steam.
Question about the League of legends 5V5 tournie are you gonna be put people into groups of 5 or do you need to bring in a team of 5 people?
Registration / Pick up Registration question.
May 07, 2015, 01:54:25 PM
I just had a question about the pick up registration process, if I were to come past 8 or 9 would I still be able to pick up my pass? I see that registration for those days are between 8am to 7pm, and I was wondering if that was to register for a one day pass. We want to try to go that night, but I keep telling my friends I think the pick up stops at 7PM. Can anyone confirm this?
I would say anything from OCremix would be cool to have on in the background, but yea any kind of town music would be awesome.
Is this only gonna be on thursday and friday?
Kinda lame if that happens... I'd love to check this out.
Video Programming / Re: Gaki no Tsukai night?
February 15, 2015, 08:37:54 PM
That site works, but I was talking about Team Gaki where they have all the batsu games up to date subbed, they are currently working on the Prison batsu game, but I would assume they'd be done with that by the time May comes around, but the other website works well too since it has Absolutely tasty, batsu games, and the infamous Silent Library stuff. Which ever works. I just want more people to know about Gaki No Tsukai. They're absolutely tasty stuff is pretty great too.
Video Programming / Re: Gaki no Tsukai night?
February 12, 2015, 02:51:24 PM
I don't really know who I should contact to try to get gaki no tsukai in there for the midnight stuff, however I know a website that has all the batsu games fully translated and downloadable... HOWEVER, they are pretty long around 6 hours for one "episode" usually.
Video Programming / Gaki no Tsukai night?
February 03, 2015, 09:42:19 PM
I would love to see gaki no tsukai night as one of the nights in the video rooms. It's some of the funniest and craziest japanese stuff. They do the batsu game every new year. They are absolutely amazing to watch, and rather easy to watch since they have a site with fully translated torrents of each batsu game including some other gaki no tsukai related stuff.
The Protomen or Anamanaguchi would be awesome.
So I heard of this game called Neon FM full of different types of music dubstep, glitch hop(first time I've heard of that), Electro house. Stuff like that. It looks like an amazing rhythm game that anyone could get into. Kinda like Pop'n music... except way more simplistic in design 3 buttons on the bottom 2 on the top. It looks really awesome. Hell I'm not really that into rhythm games anymore and I'd try it out just for the range of types of music it has. I honestly think this would be a great addition to the arcade if you could get it.
I'd love to see team four star and the twobestfriends play crew you know Matt, Pat, Woolie, and liam.
Then again it'll be pretty hard to get twobestfriends down from canadia.
The arcade was a nice size. However it seemed to be lacking some games. I honestly think the arcade needed more lightgun games, more retro games (maybe one of those utlracade machines that have like 200 games on it or whatever), and needed one of those mario kart arcade GP DX machines. The fighting game line up was pretty solid, but it'd be nice to see some classic arcade machines. I'd love to see a killer instinct machine. First time going to fanime was in 2014 and the arcade was pretty huge. I'm hoping that it'll have more variety next year it seemed to be a lot of fighting games over anything else.
Fun in the sun themed huh... hmmmmmmm if I don't see this as a skit i'll be disappointed.