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Live Programming and Events / Re: Karaoke 2022?
May 26, 2022, 05:02:47 PM
Quote from: Jupeboxgal on May 26, 2022, 03:52:54 PM
Will there be online signups for the karaoke contest this year, or only at-con? Assuming it's tomorrow at 6pm like previous years?

The Fanime twitter posted a link to the signups a week ago, but I guess they forgot to put it on the actual site. Doesn't seem to be filled up yet?
Going by the schedule (which also isn't properly linked on the main site, only in a news post...) it's check in at 3 and contest at 6 on Friday.
I didn't get a confirmation email, either; but I don't think they normally send those, at least not for Fanime.
I doubt it's going to get cancelled or anything, it's still listed on Fanime's site and I've never seen the KKD cancel a contest; but this is definitely getting pretty weird. Last year the signups went up on May 5th and they were panicking over how late it was.

I wish they would use social media a bit more; they're kind of eerily web-silent most of the time. They have 3 Twitter accounts but none of them have updated in almost 2 years.
I, uh, hope I didn't miss the signups or something... is the official thread really not here yet?
Quote from: coriechan on May 01, 2015, 03:14:58 PM
Anyone else getting an error message when they submit their song choices for karaoke? D:

I think this was a problem last year too... Did you use any quotation marks or apostrophes or anything odd like that? If so, try taking those out. SQL gets confused by certain characters.
The google doc doesn't seem to mention it, but as they said in the other thread, the time limit doesn't start until you start singing (so a short instrumental intro doesn't count). And the "OR verse/chorus" thing seemingly means you can go a bit past 1:30 if you're almost done at that time, but you might want to ask them about that.

The weird middle half of an irregularly-structured song I was planning on is only 1:20, so that should be fine if I don't change my mind, which I probably will. :P
This'll be the third time for me, I think? Still lacking confidence, but I won a mini-contest at AX last year, so I must be getting better somehow. Looks like strong competition this year, though! ;D

Finally figured out my two songs a few days ago, but I'm always indecisive. Something from Madoka is likely. I'll also be around at open mic semi-continuously.
Just as a heads-up: they've opened signups. I almost didn't notice because it was a new thread!