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Ah. Apologies then I am not too familiar with how the gatherings work beyond attending them. I will wait and see what happens then. Thanks :)

SO, I know this is early to start this thread but who is up for a Disney Gathering for Fanime 2015?
Quote from: Tiptop on May 30, 2014, 10:58:13 AM
Hi all! Fanime 2014 was the debut of my Officer Jenny crossplay. I had a friend who was a very mustache'd Nurse Joy.
Worn Friday/Saturday/Sunday. We were both at the Pokemon gathering on Saturday. My hair was made of foam.
I'd love to find some pictures of us!
(Bonus points if you have any pictures of me directing traffic by the park!)
I believe my friend Taylor snapped a picture with you!

There you are sir! <3
Quote from: jedisurvivor on May 30, 2014, 12:28:06 PM
Very cool!  What other kinds of acts were there for acoustikaraoke (I.e. What instrumentation)?
There was a guy who did a great Adventure Time song cover on ukulele. A lot of different guitars. One group had a guy playing on a plastic tub as a drum which was absolutely amazing.

I was going to do a compilation vid for AcoustiKaraoke but I forgot to bring my SD card for my camera like an idiot. I had a friend record my performance but they didn't have any free space on their camera either. Super bummed about it but alas, oh well.

I definitely plan to bring backup memory cards and film all the events for people next year! (as long as that's cool with the FanimeStaff!)
To the few people who took videos of some of the things I was helping along with  :

Performed guitar outside the con Friday night (had the sunburst Schecter and Vox amp)
Helped PSY cosplayer perform Gentleman dance outside the con Friday night.
Did a few different songs with some dancers & break-dancers Saturday night in the hall including Gentleman, Gangnam Style, Daft Punk, etc
Walked around the con with my portable VOX amp playing music (some songs on request) was dressed up as Poland with Guy Fawkes mask
Anyone filmed the Gong Show or AcoustiKaraoke

If anyone nabbed any of those videos listed please please please message them to me I will eternally love you for all time

ALSO!!! EDIT: Here's a picture of what I looked like and what my setup looked like if you recognize me and have pics or videos please send them to me! I needz dem in mah life lol
Me with the amp

me in the Fawkes mask next to Black Vash the magnificent
Oh hai friendz. Poland here. In case any of you missed the Gong Show, or just want to relive it, I made a 2-part compilation video of the Gong Show this year. I apologize if anything was excluded as my camera died a bit of the way in... also I frequently stood to dance because, eh, why not. Video number 2 also included the "Shit" song of the night towards the end lol

Anyways here are the links to Part 1 and Part 2 :

Also found these whilst browsing Youtube credit to Erin Allen: (Apollo Justice at Gong Show) (Careless Whisper at Gong Show)

side/side additional link: I also performed during AcoustiKaraoke if anyone is interested in checking that one out, if not, enjoy ze Gong Show vids and see you at next year's Gong Show!!! <3 <3 <3 ~ Poland  :
Hotel Stayed: DoubleTree
Nights Stayed: Saturday and Sunday
Amenities: They give you free cookies and water when checking in (om nom nom)... and they gave me as many room keys as I needed for my roommates. Stayed in a room with 2 queen beds. Room had TV, free wifi, microwave, mini fridge, a balcony for fellow smokers, lots of storage space. Free coffee and useful coffee maker. The hotel itself had some pretty useful stuff like a gift shop (had to grab a first aid kit there), and a bar (useful for winding down after con). Also included in the price was $5 for parking to come and go so no having to constantly pay for parking.
Helpfulness of Staff: Super helpful, the people there were nothing but nice there as this was my first time handling all the hotel stuff
Roomshares?: I had a few different people roomshare, there was plenty of room for everyone which was nice
Pros of Hotel: Everything! This was the best hotel I've ever stayed at, I even liked it better than the hotels located near the con. Also wasn't crowded like the hotels near the con so no need to wait for elevators.
Cons of Hotel: Only thing I can think of is that, for people unfamiliar with the area, the location of this hotel can be confusing when driving to and from the hotel. There's a lot of freeways around the hotel and it's easy to get lost. I know I did lol.
Would You Stay Again: 100% Yes!
Recommendations/Suggestions/Misc: Recommend Fanime having shuttles again, I absolutely loved those shuttles.
Hotel and Facilities / Fanime 2014 Hotel Review
May 27, 2014, 08:26:38 PM
Review your experiences for future con-goers!

Hotel Stayed:
Nights Stayed:
Helpfulness of Staff:
Pros of Hotel:
Cons of Hotel:
Would You Stay Again:
Hello there! If anyone photographed me let me know. Friday I was cosplaying Revy from Black Lagoon with two custom handgun props.

Saturday and Sunday I was in different variations of my "Poland" cosplay with the large Polish flag and off and on a V for Vendetta mask. I will post logos later with all the photos I took in addition a video of most of the Gong Show.
Hey what time do the karaoke rooms open Friday and where do I sign up? The front desk? Also I have my own mic with regular input is that OK to bring or no? I just love my Audix mic haha if not its ok
Is this thread up yet? Lol just wondering. Post your 2014 Fanime Missed Connections!

To the Super Mario cosplayers ahead of my friend and I at the con. Oh hai friendz! *waves*
May 22, 2014, 06:15:09 PM
I just had to stop by to say WOW. My friends and I got our badges instantly. This is the first con that that has EVER happened. Thank you Fanime staff for making this the smoothest day 0 ever!!!
LAST MINUTE ROOMMATE OPENING    Cheapest Price Out There!!!

Heeeeeeeeey guise! I had an unfortunate last-minute cancellation by one of my original roommates. I now have a roomshare opening for 1 person! Doesn't matter if male or female.

Hotel info: DoubleTree, room is booked for Saturday and Sunday night, check-out on Monday morning

Price: $50 flat out the door

Other RoomSharers and myself: I am a 21-year-old female music teacher, I currently have 2 roommates lined up 1 is a 22 year old female college friend and the other is a 22 year old male college friend, all 3 of us have known each other for 5+ years and I can provide FB links if you want to talk to any of us ^___^ here is mine

OTHER: I can provide transportation in my car to and from the con, lots of room and trunk space in the car for item carrying.

Contact info: You may reach me at my email [email protected] where I can provide you with my phone number and additional contact info. I am not going to be around the forums to check my forum messages so the best way to reach me is by the gmail email
or just add me/message me on Facebook
As a fellow lover of this game and I am totally down to help out with this in any way I can. Let me know if you need any cosplay or prop items made I can make fake Artoszka passports and whatnot. I could even make an exact copy replica of the rulebook. No cost I'll just make it and bring it for you guys at the con ^___^... well I probably will want a pic with you guys. But yeah, let me know if that'd be helpful!  :D
Quote from: fenfeiikou on February 16, 2014, 09:19:33 AM
Quote from: mikasa-san on February 15, 2014, 05:53:47 PM
I am interested. Is there any way to sign-up as a "maybe" and attend your rehearsals and whatnot and see if it's something I would be able to do??? I am cosplaying as Hanji Zoe this year.  :)
I'll gladly note you as a "maybe" in the cast list, however, we already have a Hanji for our event. :( Sincerest apologies! Is there a possibility you could join us as another SnK character?
You can find the full cast listing here:
Yeah I can also modify my cosplay to do a "Mikasa Ackerman" cosplay. My Hanji and Mickasa cosplays are pretty interchangeable. I just have to style my hair differently, remove my glasses, and add her signature scarf and I can do a Mikasa  :)
I had probably the best Valentine's Day weekend I've ever had. My guy surprised me by having flowers delivered to my work... then he bought me candy, bought us both dinner, girl scout cookies, and this morning we went out for a romantic breakfast. We see holidays as a competition, he definitely won hahaha  ;D
General Convention Discussion / Re: Day 0: Worth It?
February 15, 2014, 05:55:56 PM
I actually didn't book a hotel for Thursday Day 0, or for Friday Day 1, mostly due to my proximity to the convention center where I live. I plan to pick up my badge on Day 0 and pal around but usually I don't attend much of the Day 0 activities.

The same goes for Friday as well, all of the Fanime events that I regularly attend are always on Saturday and Sunday of the con. For people with previous con experience who know what events they like it can sometimes be beneficial to save money by not booking Day 0.

It's all personal preference. I appreciate that they HAVE a Day 0 for people to get acclimated though.  :D
I am interested. Is there any way to sign-up as a "maybe" and attend your rehearsals and whatnot and see if it's something I would be able to do??? I am cosplaying as Hanji Zoe this year.  :)
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Complaints for housing
February 15, 2014, 05:50:47 PM
I just wanted to post that for those coming from far away who are tangled up in this whole housing mess. I have a room booked at the DoubleTree for Saturday and Sunday night (with check-out Monday morning) and while I have already filled my roommate quota I do not mind taking in people without a place to sleep in emergency situations.

I mean it! I even have a reliable car for transportation to get you to and from the con if needed. I'll link my FB and my email address for emergency purposes and like I said, if you are completely without a place to sleep and you have no other options I am willing to let you crash with us. There's no bed space but there is the floor and it's locked and secure and being shared by 3 professional women. It's better to have a safe place to sleep than nowhere and I hate seeing people without rooms. My friends couldn't get a room last year and spent the night in the hentai room. That just seems so awful... anyways here's my FB link and my email!
email: [email protected]
I can now cease posting as I've booked my roommates for the hotel completely. Will only return to check on the AoT gatherings. *bows out* toodles!