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Live Programming and Events / Re: Karaoke 2022?
May 12, 2022, 11:34:26 AM
Where can I find the karaoke rules?
How many songs do we have to have prepared?
Is there a way to find out if you have a good backing for a song before con?
Is the karaoke contest sign up set up yet?
Can you participate in more then one of the contests?
This is the first year I've considered participating in the contest so I don't know really anything about it...
Thank you for your time.
When is the next general staff meeting?
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Industry Guests
April 25, 2009, 09:26:00 PM
I didn't necessarily mean bring them all the way here.
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Industry Guests
April 25, 2009, 04:53:24 PM
I didn't know about the panels, I didn't even know about the fanime forums until this year....

I think the problem is both poor notification and figuring out what to say...
If you want to meet people in the gaming industry then you should go to one of the game developers conferences

I'd like to meet anime and manga insiders just to meet them, hear their personal stories...

Like this person
Quote from: Hakaru_chan on February 17, 2009, 10:05:43 PM
actually... what i want to hear is someone that really works behind the scenes in the anime industry... like those animation editors, video editors, translaters, inbetweeners, even interns... because i plan to get into the industry myself so knowledgeable panels that give out information would be interesting for people like me who want to get into this industry

It'd be nice if you'd say a place to meet(like the maid cafe on Saturday of the con at a time..) So that those who do pass through and want to do it, but don't get on that often will know something....
I want to join.=D
I have a Tsunade and a Yuna Summoner costumes.
I could also be random chuunin number 5...
Quote from: SirVincent on March 16, 2009, 09:30:20 PM
oh god, giving things out at con works some times and back fires even more. last year i had 3 boxes of monster energy drinks. So on Satorday night I still had 2 1/2 boxes left. I was like "oh I know what i'll do i'll give some out".
So any way I did, give some away and got to meet some nice people, but then I meet like 3 girls in a row and the conversation when some thing like this.
girl walks up.
Me: "hello would you like a drink?"
girl: "why would you give out free drinks?"
me: "to be nice and meet people."
girl: "like hell, you drugged them and your going to rape me!"
me: "ummm no!?!?"
girl: "I know @#$%ed up guys like you go to hell and die!"
me: "ok, none for you!"

after 3 conversations like that i gave up on being nice. this year ill just give out glow sticks.

It was their loss, and how do you drug a sealed (can?) container anyway? you should have had a girl giving them out with you... A really pretty one.. lol.