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Here's the final FINAL gatherings list as of 4/29! Nothing has changed and this gathering is up and ready to go!

Here's the final FINAL gatherings list as of 4/29! Nothing has changed and this gathering is up and ready to go!

Good evening folks! I would like to make an announcement in regards to chessmasters. Due to some changes, I would like to introduce our new chessmaster, Shego from Kim Possible! Instead, our Uraraka who was our other chessmaster will be playing as a piece on the board!

Great news folks, I have an important announcement! We would like to welcome our chessmasters for 2019, Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist and Ochako Uraraka from My Hero Academia! To commemorate their battle, we have two new prizes to add to our raffle. Remember folks, our raffle is exclusive to chess participants! If you or a friend love to cosplay and want a chance to win one of thee sweet prizes, sign up now!

See? We're on the same boat the date and time is still up in the air. Once I get more information, I'll get to you.

If anyone would like to see gatherings list, here they are.

(As of April 4th)

Of course, sign-ups are here! ^^ If you're unsure which character to choose, you can fill one out and leave the character blank until you've made that decision!

UPDATE FOR EVERYBODY: The official date and time the FF Gathering will happen will be on Sunday at 11AM at the Slab

Awesome news you guys! The DMC gathering is OFFICIALLY happening! It will be on Friday at 5PM located at the slab! If there's any questions, please comment or PM! ^^

Bump for support! We need more chess pieces on the board! We will be having raffles for My Hero Academia prints with voice actors autographs!

Photo Order:
·All Group (Before)
·Devil May Cry 1
·Devil May Cry 2
·Devil May Cry 3
·Devil May Cry 4
·DmC: Devil May Cry
°Vergil's Downfall
·Devil May Cry 5
·Each Character (one at a time)
·Dante vs. Vergil
·Nero vs. Vergil
·Family Photo
°Dante, Vergil, and Nero
°Sparda and Eve included (if any)
·All Female Characters
·All Group (After)

Submissions are in!

Before gathering submissions open, I would like to know what time works best for everyone? I know that everyone's busy with other gatherings and panels as I am too, but I want to hear everyone's input. I'm debating between Friday afternoon or Sunday afternoon

Awesome! See you there!

Hello everyone! You guys might know me as the host of the Final Fantasy and a member of cosplay chess! Well, now after a while of debating with myself, I've decided to do a Devil May Cry gathering! Facebook event page will be up shortly!

Update: My friend and I have talked about dates and times and we've decided to aim for Sunday at 11am!

Hello everyone! I am here to make an announcement that we have one of the prizes for our participants! You can have one of the two My Hero Academia prints drawn and signed by the voice actors! Also, I have another good news is that we have opened our discord server! This server is welcome to our chess pieces and chess masters which will be there for communication!

Artist: James Valle
Instagram: KentaroPJJ| ❤️Games&Shonen

Discord link:

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