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General Convention Discussion / 18+ Events/Badges
March 19, 2016, 04:08:05 PM
Hello mina!

I really hope there are many others out there who will understand where I am coming from with this topic. As a girl who is fairly outgoing and flirtatious, I really like meeting new people -- especially other female cosplayers and otakus like myself. However, at events like this it is really hard to tell the age of the person you are interacting with and I really hate the uncomfortable grey zone it creates in when you are not sure if the person you are approaching is of legal age.

18+ dance events and panels are an amazing start but I would really like to see maybe the name zone on the badge highlighted pink for those under 18 or even under 21. I think this will not only improve the atmosphere for us adults but also make everyone feel safer within these designated lines. Just a thought!