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its best if we can make Anime conventions a more attractive and better represent both the country and companies it represents.

Perhaps I missed a statement that this con was related specifically to Japan or Japanese culture.  Even though it is a heavy influence and the main source of anime.. the false pretense or presumption that this con is only about japanese culture should be dispelled.


The application can be found here:

questions/comments should go to dance@fanime.com

Featured Genres:
   Touhou/Anime Music/Jcore
   Top 40s/Hip Hop
   Top 40s/Electro House
   Trap, Twerk, and Hip HOp
        Electro House
        Hardcore and DnB
   Progressive House and Trance
   UK Happy Hardcore
   UK Trap[/b]

I really dig the huge variety of music, but I can't help notice... where's the love for Dubstep? I mean, Trap is OK, but what gives?

As someone who has tried a touch of dubstep in their set last year, it seemed like more people left and weren't into it moreso than into it. I also know in previous years, the outcry from guests was more negative towards dubstep at the dance so it's inclusion as a featured genre was omitted. Since it is not a featured genre, that does not mean any given DJ will not play dubstep at all in their sets.

I did find the genres a little confusing though as there isn't JPop as a genre and KPop is. As well as Top 40 not being it's own genre as all Electro House isn't Top 40 and vise vesa. What is really confusing is how Hardcore, DnB and Electro House are subgenres of Trance. wut

The wub in dubstep will be integrated throughout a lot of electro house/trap steps....dubstep did not get a really good turnout the last 2 years. people showed up. bobbed their heads, then moved on. 

This year's genres were selected losely based upon dj applications and a self-categorization.

The actual schedule of the dance
DAY 0 12 to 2
DAYS 1-3 7pm to 4am

DAY 0 DJS TBD, mostl likely:
12 to 1 empathy/preyx
1 to 2 sandman/ehash

Day 1
The staff Room will be open from 7 to 3
The Theme Room will be open from 7 to 4
7-9 Touhou and Anime Music (Preyx)
9-10 Hardstyle (Empathy)
10-12 KPOP (PeterLo)
12-2 Top 40s (DJ Sandman)
2-4 Trap,Twerk, Hip Hop (eHash)

The Main room will be open from 7 to 4
7 to 8 DJ Sandman
8 to 10 Pixel Killers
10 to 12 DJ Sequence
12 to 2 DJ Dark0
2 to 4 DJ EZ with Josh K

Day 2
The staff Room will be open from 7 to 3
The Theme Room will be open from 7 to 4
7-9 Hip Hop/Top 40s (Melvis)
9-11 Electro House/Progressive (Badcat)
11-12 Touhou/Anime Music (Preyx)
1-2 Trance (Reign)
2-4 Top 40s/Electro House (DJ Sandman)

The Main room will be open from 7 to 4
7 to 8 PeterLo
8 to 10 Sidequest
10 to 12 Afterparty
12 to 2 eHash
2 to 4 DJs Empathy with PreyX

Day 3
The staff Room will be open from 7 to 3
The Theme Room will be open from 7 to 4
7-9 Hard Dance/Hard Style (Empathy)
9-10:30 Asian Pop (PeterLo)
10:30-12 Trance (Sandman)
12-2 Happy Hardcore (DJ Hage)
2-4 Trap,Twerk, Hip Hop (eHash)

The Main room will be open from 8 to 4
8 to 10 DJ Kepik
10 to 12 Melvis
12 to 2 Komodo
2 to 4 DJ Reign

what if i were able to find someone to supply the equipment (tables and mixer) for my set?
This is already a prequisite of the third room.  You would also need to provide 3 tops and 2 subs and let everyone spinning this room use it and if anything breaks it's on you.  This is why we are still negotiating the equipment for this room.

I believe i only received 1 email from you on the 25th which I gave you a formal response this morning.

Until we sort out who is bringing equipment for the 3rd room on my staff (since it is not provided the con),
I am unable to book someone for this room. 

I need to understand the rules governing the equipment set by the owner first.  The person who provides
equipment for this room does so at their own risk.  If another DJ damages it (blows the speakers or breaks
knobs on the mixer), it is at the owner's loss. <- because of this I am not willing to lock the dance into a
situation where we can't manage the content/programming of it.

Thank you again for the selection Dance Staff <3

Where are the locations of the new dance rooms? Will these be in the new expansion?

2 of the rooms are the same as last year, the 3rd will be on the terrace side of the hallway directly behind the genre room.
The convention center has renamed/renumbered the rooms.

I apologize for the delay.
Schedule and logistical confirmations were late in coming.
All DJ Applicants should have received a positive or negative response from me by this time.  If you have not heard yet, email dance@fanime.com and cc: ehash@fanime.com.

March Update for FanimeCon 2014 Dance.

The Dance will be open:
   Day 0 (Thu): From 10 PM to 2 AM
        Day 1 (Fri): From 7 PM to 4 AM
        Day 2 (Sat): From 7 PM to 4 AM
        Day 3 (Sun): From 7 PM to 4 AM

We will be running 3 Rooms:
   Room 230 (Formerly the J)    This will be the Main Room Featuring invited
               Industry DJs and a few Attendee Applicants.
   Room 231 (Formerly the F)   This will be the theme/genre based room.
   Room 232 (Formerly the G)   This will be the room for Dance Staff Members who
               have also chosen to perform.

The Full Rules will be posted in the upcoming weeks, but the few rules to be aware of as you plan
your FanimeCon Experience:

   Outside Food and Beverages will not be allowed in to the dance (even if it's sealed)
   Water Bottles will be emptied.
   No chemical-based Glow products of any kind are not allowed in.
   Battery operated glow products will be allowed in, but if used in a dangerous manner , the attendee
       be asked to be put them away. (i.e.: led poi)
   Props larger than 2 feet or can be considered dangerous in a large crowd will not be allowed in.
   Vaping or e-cigarette use is not permitted anywhere in the convention center.  These items will not
      be allowed in the Dance.

Nightclub/DJ Industry Invited Guests:

 Keith Buhler of Let it Be Known
 DJ Sequence 
 DJ EZ and Joshua K
 DJ Ghryme of Electric State of Mind
 DJ Kepik
 DJ Komodo

FanimeCon Attendee (DJ Applicants) Who applied and are accepted:

    DJ Dark0
    DJ Badcat
    DJ Hagé

Staff DJs making an appearance this year:
    DJ Sandman
Featured Genres:
   Touhou/Anime Music/Jcore
   Top 40s/Hip Hop
   Top 40s/Electro House
   Trap, Twerk, and Hip HOp
        Electro House
        Hardcore and DnB
   Progressive House and Trance
   UK Happy Hardcore
   UK Trap


Please help us determine if we are going to have the dance on day zero (Pajama party).
Attendance reached an all time high in 2011, but in 2012 (with the power outage) and 2013 (registration/swap meet in a different location), attendance/interest has continued to decline.  Should we still have it in 2014, your poll answers will help us decide.

some people enjoy the aging/aged remixes of anime and video game music...
what would people like to hear more or less of in 2014?

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Guests I Want For Fanime 2014!!!!!!!!!
« on: June 29, 2013, 05:58:57 AM »
SF Taiko in a longer/larger performance than this year's performance by sj taiko

I hope people realize that FanimeCon is a Con staffed by volunteers.  In order for the feedback to be best utilized, a centralized feedback form is best.  Critics are always more vocal and I have to remind my staff that may get discouraged and some downright quit based on the negative feedback in the forums.  It's hard to get staff willing to put in the time, money, and effort just to get picked apart or trolled here.  I can't speak for the con, but I will say, asking people to commit to going to staff meetings and put in the work hours for zero compensation is extremely difficult.  Before you just say "something sucks", give a good explanation of why...and perhaps think about why you aren't staffing...?

As for sponsorships, I hope you think it through...people are less inclined to reduce prices or volunteer if they know there is sponsor money coming in....getting more sponsors, raises the minimum run rate price of things and every year you will have to hustle more and more to get additional sponsors while the corporate sponsors give less and less as their ROI decreases.  Do you really want a highly commercialized event like some of the other Southern California Conventions which charge additional money for special events? 

I'm surprised nobody has made the comment in support of the move of AA to south hall which is that there was more space ...

General Convention Discussion / Re: Fanime and getting older
« on: May 30, 2013, 11:44:28 PM »
In the spirit of the post, I will say as someone who will no longer be in my 30s at the next con:
When I went to the con in the late 90s <- it was totally different...being an outsider to the culture I didn't like the lack of industry presence, the weird selections in video programming, smaller dealer presence....

When I started going to the con again in 2006 I was amazed at how it had morphed into more of a community based con(more of a con on cons rather than con on anime)...it had a summer camp feel to it, which makes it unique.

Being older, I decided to staff, which gave me yet a completely different perspective...and I encourage you to try volunteering or staffing if you are still searching for a reason to attend.

FanimeCon continues to grow and there's no reason why you can't create a panel or meetup for the older generation...perhaps something like "Why am I over 30 and still at Fanime?"

General Convention Discussion / Re: Fanime and getting older
« on: May 30, 2013, 11:26:09 PM »
Being non-athletic is fine. The main issue was the age of these attendees.  :o
They could have easily separated both of the dance rooms for the age brackets.
Not so easy.  We would have to have an ID check and some sort of age indicator like a tyvek bracelet.  Industry price is about .35 to .40 each, which may not seem like much, but at a nightly attendance of 2500 to 3500, this quickly becomes cost prohibitive.

General Convention Discussion / Re: Fanime and getting older
« on: May 30, 2013, 11:23:26 PM »
Oh god, the music was terrible. It was some mix of top 40s crap mixed with EDM beats. I like top 40s, I like EDM, but together it sounded like a mess. The DJ was terrible and kept screwing up the tempo. First it's slow, then it's fast. I really hope they're not getting paid for this.

I feel ya. I've never been to the dance/rave event so I decided to go this year...it felt like being a chaperone at a middle school dance. I hope they decide to split the ages for 18+ and 18- next year.

The DJs are not paid and half of them have to staff in order to get a DJ Slot. 
DJs at some of the other Cons get paid, but not at FanimeCon.

Ah, member when the dances actually played anime OSTs? Those were the days.

i see the same DJs every year, and while i love a lot of them, i wish that you would give up some slots to make room for some new Djs. i noticed in the description of the Djs, only 3 were listed as making their Debut to fanime.

eHash, not trying to single you out or anything but you are a perfect example. you got to preform every single dance, every single night. you could have given up one of your slots during the weekend and let another new Dj preform for at least one night.

i love the variety we see at con, but i also love seeing new faces that bring different music to the con. And please dont take this post as a bash, it was not my intention. it was just something that i thought about during con and wished to express it here where it can be seen.

Thanks for your feedback.  As the head I take the last spot in the small room for the first 2 nights because I hold the ability to close the room early if the attendance drops to the point where we push everyone to the other room.  Could you imagine if I booked someone and then closed the room without giving them a chance to spin? 

For the last 2 years I have created more opportunities for DJs than any previous year by moving the 2nd dance floor closer.  However, every year we face the problem of not being able to recruit enough staff unless we offer them DJ spots in return for their hours staffing the dance.  We have finally reached a point where we might be able to incorporate the additional tech costs into the official department budget, a staff DJ has had to put in at least 25 hours of staffing. Some like myself, spend hundreds of hours creating the event, have to be on duty for 40+ hours during the con and bring over $50k (you read that right) of equipment.  It is not a well known fact, but much of the equipment is personally owned and provided by us for use at Con.  This isn't the right place for me to say this, but I've personally had other DJs break over $9k worth of my equipment the last 4 years (at my own loss), which is why there is a tight screening process that has been put into place. 

We try and bring in new DJs every year.

We Had 25 DJs this year:
Returning DJs- Reign, Empathy (2nd year), eHash, Dark0, PreyX (2nd Year), Red White, Melvis, RadPaolo, PeterlO, Sandman, Komodo (2nd Year)
New DJs - Ponyo (didn't perform, but was scheduled, replaced by Peter Lo), Kaminari, Kepik, RE7, Sequence, EZ, Badcat, LIBK (Keith, Eugene, Harnick), Blurr, revIse, Jason (Hardcore DJ), and Myty Mike

14 New DJS performing at FanimeCon for the First Time (That's over half).

As for the statement directed specifically towards me, I do give up timeslots or portions of timeslots, last  year I gave up 2 timeslots.  Just because MY name is in the slot, doesn't mean that I will keep it.  The head or 2nd's often give up their hours to late adds, substitutions, or room closures.

For a good portion of the staff they needed to put in at least 18 hours of work time in order to get 2 1 hour time slots.
And I'd like to take this opportunity to commend my 2013 staff, because working the dance means: you don't get off work till 4AM, you might be too tired to do anything at Con during the day, you miss any other night events (Black And White, MusicFest, Hentai, and Cosplay Spectacular)

I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I believe directing people to the official feedback form is the correct thing to do.

     Not all the Department heads read the forums, so when people feel as if the con is trying to avoid listening to their feedback
     it's the reverse.  The only way for heads to get the feedback for sure is if an official feedback form is implemented, comments
     tabulated by department and distributed. It also helps prevent individuals who voice their opinion from getting trolled by others
     who disagree (examples from the past: Dubstep at the Dance, Butler Cafe, Rovers, Etc.)


This application is intended to provide you an opportunity to express your interest in performing at the FanimeCon 2014 Dance.
* Even though review criteria may change over the next year, your application will be reviewed on the requirements stated at the time of your application.

1. The DJ Selection process is open from NOW (May 2013) till December 31, 2013
2. DJs/Performers are not considered to be staff members.
2.2 DJs/Performers will have to obtain an official form of entry to the convention.
  FanimeCon is a growing annual anime convention held at the San Jose
  Convention Center during Memorial Day Weekend.  Every year there are more DJs interested
  in DJing than spots available.  The DJ Selection process has been put in place to create a fair
  system for offering performance time to members of FanimeCon.

  The 2014 Dance Management Team’s mission is to successfully plan dance
  events during FanimeCon which promote a fun, safe, and enjoyable experience
  for attendees.  These dance events must contribute to the overall success
  and support the growth of FanimeCon.

  PLEASE NOTE that DJs and Performers will need to obtain their own entry to the convention.

  Questions/comments regarding these provisions should be sent to dance@fanime.com.

 -   All Dance Staff positions and performers are on a volunteer basis
     (there is no financial compensation).
 -   All Dance Staff positions and performers must adhere to the requirements, rules, and code
     of conduct for all FanimeCon Staff members and attendees.
 -   DJs must have been selected through the DJ Selection Process
     (Exception: Industry and Guest of Honor DJs)
 -   Previous staff participation or FanimeCon Performances will not guarantee a timeslot on the
     2014 DJ Schedule.
        o   Applications will be accepted until December 31, 2013
         o   Application Requirements
                +   Every applicant will be contacted by a Selection Committee member.
                +   In Addition to the Application, DJs must provide:
                        •   A 45 Minute (minimum) mix of what they intend on playing if selected.
                                     They can provide the selection committee their submission by
                                     sending an email link or through an arrangement with the
                                     Selection Committee.
                                 o   Submission of this mix gives the Dance Management Team your
                                     approval to use this mix in the future for promotion of the Dance Event.
         o   Selections will be based on skill, music format, participation, and contribution to FanimeCon.
         o   Applicants under the age 18 at the start of the 2014 event will not be considered.
         o   The Dance Management Team will contact applicants between Dec and Feb
         o   Final selections will be made and selected DJs will be notified by February 1, 2014.
         o   DJs that were not selected will be notified on February 16, 2014.


   Send the completed form to dance@fanime.com with the Subject: FANIMESTAFFAPP2014


DJ Name (if applicable):
Will you be 18 or over at the start of the 2014 FANIMECON (Yes or No):
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Can you describe your FanimeCon Experience?
Why do you want to DJ/Perform at FanimeCon?
What is your availability during the Con?
Can you describe your DJ/Performer Experience?
What music format do you plan on performing if selected (I.E.: Trance)?
Do you take requests?
What equipment do you plan on using (CD,CD/Serato,Other):

How come the dance is no longer 18+? I remember there used to be ID checks for 18+ in the dance. Its disturbing to see little girls being grinded on by old white/asian guys (MOSTLY). The little girls would tell them no and they would still try to put their dicks on their ass.
The main FanimeCon Dance has always been an all ages event.
At one point we held the 2nd room in the Hilton for a few years, but lack of knowledge that it existed and low attendance prompted us to incorporate the 2nd dancefloor closer to the main room.
Whenever an attendee at the dance feels that they have been touched, or even just approached inappropriately, find a rover.


•   Chemical-based glow products (I.E. glow sticks, necklaces, or bracelets) are not allowed

Could you explain why glow sticks will not be allowed in? This is a little upsetting considering how late these rules were posted. I bought a pack of 500 glow sticks before these were posted so it would be nice for a reason why these are not allowed. I'm not asking to be exempt from this rule but I hope you can understand how this is frustrating due to the late notice of these rules. Please do not say these are the same rules as last year since I wasn't there or the years before.
Correctly stated, this has been the rule for the past several years. 
This was rule has been put in place:
 (1) Breakage, and the potential damage to the area.  The dance staff has been told in the past that if a glow stick is broken, the dance will be shutdown and the Union HazMat Facilities team will need to be brought in to clean up the chemicals.
 (2) Attendees cracking them open and using the highly toxic chemicals inside to make their skin or cosplay glow. This is a health risk as well as the potential damage to the facilities.  Think that people will know better? 2 years ago we made and exception to a rule that had been in place for 2 years and some kids thought they could glow cracked them open, damaged the carpet, and had a bad skin irritation.

Where can we find samples of the DJs music?
DJ REIGN - Trance DJ and FanimeCon Dance Veteran.
Empathy - EDM DJing performing at FanimeCon for the second year.
eHash - SF Club Resident DJ who plans on performing everything from DubStep, Kpop, EDM, and Hip Hop
Dark0 - FanimeCon Hardcore Favorite
RED WHITE - Makes his 2nd appearance at the FanimeCon Dance playing Touhou
PONYO - Makes her FanimeCon DJing debut with a combination of Dubstep, Trap, and House
Kaminari - Makes his FanimeCon Djing debut playing hardcore
Kepik - SF Club Resident playing a mash of Asian Pop, Hip Hop/Top 40s, and EDM
RE7 - Opens the 2013 Dance with her special blend of Electro house
DJ Sequence - SJ Club Resident taking a break from hip hop/top 40s to brign the floor alive with EDM
   http://www.mixcrate.com/djsequence   http://www.soundcloud.com/djsequence
DJ EZ - After relocating from San Diego, this Bay Area Club DJ will be bringing the San Diego EDM Flavor to the Bay Area Dancefloor
DJ PreyX - Southern California based Con-DJ who will bring popular con music to FanimeCon.
DJ Melvis - San Jose Club Resident and FanimeCon Resident who will be pounding out your requests.
DJ Badcat - San Jose Club DJ and Remixer making his FanimeCon Debut
DJ PeterlO - Specializing in KPop and Electrohouse remixes of Asian Pop
DJ Sandman - Souther California Con Resident DJ will bring his mashup sound back to the dancefloor
LIBK - 3 local San Jose guys who are producers and remixers will bring their EDM Sound on Sat.
   http://soundcloud.com/libk http://www.youtube.com/libkofficial http://dj.beatport.com/libkofficial
DJ KOMODO - Returns to FanimeCon 2013 to keep the floor jumping with EDM and trance
DJ Blurr - Longtime 1015 Resident will bring the classic trance sound to FanimeCon
   http://www.djblurr.com   http://www.soundcloud.com/dj-blurr
DJ revIse - Puts on the headphones in addition to the microphone and spins his synergy of Hardcore and Con Music.
DJ Myty Mike - Local San Jose Club Resident bringing a banging set to you!
   http://mixcrate.com/mytymyke   http://soundcloud.com/djmytymyke

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