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Hi there!

I want to do a human version of Mae Borowski from Night In The Woods, ideally it would be a black pixie cut with pink or red bangs.

The Rufio wig from Arda in candy apple and black would be perfect aside from the red going all the way back. I've never tried dyeing fiber black with sharpies so I don't know if it would be opaque enough.

The other thing I was considering was a black Rufio and splicing some pink bang extensions, but I'm not sure if I could style them with the same up-flick as the standard bangs. Maybe if I sewed them in backwards or used a lot of heat and hairspray? I'm a pretty big styling novice, I've spliced bangs before, but didn't really have to style them.

Which option do you think would turn out best? Otherwise, does anyone have better, ready-made options.

Hey hey! Soooo I know I saw some Belcher kids last year. Does anyone else plan on breaking out the erotic friend fiction and gettin' Buttloose on Fanime? I know I'll be wearing Louise at some point, no idea when though.
My friend and I are going as Daria and Jane from the old MTV cartoon. I know it's really last minute but some of the outfits are really easy. Is anyone else interested in joining us? Anyone's welcome; Trent, Quinn, Brittney, Kevin, Upchuck, etc.! I'm not sure when my friend wants to wear Daria but I'll probably wear Jane a little bit each day.
So every year there's characters from American movies, shows, and games so why not have a gathering? I myself will be Jane from the old MTV show Daria. Anyone else interested?
I'm bringing Etna again this year and I met 3 different Flonne's, a Laharl, Archer and a Samurai last year. Anyone else cosplaying from this game/show this year?
So in '06 I was 1 of 2 Elfen Lied cosplayers and then in '07 I was 1 of about 10! This year it'd be great to all get together! I'll be bringing a Lucy of some sort, either last episode version with the broken horn or maaaaybe first episode version with the mask *crosses fingers*. If any other EL cosplayers are on here what day/time is good for you?
I plan on making an undead mage costume from WoW. I'd really like to enter the masquerade and think it would be fun to do a whole zombie skit! It would be great to have Stubbs the Zombie, Emily the Corpse Bride, some umbrella corps guys and any other famous zombies from games and movies. I'm working on a script that may even tie in Shaun of the Dead (led to the party by zombie Ed) and some members of the Raccoon City PD to break up the "Dead Man's Party" but the zombies win in the end, of course.

Anyone interested?
Ideas and Suggestions / Maps!
February 28, 2007, 09:38:57 PM
Ok, so last year I never got to go to any panels. Anytime I got down in time I felt like a kid on the first day in a new school. I had a schedule but had no idea where any of these rooms were! Any chance there might be some maps printed out this year?
Ok, before I get started on my costume how skimpy is too skimpy? One of my costumes is Lucy from Elfen Lied, but from the first episode where she's just wearing the creepy helmet. No, I won't be naked, but I was planning on wearing flesh colored shorts with a matching tube bra wrapped in gauze bandages. Does this sound acceptable or do you guys think I'd get pulled aside?
Ok, I'm planning on cosplaying as Etna from the game Disgaea.

I seem to be having a problem deciding. Are her boots and the front of her skirt white or silver? It's getting hard to find a decent shot of her. If it's a full body pic the black is shown as purple (even on an action figure!). If the top is shown black then they don't show her lower half!

So what do you guys think? White or silver?
I'm not sure if this is the right spot but here goes.

Anyone know of and good wig stylers besides Katie Bair? I really like her work but her quotes nearly gave me a heart attack! I'd need someone with experience making Odangos (those weird bun things) and custom coloring might be handy too!

I know it's not a new anime but I think it'd be really awesome to see other Azumanga characters around next year! I myself am considering either Chiyo-chan or a chibi Sakaki (I'm reeeeally short). Is anyone else considering it? It'd be cool if there were enough of us for a gathering of some sort!
Dealers Room / looking for a dealer
June 30, 2006, 11:20:48 PM
I'm looking for the dealer with all the chinese dresses. They were in the back row, somewhere in the middle. I think it was 2 boothes squished together, like a clothing store and a comic store in one booth, but I'm not sure. Anyways, I'm not sure of the name and I wanted to find their site so I could buy a new dress, the one they sold me was too small  :x  They reeeeally could've used a fitting room, hopefully next year.