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Thank you! I will do that!

For any of you out there that have brought children to Fanime as a free registered attendee, I have a quick question for you? (Any input from those without kids would be welcome too of course.)

My husband and I will be picking up our badges on day zero as we enjoy getting to the convention as early as possible, but our daughter will not be with us until the following day. It states on our pre-registration information that the child must be present during badge pick up, which I completely understand, but it won't be possible until Friday. So my question is, if we grab just our badges on Thursday and then show up with her and wait in the pre-registered line on Friday, would they allow us to get her badge? I'm concerned they will see that we picked my badge up already and won't allow us to get my daughter's on the next day. Any input would be very appreciated!

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Hyatt Reward Member ONLY breakfast?
« on: January 20, 2019, 08:04:00 AM »
-_-; this is just too silly. If it doesn't require a credit card, I guess getting an extra email a month is worth the price of breakfast.

The Outlaw Star gang will be back again and with hopefully even more members! As it stands now, we are looking at almost a complete cast give or take 2 characters.

Hotel and Facilities / Re: hotel room size questions
« on: January 18, 2019, 04:23:19 PM »
I've stayed in pretty much all the hotels now and to be completely honest, unless you get a suite (which still MAYBE gets you a foot extra floor space) every room is on average the same size. I'm staying at the Hyatt this year which has a king sized bed along with a sofa bed which is nice because you can fold it up during the day to give the illusion of more space.

Hotel and Facilities / Hyatt Reward Member ONLY breakfast?
« on: January 18, 2019, 04:19:17 PM »
So...I guess last year's free breakfast at the Hyatt was such a debacle that they've now changed it to Hyatt Rewards Members only. My question is, my husband is a rewards member, I am not...because that would be an incredibly stupid thing for us to have. We have one joint bank account, the same credit cards etc... when we book rooms with the Hyatt, it's always under the same number. So when I read on the Hotel registration information page it states in red text "only the Hyatt reward members inside the room qualify for the free breakfast." ...does that mean only my husband qualifies? I would understand if a room of 4 people that have no relation other than friendship would dictate that only the 1 or 2 ppl in the room with a membership would get the breakfast, but a married couple no?

I get that the Hyatt is trying to crack down on people trying to take advantage of the system, I even saw it happening last year in person, but this just seems ridiculous. We've called both the Hyatt and CMR housing and no one seems to be able to answer our question. Will I be included or not?

Regardless, we're happy to pay for me each morning since 10.99 equals what we would likely be paying for both of us every morning anyway, we just want some clarity.

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Hotel Booking next Week (~1/16)
« on: January 10, 2019, 07:37:01 PM »
Same here, is that the earliest time block? I haven't seen anything earlier than that.

That is just how fanime hotels roll. Many Congoers will go in groups and stuff as many people as possible into a single room to save cost, beds be damned. Of course, having 10 people in a room is a safety hazard should there be a fire or some other emergency, but as long as they are within safety regulations they allow for there to be more people then the beds can hold. The vast majority of congoers are aware of how this goes and decide if they want to shell out the cash for a less occupied room or (more likely given the limited number of rooms available) room up and save cash. It is not like they are swindling anyone though, they are quite clear with what the rooms offer, so I don't see any issue. I don't know why their reputation would be affected by allowing their customers to room how they please (within safety standards), and even if was affected, I am quite positive their reputation would already be ruined for allowing congoers in their facility (see Rainfurrest).

As for a single King being occupied by 4 people, that is pushing it for sure, but most years we have 3 people in a king bed easily enough, and most rooms have a couch or armchair that can be occupied by another person. Most people I room up with will bring a sleeping bag as well, should they not want to share a bed.
I suspect the room with a rollaway only allowing 3 people also has to do with safety regulations. Id imagine those regulations are based on available floor space, and with the added bed that floor space is reduced.

I would tell your roommate to bring a cot/sleeping bag. I have never had or heard any issues with using one. If they are really concerned, they should just roll it back up after using it.

Thank you, I wasn't 100% if what I was reading was accurate. I was hoping the hotel simply wouldn't do that and wanted someone in the forums to confirm if they've in fact heard of or experienced such a room situation. Since this option isn't going to work for my group, we were lucky enough to have set up a back up plan. The positive in all of this is anyone on the waiting list will likely get a happy surprise in a few days once we drop the room 😁

That's the thing, we didn't get a junior suite. There were 4 options with the marriott: king with rollaway, double bed room, junior suite and then a king room with no rollaway. The website and CMR customer service rep confirmed that the room can hold 4 people. So again, are they expecting 4 people to sleep on one bed or are 2 people sleeping on the floor???

Exactly.  It's a single king but the fire regulation occupancy for the room is four.

Why on earth would a hotel chain that is arguably just as well known as the Hilton allow 4 people to a single king bedded room? *sigh* I know that there was another option for a king with a rollaway which only allowed 3 people in occupancy, so why would it make any sense for a hotel to allow 4 to an option that is minus a rollaway? People "room stuff" with sometimes enough ppl to double a rooms occupancy, but that's without the hotels knowledge in most cases. I'm sorry, it just makes no logical sense.

With the way this worked out, 2 of my roommates will be paying $104 plus our shared taxes and fees to sleep on the floor and one would argue the hotel staff would be upset if they used anything resembling a cot or sleeping bag *eye roll*

the Jr suites have a pull out bed but they only have 8 of those

That's the thing, we didn't get a junior suite. There were 4 options with the marriott: king with rollaway, double bed room, junior suite and then a king room with no rollaway. The website and CMR customer service rep confirmed that the room can hold 4 people. So again, are they expecting 4 people to sleep on one bed or are 2 people sleeping on the floor???

Has anyone used this option before and knows if they have a pull out bed? Call me crazy, but I can't imagine the Marriott hotel allowing/assuming 4 people could sleep in a single king bed??? Am I wrong?

Hotel and Facilities / Questions regarding Marriott hotel suites
« on: January 13, 2018, 03:59:45 PM »
The Fanime website is doing me no favors right now. I have 4 people including myself going to Fanime 2018 this year and we wanted to splurge and get a suite; my question is, why does the Fanime website show a junior suite with a king bed at the Marriott hotel for 4 people? If I buy this option, does it allow a suite with 2 double beds instead? Or perhaps does it entitle you to both rooms located inside that first door found at the end of the hallway on each Marriott floor?

Hotel and Facilities / 2018 Hotel Registration times?
« on: January 11, 2018, 10:25:18 AM »
Just curious, what is the earliest time given for registration this year? I just received my email and it states Wednesday 1/17 at 1pm. I registered within a half hour of trying once it was open to do so. Is Wednesday the earliest day or does anyone have an earlier date?

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Marriott's Clean Room Contest
« on: June 01, 2017, 04:28:32 PM »
Same here, I even called my mother because my grandparents owned a motel for 10+ years to get some tips on how I could up my game lol. I imagine many of us qualified and they are probably going to just do a raffle of the 50+ possible cleanest rooms.

Hotel and Facilities / Re: ?Hotel Waitlist?
« on: May 09, 2017, 08:28:01 PM »
A lot of the hotel rooms got released. We finally jumped to a room within walking distance. There's still hope for those of you still waiting! I can't believe it's moving still in may!

Hotel and Facilities / Re: ?Hotel Waitlist?
« on: April 30, 2017, 08:02:35 PM »
Does anyone know if the waitlist is even moving? I got on there by day 3, I can't imagine why it would take this long to just get within a block of Fanime. Did people buy up multiple rooms and scalp them
There are just that many people that attend nowdays that hotels are near impossible to get :/
I just can't imagine that. Because Fanime staff flubbed on letting ppl know on Twitter by two whole days (they only announced registration on facebook) my friends and I were pushed to very early AM on day 3 of hotel registration. Just last year I had a friend on the waitlist and she got bumped into a room by April 10th and this year the registration was by that same method.

I get that the con is getting more popular, but I've branched out a bit and cons with almost double the patrons don't have this big of an issue with their hotel systems.

*heavy sigh* I just hope for a miracle at this point.

Hotel and Facilities / Re: ?Hotel Waitlist?
« on: April 30, 2017, 08:42:14 AM »
Does anyone know if the waitlist is even moving? I got on there by day 3, I can't imagine why it would take this long to just get within a block of Fanime. Did people buy up multiple rooms and scalp them

Omg! I'm glad I found this gathering! My husband and I will be cosplaying Kunzite and Ziosite from the original Sailor Moon series and we would love to be a part of this gathering!

Good day my cosplay brethren lol!

This is CosplayDevotee aka Affliction asking for some help in locating video that was taken of my batman Cosplay group on Sunday of Fanime 2015.

I've been pouring over multiple videos posted on YouTube from that weekend and have yet to locate it. The videographer was a broad shouldered Caucasian man with a red or brown beard and hair which hopefully in the world of Cosplay videographers narrows it down a little? Maybe?

We were a group of Joker, Harley Quinn, poison ivy and two face in the main hallway. After he took a few pan shots he stated it would be posted on YouTube and got swallowed by the crowd before we could ask his name. I know this is a long shot but if anyone knows who this might have been and where to locate his work if possible, we'd very much appreciate it!

Well, despite the deadline having past, my group can meet up with you anytime for pictures!  :D Feel free to contact me as we near the convention dates and we can work out a day and time

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