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Saturday afternoon and evening: Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk

I snapped one at the Disney Gathering
That wasn't me since I had a purple dress shirt and dress pants on.

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Fanime 2014 Hotel Review
« on: June 02, 2014, 04:20:08 PM »
Hotel Stayed: San Jose Airport Garden Hotel
Nights Stayed: Wednesday night to Monday Morning
Amenities: 2 Double beds and one coffee machine
Helpfulness of Staff: At the front desk in person yes but when it comes to using the phones in the room then no
Roomshares?: Just me and my g/f
Pros of Hotel:
  • Friendly front desk staff who gives helpful information about where restaurants and shops are located.
  • Convenient to the VTA even though it requires a fee but we could get to the convention easily rather than taking the shuttle
  • Nice Pool and Spa
Cons of Hotel:
  • Phones were broken. I tried contacting the front desk when there was disturbance Monday morning at 2 am but phones weren't working.
  • Wi-fi is kind of slow
  • Housekeeping service was kind of poor
  • Lack of power outlets
  • Unclear TV channels
  • Wallpaper in bathroom is peeling off
Would You Stay Again: If I plan on going to Fanime in the future, I won't be staying at this hotel.
Recommendations/Suggestions/Misc: Bring a cooler for drinks and a power strip for charging electronic devices.

Thank you all for attending this shoot. I was expecting some Street Fighter cosplayers to join to outnumber SNK but this year we had the upper hand.


I had an awesome time at the shoot. Thanks again. Hopefully next time I plan to go to Fanime, I will probably have a Yamcha(Red Ribbon Army Arc variant), Ninja Murasaki, or Goku ready.

I had a blast this year. Thanks again. Not sure when the next time I want to go to Fanime since it has been one of my favorite conventions but I will let you guys know.


I am looking for pictures of me and my girlfriend(who cosplayed as Honey from Fighting Vipers on Friday, Sonic on Saturday, and Yunomi(Dragon ball fan character on Sunday).)

Thursday: Terry Bogard from the King of Fighters(Fatal Fury 2 variant/ KoF 94-02, XII, and XIII)
Friday Morning to Afternoon: Sie Kensou (King of Fighters XII/XIII variant)
Friday Afternoon to Evening: Parappa the Rapper
Saturday Morning to Afternoon and late afternoon: Little Mac from Punch Out(Smash Bros. variant)
Saturday afternoon and evening: Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk
Sunday: Yamcha from Dragon Ball (Turtle School Variant)

*random bumps*
We are getting closer to Fanime. Who's ready?

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Fanime 2014 Roommate thread
« on: May 13, 2014, 08:22:17 PM »
+ San Jose Airport Garden Hotel

Roommates Wanted:

+ Introduction: Hi there my name is Ed, I am 32, and this will be my 6th Fanime. My girlfriend and I will be sharing a room but we are looking for some room mates that are 18 and over. Limit is 4. So far I heard from 2 friends that will only stay from Thursday-Friday.
+ Hotel Information: San Jose Airport Garden Hotel
                            1740 North First Street
                            San Jose, CA 95112
Check in: Wednesday (for all the early birds even though Fanime starts Thursday. We probably won't be in the room most of the time on Wednesday.)
Check Out: Monday
+ Costs: The estimated cost is $529.70 so the cost is between $92 per person. I accept cash and paypal. You are responsible for the extra hotel fees such as room service. Please send in your payments by Day 1.
+ Requirements:
        -For all the smokers, please smoke at a smoking area not in the room.
        -Please bring your sleeping bags if you want to sleep on the floor or if you are not comfortable sharing a bed. Please no making out.
        -Respect others
        -Stay Clean
        -No drugs and alcohol
        -Please no loud noises such as loud talking, loud music or loud TV after 10 since people are trying to sleep
        -I suggest keeping your luggage at a corner of the room
        -Any questions please let me know.
+ Contact: My email is countedmetal@gmail.com or you can add me on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/countedmetal
+ Miscellaneous: You are more than welcome to bring your gaming consoles(I wouldn't recommend it since it's an anime con not a hotel con) and snacks to share with all of us. For those that plan to bring a gaming console you are responsible for it.

Your Name of gathering/event: Capcom vs. SNK
Your Changes to gathering/event info: None
Your Possible attendee count: 6 checked in (5 at cosplay.com, 1 on fanime forums)
Your Gathering/event photography order:
Non Fighting Game Characters (Capcom vs. SNK)
Fighting Game Characters (Capcom vs. SNK)
Face-off (Capcom vs. SNK)
Other Request

I will be bringing Turtle Hermit Yamcha for this shoot.

Going do Billy Coen and Dan from killer 7.
Just to let you know there will only be one Capcom vs. SNK Gathering and I am not hosting a second one. So I put question marks under your name for now.

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Capcom vs. SNK 2014
« on: April 29, 2014, 06:04:28 AM »
I should have done this earlier but have been super busy as of late. Anyway I haven't hosted a Capcom vs. SNK shoot in a while since no one is hosting one this year I decided to go ahead and host the shoot. All Capcom and SNK characters are welcome and it doesn't have to be fighting games. FYI if you think this is the Attack on Titan shoot then this is not the shoot for you. This SNK creates awesome games like Metal Slug, Samurai Spirits, Crystalis, and of course the mother of all SNK Fighters *drumroll* The King of Fighters.

Date: Friday
Time: 3 PM
MP: G8c
Location: G8c
DJ: Me

Street Fighter
maweeah(cos.com): Sakura
Lexy(cos.com): Chun Li (Street Fighter IV Alternate Black Costume)

LunarMatique(cos.com): Strider Hiryu

Killer 7
striderhiryu(?): Dan

Resident Evil
striderhiryu(?): Billy Coen


The King of Fighters
CountMetal(cos.com/FF): Sie Kensou (KoF XIII)
Mike(FB[FVGCU]): Mai Shiranui
23rdBreak: Kyo Kusanagi
23rdBreak's friend: Iori Yagami
BSaphire: Mature

Samurai Spirits
The Merchant(cos.com): Kuroko

Shoot Listing:
Non Fighting Game Characters (Capcom vs. SNK)
Fighting Game Characters (Capcom vs. SNK)
Face-off (Capcom vs. SNK)
Other Request

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

I don't know if there will be more than one fighting game gathering this year, if there is an extra gathering on a Sunday or Saturday, I am thinking about bringing Jann Lee from Dead Or Alive in his DOA 2 Hardcore Bouncer Outfit instead of Todoh depending on what time the other cosplay shoots are.

My girlfriend will be cosplaying as Honey from Fighting Vipers.

Usually I don't cosplay at the final day of the con or I don't show up that day.

Did you guys figure out the time and place for this shoot because I am planning to host a Capcom vs. SNK shoot before this one.

Name of Gathering: Capcom vs. SNK Gathering
Date & Time: 3 PM
Location: G8c
Possible Attendance: 5+
Photography Order:
-Non Fighting Game Characters
-Fighting Game Characters
-Face-off: Capcom vs. SNK
-Other Requests
Same Gathering NEW HOST

As long as it doesn't interfere with the Fighting Game Shoot, I am thinking about cosplaying as Bruce Banner.

I am planning on bringing my ipod and speakers with me for this shoot if you guys want some music for this shoot.

I hope to make it this year since Fanime is one of my favorite West Coast Cons. If I end up going I am either thinking about bringing Parappa the Rapper, Sie Kensou(KoF XIII), or Ryuhaku Todoh(Art of Fighting)

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