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hey guys Rukazu here!  I'll be there as Miko this year!  I'll also try and bring my megaphone just in case!
I'll be there as Asbel!  I couldn't get him last year, but this year i'm going to do it!
I'll be there as Yu Narukami for the midnight gathering!  For those of you that don't know, i'm the one that had the golf club last time, and this time i plan on bringing the katana!
I know this is a bit late, but I'll be going as the Riddler as well this year!
I'll most likely be going as eikishiki again!
Sorry this is really last min but you guys this year will have a Shikieiki!  Just finishing up the final touches on my costume.  In case people are wondering, i was the lyrica who ran the gathering last year, and since we have a large group i'm willing to help out again if you guys want
i'll probably be there as Emperor Lelouch again, this time I'll have the artbook variation and crazy CLAMP kite hat
hey kannazuki, its Rukazu again.  i'm also thinking saturday is probably best as well, i actually plan to bring the artbook costume for lelouch, and there is a high chance that i'll have an empress C.C. as well
can you put me down as Sergeant Kane Fury?  it'll be my first full metal alchemist gathering at Fanime!
i can make it as austria again, please put me down as well!
i shall attend the gathering as Lyrica Prismriver
i also am posting pictures of fanime and the gathering on deviantart here:
@KyraEnsui, yeah i was that Austria.  the canada is one of my buddies as well.  i originally said i'd be japan, but i decided to switch at the last minute.  its funny because both of us are from So Cal, yet we ended up running and directing this gathering in Nor Cal, oh well, glad to be of service.  We were wondering where the person who organized it was and when noon hit, i thought, 'ah screw waiting around for the original organizer, i'll take over' but yeah i was practically baking in my coat, plus my voice was all raspy from the day before, but a cosplayer has to endure hardships for the rest of the fans yes?
i was also wondering if we should have a list of pictures we want to do, since this is a huge gathering, i propose that we all line up around the area we are going to take pictures and individual people will come up and rotate so as to not crowd the area

i think we should start with this:

Axis powers

Allied Forces

Face off

war of Austrian succession

Seven years war

Cold war

groups shots

Soviet Union
Neutral nations
Asian nations
European nations/EU

pairings (het)


Pairings (homo)

so on and so forth

and as per tradition at the end of the gathering we should all sing the MKC and make a toast with our boots
i suppose i can pull out my lelouch costume for this gathering, the code geass guys are designed by CLAMP after all
@ hikari_midorichan,

i actually posted this a page back but here it is again:

i definitely want to do the stab scene at the end, i have a special plan of how to renact that, but its going to be a bit hard....

i have my chess board, so zero and schnizel can play chess,

kallen punch between black knights kallen and Knight of seven suzaku KALLEN PUNCH!!

Zero's 'harem'

the wedding scene with the chinese federation

i have a spare pizza box and we can do pizza hut scenes, i did one at ALA and it was hilarious

euphie's knighting of suzaku

also going back and checking the cosplay forums, i think we are up to 65 people for the gathering!
it was an idea that was thrown around by a few people at this point, there's more possibility of a pizza luncheon than the cosplay chess.  but yes, since the masquerade is taking place saturday night, i think it'll be nice to have dinner with everybody before that
thanks, but i'm actually still relatively new to cons and gatherings, this is my first time trying to organize a gathering, but i have had experience organizing events for clubs and stuff like that

i spoke to kannazuki and she says she doesn't have the sword, i may find one at the swap meet...hopefully
@azuru. yeah will have to set up a location that would easy, perhaps like at the intersection or something like that.  but yes, when i plan for cons and events, i try and think of everything possible and cover all the bases.

And this is for anyone else reading this forum.  I'm planning to do a reenactment of the last scene in code geass, i was wondering does anyone have that purple sword that suzaku stabs lelouch with?  just curious