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Hi again all!

So, given the feedback we've gotten so far, the plan as of now will be to save all P5 spoiler photos until after the main gathering, once anyone who would like to avoid spoilers can disperse. That way anyone who's excited about P5 and wants to take photos will have the chance to, but hopefully we can minimize spoilers during the main gathering.

There will always be a risk of getting spoiled by accident, however, so if you're really worried about it, we're very sorry, but we recommend saving your attendance for next year. It sucks to have to implement that policy, but we can't control everyone who shows up, and there's a risk of a passing troll yelling a spoiler or overhearing other people nearby talking about the game. If you're not worried, then please swing on by! We'd love to have as many people as possible and it's regrettable that the game didn't come out in Feb like it was supposed to so more people would have been able to finish it by Fanime.

Thanks all! (I'll be there as either winter uniform Akira or Futaba, haven't quite decided yet!)
Hi all! I haven't quite decided what I'll be bringing to this gathering yet although I'm leaning toward Joker from P5.

That said, I'll be helping Ariel with running this thing, and we've got a very important question for you all. There's a poll on the FB page (found here: but if you don't have or use FB, here's what we need to know:

Should we allow Persona 5 spoiler shots at this gathering?

Please keep in mind the following:

  • We would save the spoiler shots until probably the very end of the gathering so anyone who does not want to be spoiled can leave.
  • Even if we decide not to allow spoiler shots, this will NOT necessarily prevent you from being spoiled if you attend this gathering. Sometimes there may be ambient conversation about the game that you happen to overhear, someone might jump up to a photo without considering that their participation in that group (i.e. dead characters or villains) might be considered a spoiler, there might be cosplays that are a spoiler in some way, and there's a not-unreasonable chance that some jerk may decide to just yell a spoiler if they see the gathering as they walk past.
tl;dr: Even if you vote no, if you want to 100% guarantee you will not be spoiled, we recommend you reconsider attending this gathering. We would love all the cosplayers we can get, but would rather people not have a fantastic game ruined for them, even by accident. We as organizers will do our best to avoid spoiling people, but mistakes happen and we unfortunately cannot control everyone who shows up. Please consider all these factors in your vote.

Thanks everyone, your input is greatly appreciated! We're excited to see you all there!!
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Guests for Fanimecon 2017
February 19, 2017, 02:19:42 PM
I just played through FFXV and I'd love to see some of the English cast here! Ray Chase and Robbie Daymond seem like they've been putting in a few appearances at cons lately, and Darin de Paul also seems like a really nice guy. They all have multiple credits outside of FFXV, too, i.e. Darin is Reinhardt from Overwatch, Robbie will be in Persona 5, etc.
Quote from: AdriaticCosplay on April 12, 2016, 06:32:06 PM
This gathering is right after another gathering I intend to go to, so I'll probably attempt to hurry back to my hotel and quick change into Dancing All Night Rise. Unfortunately I'll very likely show up late. If you're doing shots in order of character, would it be possible for me to request to delay the Rise shots by doing all the other P4 characters before her? (X ~ X ; )

I'm also interested in the midnight gathering since I'm missing part of the main gathering, but the last time I attended the midnight one we posed for two shots and it was declared over. I found it to be very disappointing (especially since I had gotten out of my pajamas back into cosplay!), will this year be the same? I understand it's more of a social gathering, but I'd hope for a chance to do more photos if I'm going to be attending in cosplay. :/

Hi there! We could try to delay some of the P4 shots entirely by just doing the SMT shots before the Persona ones (which I personally think is probably best; Persona 3/4 is usually most of the gathering and we definitely want to make sure that anyone who shows up from other series gets some time in the limelight as well) but the timing all depends very highly on who shows up and how many different characters/series we have, so I can't make any promises there. If you show up late, come find one of us and let us know, and we will find a way to make sure you get in a photo.

The midnight gathering is along the same lines, unfortunately: how we do it depends on who shows up. If there's a lot of people there who couldn't make it to the daytime gathering, we can spend more time on photos, but it also depends on how many photographers show up, too. We sort of have to play that one by ear. I have submitted a request for a midnight gathering since there was a decent amount of interest, so I'll update this thread again if and when I hear back.

As a general PSA: the advice above applies to anyone else who shows up at this gathering, too! As much as G and I would love to have infinite time to play all Atlus games, we haven't gotten through all of them and are not always familiar with your character/game. So if you show up as one of the more "obscure" Atlus games and we somehow miss you when we're calling up series/characters, please, PLEASE let us know!! We're familiar enough with most of the SMT/Persona games and we do our best to include everyone who shows up in at least a few photos, but we only have so much time for games and would appreciate it if you spoke up because we don't want to leave you out! Please also show up with photo ideas if you can, we'll try our best to come up with some shots on our own but if we don't know your game we don't always have the best idea of what you'd like to do. The "Requests" part of the gathering is a great time to pester us.

We hate seeing gatherings where characters get called up for group shots and then ignored the rest of the time, so make sure we know you're there!
Hi everyone, update time! Our gathering will be on Saturday, from 2-3 PM, at location G4. (G4 is "The Hub", aka the stage area on the 1st floor, in the alcove. It's straight ahead if you walk through the main lobby of the con center and between the two staircases, same place as the last few years.)

And the next question: is there interest in a midnight gathering? It looks like I may need to submit a separate form for it, and I want to make sure there is legitimate interest before I schedule something. Please let me know! We'll probably schedule it for Saturday night.
Hi everybody! I'm Line, one half of your hosts. I'll be attending this year as either Raidou from Devil Summoner or Kanami from P4D, most likely! I submitted our gathering request form and hopefully will be hearing back with an official time soon, and I also requested that we set up a midnight gathering again, if there is interest in that. (For those of you joining us for the first time, our midnight gathering at Fanime tends to be more of a brief social meetup than a gathering proper.) Please let us know if you'd like that to be set up!

For those of you with Facebook, we've created an event here: that you can RSVP to as well.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!!
Hi everybody! I will be returning to help G-Force out with running both these gatherings. I'm undecided as to what I'll be attending as for the day gathering, but at the midnight gathering I'll have a group of palette 16 recolors from P4 Ultimax. c: Looking forward to seeing you all there!
I'm helping out G-Force with running the SMT/Persona gathering, URL is here:,19976.0.html
Hey guys!  I hope people are still checking this, but just to clear up the confusion:

There WILL be at King's Game tonight (as in Saturday) at 8 PM in the "Fan Events" room on the second floor of the Fairmont Hotel.  There will also be a regular photoshoot-type midnight gathering in the same place as the day gathering (G4) at 11:59 pm tonight!  Hope you guys can make it!!
Sorry for the delay in checking in, planning for this con has been pretty weird this year.

Anyway, my friend and I will either be showing up as Raidou and Victor from Devil Summoner, or Sho and Shadow Souji from P4U2.  Haven't decided yet, I guess we'll see...
Quote from: Kyra_Maverick on February 05, 2014, 07:55:06 PM
If you were wanting to wait until February 31st, you'd be waiting for all eternity.

I really have no clue what you mean by this.  My job pays me weekly, so originally I would have had a few more weeks to save up, as opposed to feeling like I had to do it immediately so I could have a chance at getting a hotel room.  I intended to register before the first price jump.

Quote from: Kyra_Maverick on February 05, 2014, 07:55:06 PM
As for refunds I am not staff so I cannot comment, but I find it unlikely. However you probably can change your single reg into a group reg if you email CMR when the rest of your group has the money.

I don't mean to sound rude here, but I asked in this thread because I wanted a response from Fanime staff and this seemed one of the easier venues to do it.  I would email CMR but I doubt they have the ability to make exceptions without Fanime's input.  Since they're a third party company, I'm hedging my bets that they would probably just parrot the "no refunds" policy back at me, hence my post here.
Question: I know you're outsourcing your registration to another company and their+your policy is "no refunds", but I'm curious as to whether or not I might be able to get a refund for my pre-reg anyway?  I was not at all financially prepared to drop the $55 on pre-registration just yet since I have other expenses coming up shortly this month, but the now-retracted policy of requiring registration before a hotel reservation forced my hand since I will definitely need a hotel room.  I was also hoping to set up a group reg, but since the members of my group were also not prepared to pre-register just yet, I had to register individually.  I'm pretty unhappy that his policy was changed so abruptly and so soon before hotel registration opens, so is there any way we can make some kind of exception to this "no refunds" rule?  I would obviously be re-registering later, but I was budgeting for having until Feb 31st (whoops) the end of Feb to do it, not Feb 10th.
I think the GoogleDoc is both a good and bad idea, mostly bad unless it's used in conjunction with a discussion thread.  Keeping track of several new threads is tough, but people are going to keep making them as long as existing threads are continually being locked and there's no centralized place where they can discuss their concerns with other people.  Who knows, maybe other congoers will be able to respond to their concerns, and it'll be one less form you guys have to deal with.

I also want to just point out that the "Ideas and Suggestions" thread is in a subforum where the header is titled, "Participate, Join, Create", which is pretty oxymoronic if no one can participate.
Hi everyone!  Just sticking my head in long enough to thank you all for two successful gatherings this year.  I really appreciate everyone who was super patient during King's Game, we had a LOT more players than we expected but I think given that, it went pretty smoothly.

As G-Force said above, we'll be running King's Game at AX as well, if any of you will be in attendance.  If you have photos, please link them here and also head over to our FB page and send us whatever you've got there, as well!

Thank you again!  You all looked incredible.
Quote from: Redstarship on May 20, 2013, 06:11:39 PM
Hey! Since there's still question marks on who I'm gonna cosplay, I am confirming that I will be cosplaying The Reaper for the day gathering! (just finished it today! :) )

Also it would still be awesome if someone could accompany me in my sheep and reaper costumes. I CANNOT see in them and absolutely need a handler. I do have a friend of mine than can help, but I don't want her to be chained to me all weekend (esp. since we're not even cosplaying from the same series). I figure if any of your are from the same series, I hope it's cool if I can have some assistance. ^^'

And yeah, as for Midnight Gathering/King's Game, I won't be able to make it. I have other plans! )X

I'm afraid I can't fill the spot since I'll be trying to run the show, but you might want to clarify: do you mean you need a handler for just the gathering, a day, or the whole weekend?  The likelihood of finding someone for the latter two is probably fairly low, Fanime's usually an incredibly busy con for people who are running around doing multiple costume changes per day/attending a bunch of events, and especially on Saturday and Sunday.  You could try offering to comp them lunch or something in exchange, but I know most cosplayers have a lot going on over the weekend.
First post has been updated with all the new attendees!

Once more, I'd like to remind people: please try and let me know if you'll be making it to the Midnight Gathering, even if you're just a maybe!  For King's Game I have to prepare a bunch of chopsticks, so I need to have at least some idea of the headcount.
Depending on what time, I will try to be there as Naegi and I'll have a Kirigiri with me, too!
Whoa, sorry about that!  Should be fixed now, I'm just terrible at forum coding. 

The convention center has undergone a ton of renovations since last year, so the layout is considerably different than in 2012.  Basically, G4 is on the first floor of the center, if you're in the lobby you go straight ahead between the two staircases, and (from what I understand) there will be a large open area.  I wouldn't worry too much, as long as you get to the general vicinity we should probably be easy to spot, we usually have quite a number of cosplayers that show up each year.
Apologies for the double post, but we have an update!

We have an official space for our round of King's Game, conveniently located in the same spot as our Day Gathering.  The Midnight Gathering will be happening on Saturday night at 11:59 pm, in location G4!

Please, please, please let us know if you will be showing up and how many people will be with you, since I will need to prepare the numbered chopsticks before this event.  Depending on how many people show up, we may have to play in teams or something similar.
Hi again everyone!  The first post should be updated with everyone and their potential costumes.  Please let me know if I missed anyone, or if you're bringing any group members that might have other SMT/Persona cosplays.

As G said, the chances of us getting a whole separate room for King's Game is looking increasingly slim, so I just shot a message to BSaphire and asked her about available spaces where we won't cause fire hazards.  If we can't get one, we'll likely just hold a photoshoot like usual, and hang around afterward if people feel like it.