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At Metal Matsuri in London I was asked by Zeroshiki who they would contact as they heard of FanimeCon and were interested in playing the con.

I have contacts/resources for many of the bands including the guys who ran Metal Matsuri (who have done a few events in the US).

If I were going to recommend a band, I'd recommend one of the two more recent/hot bands these days: Zettai Club or IRONBUNNY.

This was released the night I saw Saki/Mary's Blood in London... she's so cool...
Instead of bands that have already been here, I'm going to suggest the cool ones that most people don't know (YET!):


(Vocalist Geno from Everset, Bass NATCHIN from SIAM-SHADE, Guitar by Mi-ya from LOVEBITES/a Drop of Joker)


From -
QuoteCiting influences that include Iron Maiden, Anthrax and Sodom, band leader and bass-player miho comments, "I really wanted to perform heavy metal in a band with other women, and create the kind of music that even non-metal fans would say 'wow, metal is so cool' about. That's why I created LOVEBITES. I'd love to do so many great things with the band, and THE LOVEBITES EP is the first step for that."

The members of LOVEBITES are no strangers to the music industry. Founding members miho and haruna have been session musicians for a number of top acts, and were originally part of the popular all-girl metal band DESTROSE. Vocalist asami – who has been doing classical ballet since the age of two, and studied jazz and hip hop dance in the United States of America – has toured as backing vocalist for the likes of VAMPS (JPN) and UVERworld; guitarist midori has been signed to a major Japanese label where she built a reputation for the speed of her guitar solos; mi-ya has been playing piano since the age of three and is also in a band with SIAM SHADE's bass-player called 21g.
I saw them perform in November and they were so polished/professional despite playing together live for the first time that I came away impressed and think within a year they will be huge/many people will know of them.


Chay was in Terrace House and has done some really great music (produced by Koichi Tabo!) In November I saw her perform the song above as well as a great cover of "Let it Be" by the Beatles & "Isn't She Lovely" as part of a Stevie Wonder Medley performed by her, Crystal Kay, Toshinobu Kubota, Daisuke Mori and a guy from Triceratops which I'm blanking on his name...).

I went to a concert in Japan in November (on "Culture Day") called @JAM. You can see pictures of @JAM here -

I had a ticket lined up for a really cool DJ event the night before for a CD Release Party for the album "I <3 Tokyo for Anime Music Lovers", but I was dead tired and fell asleep... woke up more tired than when I took a nap! It ran from 11:30pm-5am... so I would have been dead for @JAM, so at least I got rest for that. :)

I saw LiSA for the first time live at @JAM and I'm now a HUGE fan! The music is great and her encore song is so much fun live... it's similar to making the hand gestures for the song YMCA, but it's spelling LISA instead. The whole band does it and everyone loves it. You can see a video of it here from her performance at AFA the weekend after:

She puts on a great live show and I would definitely see her again if she came to any con on the west coast. Right now people only know her from her music for Angel Beats (and now doing the OP for Fate/Zero), but I expect in the next few years she'll really grow in popularity and gather quite the fan base. I'd love for her to perform locally at Fanime, but I'll take what I can get. :)
Here's my favorite image from Fanime with Momoi:

Hmm... that's from the Honolulu Festival. It's on this drive here somewhere...

Hmm... not it either... that's from Tokyo Game Show...

Aha, there it is. The group photo pic from Monday. Thanks to all the staffers and attendees who came out from all over the globe to be here and make this one of the best cons in a while that we've been to.
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: The hug line
May 28, 2009, 12:07:12 AM
If I wasn't busy with the Japanese Momoists (well, Momoists and Momoi-related event stuff - one of the Japanese Momoists who flew out from the Osaka area stayed at my house), and I had nothing better to do, I THOUGHT about doing the Deluxe Hugs thing right next to that line and quoting the video to see if anyone got it...  :D if you don't know what I'm talking about.
Thanks Dani! Thanks to everyone else here as well, on staff or attendees, for making the effort we all spent worthwhile. A lot of people were involved and I think it was one hell of a con this year.

Right now, I'm just happy we got her locally. If we can do it again - that's great! Otherwise I'm just happy we finally made it happen, after 11 years of chatting about it.
Was looking forward to attending this panel, but I ended up going to Anime North with the Japanese/US Momoist group. ($139 each way via Air Canada from SFO to Toronto) They claimed to have numbers rivaling Fanime last year, but this year it seemed about 1/3rd less people than Fanime last year. I don't have exact numbers to back that up, though.

I did enjoy the panel last year though and if I stayed home and went to Fanime, I would have been there. My friend Victor did go and mentioned they looked through someone's hard drive folders for stuff to look at and there was a "Momoi" folder, but they didn't open it. Ah well. :) I"m curious what was in there.

There's always next year... now if I could just get the con staff to get Momoi there... :)