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Quote from: Zelyhon on May 25, 2016, 02:17:42 AM
Yes, Swap Meet buyers on Thursday can still be badgeless, as usual.

I have a couple of friends that want to sell at a space but missed the registration deadline. Is Thursday still First-Come-First-Serve with paperwork as it has been in past Swap Meets?
Gaming / Re: Who got BB:CS?
September 28, 2010, 01:42:53 AM
SJSU this Saturday is holding a tournament event in the Computer Science Club, MQH 227. Entry is 6$, 3 for one single game, 3$ venue fee for future events.

For more info, go here:!-%CE%B3-3-Monthly-Ranbats
I share mduo13's sentiments about bringing Asakawa Yuu after meeting her at AX. She's such a charming person.

In other news, some ideas:

ZUN - Yet to be invited to a public convention, if I remember correctly.

There's a long list of Seiyuu to be had, but here are some.

Minoru Shiraishi - It's about time this Lucky Star ED guy made an appearance (And I know at least one person that'd be hype).

Tomokazu Sugita - Such a characteristic voice and large amount of sarcasm, definitely worth trying for.

Daisuke Ono - Also a very distinct voice for being the "cool character".

Yui Horie - After a literal 15 minute panel at AX only, I'm convinced fanime can do that much better.

And a couple of illustrators:

Yoshizuki Kumichi - Artist of series Someday's Dreamers and other JP tankobon. Has not made an American appearance yet, IIRC.

KEI - Known for designs of vocaloids and Hatsune Miku in general.

Don't worry about it Suspi. You had a much more important obligation to take care of.

Filled out the form, whatever's convenient for you.
Uhh... so I completely forgot about this.

Gonna post an image here, but won't blame you if you don't have one for me this year, as it is my fault.

Quote from: LordKefka on May 15, 2010, 01:35:31 AM
Oh yeah whoops on that one as well. The topic just got blown out of the water and I forgot... :\

Hopefully you'll figure it out. I honestly did kind of want to say do one of the other and make a sacrifice but it didn't seem like you would buy it in those moments which in turn made the proposed plans I had, 'plan a, b,c etc etc', ultimately into 'plan fail' =_=;

Well I contacted a lot of my resources and I can get a body double for the meet floor apparently. I'm only curious now as to when the event actually starts.

Thanks for your concern nevertheless. I was fueled by rage because I heard rumors about this 3 months ago and seeing it so suddenly and so soon tripped me up.
How soon will the performance start on Friday? Or has the time yet to be finalized?
Quote from: LordKefka on May 15, 2010, 01:18:44 AM
Either way, he's upset and I'm trying to think of a way for it to work out since he's obviously upset enough to make a topic about it.

Well actually my initial reaction put me on overload that this was made a thread by being spliced by a mod.

Stepping back and taking a deep breath helps.

If anything, can a time which the Friday concert occurs be posted so people can plan. Reading back on my own arguments for the past few hours made me realize how illogical I am sounding. Apologizes for TYPE-A raging.

Quote from: LordKefka on May 15, 2010, 12:54:58 AM
Since you want to go to the FLOW concert, can you check in your spot then pay someone you know like a percentage of what you make as a sacrifice to go watch the concert? Yet another possibility..>_>;

That's an idea I considered too for all sellers, but the bloody time frame isn't posted either, and processing time will make it ambiguous further down the list.
I'm up for solutions here. The main concern I have is simply the fact that selling in the swap meet, because of the extremely late announcement time, kills you from being able to go to the FLOW concert. It matters not what you think people will do with their spaces; they could be selling as an occasional seller leisure of collection, but also maybe because times are tough and they need the money back--these reasonings don't matter. Fanime provides a place to sell, trade, and barter, and it ends there; reasoning for why people do it is moot, and up until yesterday people that were confirmed to sell planned accordingly.

It feels like people were given the belief they could sell on a relatively empty day as noted in the programming on the website, only to be met with a guest of such popularity out of nowhere to tease.

FLOW is a humongous influence, and the choice was made such that Swap Meet attendees cannot go because of last minute events. Some sort of definitive time change is in order, or at the very least such that swap meet isn't absolutely overshadowed.

I've been going to this convention for what is now 6 years. I've come to accept sudden schedule changes, but you don't see the point; people made plans to ship/bring and sell their goods in what they believed to be an extremely good place to do it, as expected, the more often Friday swap meet. After locking in all the registration for the spaces and planning for the event, putting one of the biggest names into a concert that overlaps that original planned time ruins the fans that are expecting for swap meet. If this was an afternoon performance, sure, that would be considerate to those prepared for it. However, just utterly eclipsing those prepared in the first place hurts them and their sales potential. People use the money from Swap to buy things from other swap or other parts of convention; this much is true. We're not true dealers, sure. But the money obtained further encourages purchase fandom after events and other services/games that are run there.

You can't tell people how to manage their money, sure. But you can prevent actions that would damage the plans of a hundred with WELL worth's notice.

Gwy: FLOW did Code Geass, Naruto, and a lot of songs people recognize (To be honest, what always boggled my mind is that this is a Anime Convention, yet the artists sometimes every year are so out of Anime scope it's more like J-Rock/Artist Convention). They're absolutely huge. People on every worthy anime blog know who this group is due to the geass phenomenon, and they're just big in general. Holding a concert of someone of this recognizably on top of people that are fans. You have any idea how fast Geass sold in Japan and worldwide? People know of the series so much and this artist's song on high.
Quote from: Acid_Android on May 14, 2010, 11:14:53 PM
Quote from: Chun on May 14, 2010, 10:13:58 PM
Why Friday. WHY. Especially considering Swap Meet registration and selling period. People expected a settle/panel day on Friday. WHO'S IDEA WAS IT TO HAVE MUSICFEST SO LATE-NOTIFIED AND SHIFTED TO THAT DAY. AFTERNOON, OK, THAT WORKS. BUT NIGHT TO THROW OFF THE FOOT-TRAFFIC TO SELLERS?!

Way to screw pre-reg for the rest of us!

[/honest rage]

Uhm, if anyone has been paying attention, we've had MusicFest on Fridays for the past two years that overlapped with the same time that people started lining up for Swap Meet.  And only NOW it becomes problem because our Friday concert has a big band that people have been requesting for a while...?

With a convention of this size, it's only to be expected that some events are going to overlap and/or conflict. Black & White Ball overlaps with my Sunday concert, and does that affect the attendance? Yes, it can, but then again, those are two different events, and the people who are inclined to go to one event may not even consider going to the other one.

I can sympathize with you more than you realize. For as long as I've been with MusicFest, there have always been other events out there that have taken away potential audience members from the concerts, almost to the point where those numbers affected my negotiations for potential guests. It's just something that you have to deal with when you have an event at a convention.

From the replies on the thread, it seems there are SOME people out there who are happy to have another event option for Friday.

As for the late announcement, that is something that can't be discussed, but I can tell you, this took more than a year and a half out of my life to establish and plan in order to make something happen that attendees have been asking for for the past few years.  

This wasn't done to spite Swap Meet but to GIVE THE ATTENDEES WHAT THEY ASKED FOR. >:(

You don't place emphasis in advertising a service that people pay for (Swap Meet) only to mention at the last minute one of the BIGGEST NAMES IN JP MUSIC to kill people out of selling plans. As of now the list of Swap Meet sellers is approximately 200+ including the waiting list; It doesn't matter if it wasn't done to spite Swap Meet.

What you are insinuating is that Swap Meet sellers are not as important as attendees (Who are also attendees), and are not as important in the course of events.

Yes, B&W Ball and Concert are two different things that people must choose from. But these things are freely attend-able, without previous fees planning and registration; show up and go. People that are planning things to sell and preparing paperwork as well as the fees work are not the same level as the events or Panels. Swap meet is money talks. Money.

If this initiative was planned in the first, it should have been announced that much earlier, to prevent misleading registration of the meet in light of possible selling opportunity.
Why Friday. WHY.

Especially considering Swap Meet registration and selling period. People expected a settle/panel day on Friday. People pre-registered to sell goods that day because they know the majority of weekend settlers are there.

Afternoon, ok, that works.

Flow is freaking humongous. People know FLOW everywhere. They are absolutely huge not only in the Anime sense, but the industry sense, and this is going to generate tons of line congestion for pass tickets in general.

This is absolutely messed up, to announce this so late in the game after all the previous formalities. Sure, the finalized schedule is usually late, but this just crosses a line.

Mod edit: split and title rename
Chun: Not that Reasonable, but Thanks Mod.
Gaming / Re: Any Weib Schwarz Players?
March 31, 2010, 03:32:21 AM
So... thread necro. Weiss Schwarz tourney GUYZ?
Last year's call workshop went great; if anything moving the seats might be something to consider this year; if the program guides and the information come out just like last year, I think it's going to be yet another amazing experience.

Also, off-topic but, what's the usage of her fans (The plastic ones) in the concert? Or should they be brought at all?
Live Programming and Events / Re: PC Gaming
March 31, 2010, 03:19:17 AM
I don't particularly play this much, but it seems that League of Legends is on the rise and it's free and account-based. Might be something worth adding.
I had fun... sleeping till 3 PM.

Good to hear everyone had a good time though.
Gaming / Re: Blazblue at SVGL
January 03, 2010, 04:14:39 PM
Somewhat Necro, but SVGL has recently gotten Continuum Shift for 3 credits a play.

In other news, Litchi buffing makes me very happy but somewhat down at the same time.

That is all (>'_')>

Gaming / Re: Any Weib Schwarz Players?
October 01, 2009, 02:55:56 AM
I run predominantly Persona 3/Persona 4 amongst Tsubasa, mduo, Spiritsnare, and ININ, but also own Zero no Tsukaima, Nanoha, IM@S cards.

Probably gunning for P4 trial and booster set as well.

Though a Haruhi trial doesn't sound bad either. I'll have to see what's going on with Nanoha Movie too.

Gaming / Re: Blazblue at SVGL
June 09, 2009, 08:03:43 PM
If an opportunity presents itself, pick your poison.


Best: Kamui
Backup: Mei-Fang
Fun Triple Jump: Lilica