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Why Friday. WHY.

Especially considering Swap Meet registration and selling period. People expected a settle/panel day on Friday. People pre-registered to sell goods that day because they know the majority of weekend settlers are there.

Afternoon, ok, that works.

Flow is freaking humongous. People know FLOW everywhere. They are absolutely huge not only in the Anime sense, but the industry sense, and this is going to generate tons of line congestion for pass tickets in general.

This is absolutely messed up, to announce this so late in the game after all the previous formalities. Sure, the finalized schedule is usually late, but this just crosses a line.

Mod edit: split and title rename
Chun: Not that Reasonable, but Thanks Mod.
Posting this thread before I forget.

Momoi made the con for the lot of us attendees this year, and at autographs at 11AM I was chatting with one of her staff while in line and supposedly if she is invited back again next year they'd definitely come once again.

This is a 364 Day advance request! JUST DO IT!

"The Melody of Hatsune Miku" Fanime 2009 Panel

I really enjoyed hosting the panel for all to see this year, and was very happy with the turnout.

I found out the picture I have doesn't have the "NEGI!" photo, and I'm looking for a copy of the image, as well as any other media.

Also, I remember in the front row a person was filming the entire panel. Does anyone have that person's contact info or way for me to get a copy? I'd like to have it :)

Thank you again and see you next year!

I have been thinking of having a general panel in which addresses the current culture that is vocaloid; some early ideas currently are the beginning of the madness, nicovideo in-jokes and reasoning behind derivative characters (Yowane Haku, Akita Neru), recognizable/early popular fan parodies (I.E. MikuMikuDance App, Chibi Miku-san).

The panel is looking to be somewhat informative, with commentary, and other workings in how the system really works.

I'm thinking that doing this panel alone may be a little intimidating, so I'm looking for some partners to help me with the material.

If pockystix is reading this, this is based off of your original proposal.

Ideas? Comments?

General Anime Chat / Clannad ~After Story~
October 04, 2008, 03:22:40 PM
Watched the first episode. Pure quality. The opening sequence is beautiful and the new OP is great, along with the ED change and artistic take they put on it.

Hella Misae-san. I approve.

Kotomi played a good role in it all, and I chuckled quite a bit.

I had no idea Yoshio was that dramatic either.

I don't think I need to say anything about Furukawa family; they're great enough as is.

Tomoyo service all over the place.

Kyou most of the time.

Overall I'm looking forward to how it pans out.

I'm probably the only one who really cares about Miku around here, but her birth was August 31st, and Sega released info about a game...


General Anime Chat / Fall Season 2008
August 22, 2008, 03:21:50 PM
And yet another season appears when the previous ones are still not yet done.

Randomly Found English Image Here:

Series Looking Forward To:
Kannagi -Crazy Shrine Maidens-
Nodame Cantabile -Paris Chapter-
Clannad -After Story-
Today in Class 5-2 (Though I thought there was already a series run...)
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - OAD

Series That Look Interesting:
Quiz Magic Academy
Tales of The Abyss
Yozakura Quartet
Toaru Majutsu no Index
Tora Dora
Chaos Head

I'll Watch This When I'm Bored:
Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka
Jigoku Shoujo 3


General Anime Chat / Kyoran Kazoku Nikki
August 11, 2008, 01:09:01 PM
I'm finding this show really entertaining. Besides the fact the plot is pretty crazy, the characters are very interesting. On top of the ever-changing alternating ED, a lot of prominent Seiyuu play the episodic characters, some of which were pretty common (Kugimiya Rie, Goto Yuko), and others unexpected (The King of All Cosmos?!).

Anyone else following this one? I'm up to 12.

<3 Shinigami~


CHICAGO - Bernie Mac, the Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated actor and comedian who worked his way to Hollywood success from an impoverished upbringing on Chicago's South Side, died Saturday at age 50.

"Actor/comedian Bernie Mac passed away this morning from complications due to pneumonia in a Chicago area hospital," his publicist, Danica Smith, said in a statement from Los Angeles.

She said no other details were available and asked that his family's privacy be respected.

The comedian suffered from sarcoidosis, an inflammatory lung disease that produces tiny lumps of cells in the body's organs, but had said the condition went into remission in 2005. He recently was hospitalized and treated for pneumonia, which his publicist said was not related to the disease.

Recently, Mac's brand of comedy caught him flack when he was heckled during a surprise appearance at a July fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate and fellow Chicagoan Barack Obama.

Toward the end of a 10-minute standup routine, Mac joked about menopause, sexual infidelity and promiscuity, and used occasional crude language. The performance earned him a rebuke from Obama's campaign.

Always a performer
But despite controversy or difficulties, in his words, Mac was always a performer.

"Wherever I am, I have to play," he said in 2002. "I have to put on a good show."

Mac started his comedy career at age 8, with a standup performance at a church dinner. In 1977, at age 20, he took that act to comedy clubs in Chicago.

His film career started with a small role as a club doorman in the Damon Wayans movie "Mo' Money" in 1992. Mac went on to star in the "Ocean's Eleven" franchise with Brad Pitt and George Clooney and his turn with Ashton Kutcher in 2005's "Guess Who?" — a remake of the Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn 1967 classic "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" — topped the box office.

Mac also had starring roles in "Bad Santa," "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" and "Transformers."

The comedian drew critical and popular acclaim with his Fox television series "The Bernie Mac Show," which aired more than 100 episodes from 2001 to 2006.

The series about a man's adventures raising his sister's three children won a Peabody Award in 2002. At the time, judges wrote they chose the sitcom for transcending "race and class while lifting viewers with laughter, compassion — and cool."

The show garnered Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for Mac. He also was nominated for a Grammy award for best comedy album in 2001 along with his "The Original Kings of Comedy" co-stars, Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley and Cedric The Entertainer.

Planned to retire soon
In 2007, Mac told David Letterman on CBS's "Late Show" that he planned to retire soon.

"I'm going to still do my producing, my films, but I want to enjoy my life a little bit," Mac told Letterman. "I missed a lot of things, you know. I was a street performer for two years. I went into clubs in 1977."

Mac was born Bernard Jeffrey McCullough on Oct. 5, 1957, in Chicago. He grew up on the city's South Side, living with his mother and grandparents. His grandfather was the deacon of a Baptist church.

In his 2004 memoir, "Maybe You Never Cry Again," Mac wrote about having a poor childhood — eating bologna for dinner — and a strict, no-nonsense upbringing.

Mac's mother died of cancer when he was 16. In his book, Mac said she was a support for him and told him he would surprise everyone when he grew up.

"Woman believed in me," he wrote. "She believed in me long before I believed."


You would figure he'd be one of the guys that would be around for ages with his wisecracks. I did enjoy his show when it was on, and you can't forget him in Oceans...

Rest in Peace.



But this has me fearing the "RahXephon the Movie" experience...

Gaming / Persona 4 12.9.08
July 06, 2008, 10:28:05 PM
Trailer Here:

The music already has me anticipating this. Do want.

Gaming / Princess Maker 4 for DS
July 06, 2008, 08:14:07 PM

Dammit Japan, stop giving me reasons to buy a DS!


Under the name, "Big Windup".

Maybe this might actually allow me to catch up with this series...

P.S. 1000th post GET \o/

*Finishes Reading Hatsukoi Unlimited.

Mizuki Kawashita (Ichigo 100%) is a Masochist.

Thread is self-explanatory. Mention any rares/oddities/interesting items.

Slim pickings are slim. Relevant items:

*Pangya - Hana figurine
No Kooh when I got there. Hana is blond, not black haired. Nice, but meh. Didn't see anything Kooh related in terms of PVCs either, just that Breasted Dojjikko I dislike >>.

*Arcueid Magnetic Bookmark
Kujibiki prize for Dr. Master Publications. Buy 25$ worth of merchandise, get a spin. Everything to the right of the Murder Princess volume and above Tsukihime was 2$ each. God I love that booth.

*IM@S figurines
Iori, Miki, and Chihaya. Would be nice to get Azusa, but this was good enough as is.

*Friend's Artworks
Kohaku and Hisui buttons, China Bookmark awesomeness. - Thanks Lisu
Miku Miku Ni Shitte Ageru! - Thanks Chloe

Spent less than 100$ this year.

General Anime Chat / Evangelion on Ame Ta-lk
April 24, 2008, 06:07:32 PM

Lot of known people in the entertainment business discussion the Evangelion series and its legacy. No subtitles.

Found it really entertaining.

This recently has me concerned because of my current ties to OGPlanet.

I originally sent an E-mail to OGP to send me flyers/free-stuff I could give out at my World of Pangya panel, and they sent an e-mail to me again saying they'd be interested in having a booth at Fanime but didn't know how to go about it.

So the main quandary is this:

1) What are the limitations on giving gamediscs/flyers out for free


2) Since the Industry section of the website is completely blank, how can OGP contact you? A representative from the company asked me for some assistance (How to get a booth, How to get an industry Panel, etc).

It's been announced that Someday's Dreamers is going to be animated with a new girl, Natsu, in Hokkaido. This does not follow Spellbound's arc from Norie Yamada's works as localized by Tokyopop, but something completely different. Expect the same amount of laid back, slice of life you would come to expect from Yamada-sensei's work.

I'm sure you all know I'm absolute hype right now with this announcement.


Best hurry, things are flying away fast.

Also note that the ordering might not be correct, as some have "alternate titles I.E Tsukiyomi:Moon Phase vs Moon Phase", not to mention not every book in the place is in the 20 pages, so search by name.

Here's what I snagged (There goes my CNY money)

Sakura Taisen 1-5 (Got the last volume 3, woo hoo)
Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase 1-4
Culdcept 5
Genso Suikoden III 3-10
Love Hina Novel Volume 2

Gaming / Persona 3 Fes Expansion To Be Ported
February 28, 2008, 09:18:50 PM

April 22nd (Earth Day), Persona Fes 3 comes out. This is the original game, as a standalone.

The features are more Elizabeth requests, a Aigis side story, more game events, a remixed sountrack in-game, and a few others.

The game is set to be ported/released for 30 dollars. The original cost 50.

Kind of makes me regret buying the original LE edition second hand for 80$ >>;;

General Anime Chat / Spice and Wolf
February 19, 2008, 05:19:56 AM
No thread, thus I bring one.

The series is pretty relaxing but also quite intense in an old-world Emma sort of way. Just hearing all the trade talk, the workings of the grapevine in trade, and all the excess bartering know-how is just music to my ears; it's so effectively enticing. It doesn't hurt either that Horo is an absolutely amazing character, and every time Lawrence starts explaining the economic effects of each action, the whole "Lelouch" badass vibe comes from his male seiyuu.

So what are your current thoughts?


Hirameki closed and stopped production on Visual Novels January 2nd, 2008.

That's all she wrote. I should finish EVER 17's Shonen path in memoriam.

I made this thread to discuss possible gems and the like that came out of C73 recently, or Comic Market 73.

A notable thing is probably the touhou influx; see the RPG, Minigame, and SOUND HOLIC's animated version.

I won't talk about too much, but Sound Holic's Touhou Interpretation (As found on NICO NICO, as "TOUHOU SIDE STORY")... is really a piece of crap. All this gundam unrelated balances and the like simply made no sense. The only thing that kept me entertained? The comments. So epic.

Mai Kaze totally released a good trailer followup, and it will all but trump SOUND HOLIC's Non-Anti-Aliased effort.

Other points of interest (In my blog because I'm kind of lazy to transfer all links):

-Tasfro's : Defend the Library!
-Miku Hatsune PVs
-Touhou RPG
-Touhou IOSYS
-Magical Battle Arena