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Serious Business / Pets?
June 04, 2016, 01:45:12 PM
Hi, I hope I posted this in the right spot. I was wondering if pets were ever allowed in the convention center or was it a new rule? This year, I did see a sign that said no pets and (correct me if I'm wrong, I could had misread it.) not even service dogs are allow.
I might of seen a sign that said no pets last year but I don't quite remember...

Registration / Re: Reg Line
June 01, 2016, 10:36:01 PM
I came on Thursday and I waited it a bit but not too long. Last year, we hardly waited in line. Oh well~ linecon, best con.
Quote from: Amarok on May 30, 2014, 01:05:47 PM
I would've loved to see some Nameko goods of any kind, but I guess it's not popular enough in the US? It's such a HUGE hit in Japan it's surprising anime/game fans over here don't like it.  :(

Same with Puzzle and Dragons, huge hit in Japan but kind of eh here.
Quote from: bebop on June 01, 2011, 02:22:26 AM
"Imagine if you were this working in high heels with expensive dresses and had special performances to attend to."

I said that, and I have no affiliation with the maid cafe.  I was just trying to put you in their shoes and get you to sympathized with the maids, that's all.  Again, I have no affiliation, I am not even a staff of the con. I hope this clear things up and I'm not going to post again.
Quote from: bebop on May 30, 2011, 10:14:27 PM
What was I expecting? Not much. I am not expecting a 5 star restaurant service. In fact, maybe I was being a little too critical, since I work at a 4/4.5 star restaurant, and since I do great customer service on the ordinary. So if I sounded too blunt, I apologize. but what do you want me to say? Should I have worded it alternatively?

Try wearing high heels for even a few mins without complaining. Add the harassment that they get and how busy it was, put it together, and I think you're 4/4.5 restaurant would turn into a -1.  

Btw, do they even get paid?
General Anime Chat / Re: Manga Fox vs. One Manga
May 31, 2011, 05:13:14 PM
Quote from: Elimeno on June 10, 2010, 01:45:46 AM

umm, the Manga isn't out yet.
Although, I had only coffee, it was fun and entertaining. I went with a big group of eight. We talked and played a game, took pictures and had a memorable time. I didn't know what to expect because I have never done this before so I don't really have a negative feed back, except for prices, but, all food at the cons and hotels were overpriced. The coffee I had there was the best coffee I had tasted. It tasted even better than regular coffee at Starbucks.
I wasn't serious, but no matter what some people will not ignore them. =/
I dunno if it's the medication talking. I took some night-quilt, but we should totally blast some hippy music, hold hands and start singing all happy and stuff at the protesters. yeah...No fighting this year.  :D ;D :)
Quote from: Jerry on January 06, 2011, 08:57:04 AM

while trying to find a squirtle killer picture... if found this and it made me smile :)


My niece smiling and laughing!!
if you guys ever need an extra programmer for both device, just e-mail and I'll send you guys my resume.

I can product the both the iPhone and Android version with all the information and not sell it, which I wasn't going to sell it anyways. For the Fans, by the fans, right? But, I'm not going to. I'll rather have their permission first and I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon. Oh well, we will all enjoy the m version as I shall call it.
I could do one for android but I'm not going to do anything unless I get permission and some victims...I mean testers since I don't have an android myself. I think there's nothing wrong with the Android (It's as good as the iPhone IMO) and I think they android should make an app too. But, they're prob make you use Sorry.
Quote from: xxxplizit (pogi1kenobi) on January 05, 2011, 04:10:51 AM
Where did you hear this? 

I might be wrong but I heard from a Dean/Teacher of GSP. He's been the game industry back in the days and I don't know if what he says still applies. Sorry!!!
ok I'll just stop then. Thanks. And oops, and I'm sorry!!!
Here kind of a preview of what I'm working on. It's nothing much to be excite about. Everything is done except the nearby places. I'm not too sure how good people's phone connection is going to be or how good the wireless is going to be.

I didn't make the schedule look like the Schedule in the hand book. What I'm trying to do is make it easier to find certain things like if you have a favorite anime show you want to see you can just type in the search box and it will show up. Or if you don't know a name of a show but know it's an anime, you could just click the button of a day and button of anime and it's type (series,fansubbed, industry.

I'm not sure too sure when the next pocket guide for 2011 but it would be great if I could get ahead of time to put it in the database.

Feel free to comment/suggestions/opinion or flame.

I used to know somebody who does all of what jerry listed. He hasn't been to Fanime for a very long time and I dunno if hes going to be there this year. I won't say his name but, I blocked him from my facebook....if he did go the number of creepers will go up to 100%!!!
Don't be a programmer unless you have a passion for it!! Also, there are hardly any programming job available. I know friends who got a Game Programming Simulation degree and end up becoming game testers. It's hard. It's gonna take a few years before you actually get to do contribute to a game, besides testing.
If you actually want to tribute almost anything to making a video games, you must know how to program from what I had observed and heard.

if you are going to become an artist...good luck....all I have to say is this: drawing sprites sucks and it's rare to find somebody who will do sprites.

good luck...
The guy who writes for is crazy.

Publishers, like Square Enix, Namco-Banda that produce video games as well as anime/manga, have to either move out of Tokyo so the bill will not be effective, or to abide by it.

<_< like thats ever going to happen.
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: A fanime Iphone/Android app?
December 20, 2010, 12:07:50 PM
if I had a server, I could prob try for push notification.