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Gaming / Re: Soul Calibur 3
June 03, 2008, 10:07:48 PM
No offense, but I don't think anyone is even as busty as Ivy, let alone capable of wearing a rubber band.

Vader owns.
I don't think the Japanese version of the game will have english subtitles. And even if it does, I assume it wont extend to all of the menus. I have the Japanese Gran Turismo Prologue and its a pain to navigate...

I know a lot of PS3 games have multiple language tracks but MGS4 does not because its evidently using all of the 50 gigs available on the dual-layer bluray disc.
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Tachikoma project
June 02, 2008, 02:24:42 AM
I love tachikomas.

Please do it.
Hard Gay is probably one of the more awesome characters Japan has ever introduced.

You're more daring than I could ever be, and I've mailed colorful hate letters to Michael Bay.
People usually misjudge anything they're not interested in and/or don't understand.

Its funny, cause whether or not we're just a large congregation of nerds, its still just a microcosm of the basic elements of society: you've got cliques and certainly evil elitists, and a money system... Jeez, look at me, I'm a scientist. amirite?
Those are really nice photos. Its good seeing a couple of my buddies there--

How did Rhiannon get in there!?
Gaming / Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
June 01, 2008, 03:38:39 PM
I cannot wait any longer.

Who here is going to pick it up? IGN's 9.9 score only makes the wait worse.

Also, did anyone else get in on the Metal Gear Online beta?
I think its odd for most people because they might not be as devoted to their mediums of entertainment.

Japanese anime and gaming in general are amazing cultures though, and people like to show their kudos to them in all sorts of ways. One way is to have their wedding cake shaped like tetris blocks. Another is dressing up.

Certainly, having cosplay'd this year I realize that while some can look awful and probably lends to the negative stereotype, its fun and very... freedoming to dress up. Its like a really good holiday away from the normal expectations of people. You can do and be what you like and not worry about it.
Quote from: Arjuna on May 29, 2008, 04:53:25 AM

Yeah I remember you two! I think you made a beautiful Aigis, MirandaZero.

I have a few pictures in my photobucket and two videos from the karaoke you guys did. Sorry about the laughing from some people around me.

That is the single greatest thing ever. Thanks! =D

- the junpei
Quote from: MirandaZero on May 29, 2008, 12:27:51 AM
Anyone get my picture? I was School Aegis from Persona 3. I was usually with Junpei.

After all that posing I want to see results.  ;)
"Are you saying we should use the friend zone to slingshot around the moon to her other friends?"
It blew ass. All the same, I really wanted to see more and it was kinda disappointing that it didn't happen the next day.

I know the 4channer's were all sorts of pissed.

It better come back next year. Otherwise I'll feel like I made a mistake not taking the mic and recieving/delivering verbal harassment. 

By the way, does anybody see the irony in this? Our reliance on the internet, that is.
I saw some Meryl's, Old Snake, a soldier and a couple of others... I'm really envious of you guys. I'm thinking next year of going as Drebin. (Stuffed monkey with a can of coke and all)
Her name is Jessica, but the nickname everyone calls her is Miranda. All the same, I'm sure she'll be glad to know you liked the outfit, because she wanted to look her best and tried really hard. It was also her first convention, and our first attempt at cosplay.

It was a really good experience all around. She'd tell you herself but she hasn't had an opportunity to join the boards (I'll make sure that she does).

Hey G-Force, you down to come back to San Jose this summer and party with us?
My brain had shorted out well into 4:00am Monday morning.
Wow, I look pretty sick. (ahem...

Yeah, that sword fight was badass. Good job Akihiko-senpai!

Kudos for Apathy Syndrome guy for being kick ass as well.

It was my first shot at cosplay (along with Miranda/Jessica/Aigis) and I had a blast. Its nice to see a cult game get such a good following going.

Props to everyone and their outfits and lending to the overall awesomeness of Persona.