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Since the economic downturn has hit my family extremely hard over these past few months, I am going to have to resort to selling various old goods in order to pay for Fanime. I will post pictures at a later date, provided that someone expresses interest in an item. All items are in either great or decent condition. I'll specify if there's something particularly wrong with an item.

Ninja Gaiden 2 Gamestop standee - Taken from my local GameStop when the marketing period ended. Standee is in great condition, but is admittedly difficult to transport, since it's fully assembled.
Metroid Prime 2 standee - Same situation as above, but there is a bit of wear and tear given that the standee is about five years old now.

Phantasy Star Universe
Sonic '06

Broken PS2 Slim - I bought this used from a friend about two years ago, and it stopped working shortly afterwards. I came down to the conclusion that the lens burnt out, so this may be a good purchase provided that you're willing to replace the lens. Price is negotiable, since I honestly don't know what a good price point for a broken console would be.
SNES - A typical SNES console in good working condition. I also have games to sell if need be. I'll provide the AC adapter, AV cords and controller with the purchase, obviously.

Strategy Guides
I have dozens of these from my time at Gamestop, among other things. All guides are in great condition unless specified. I have too many of these to list at this time, so check back for more, or ask if I have one that's not listed.
Zelda Collector's Edition
Tales of the Abyss
Resistance 2
Blue Dragon Plus
World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Atlas
Capcom Fighting Evolution
Metroid Zero Mission

More to come later, as I sort out what's salable and what's not. Paypal is preferred, but not entirely necessary.
For those of you who remember me from last year, I had the blue PS2 on display all weekend. This time, I'll be bringing that and my DVD recorder  in case anyone wants to record matches. I may bring my 360, but since they had them on display last year, I may just bring my hard drive.

Games on display:
Musou Orochi: Maou Sairin (Warriors Orochi 2)
various fighters
various shmups (Gradius, etc.)

Bomberman Live
Puzzle Fighter HD
Streets of Rage 2
Omega Five

... and tons of others. Feel free to bring a DVD-RW along if you'd like to record something, and I can upload it to my Youtube account later.
I'm greatly thankful to everyone for being trustworthy and taking care of my PS2 during the entire weekend, but I ended up leaving my games in the arcade when the staff started taking the TVs away. Most of you should be familiar with what the case looks like, but it's a black DVD case with a bunch of backup PS2 games. If you've seen it or have it, please let me know so that I can give you some cash as a token of my appreciation.