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General Anime Chat / friends who like anime such as Naruto
« on: November 21, 2005, 03:24:26 PM »
Narultimate Hero 1 & 2 (3 which is coming out soon if it's not already out) are for PS2. my older brother got a modified PS2 from someone as payment for some comicbook pages that he drew so that's how we got that. we ordered the games from some website...i totally forgot which one but i think playasia has them. they're imported so you'll need either a modified playstation2 or like..a disk thing, i'm not so sure how that works but one of my friends has it for her PS1.  but i think the games are set for release translated in america in the next few months or so, probably by the time fanime comes around.

well, i won't leave ya hangin any more.
we still haven't seen sasuke yet cuz ya know...

General Anime Chat / friends who like anime such as Naruto
« on: November 20, 2005, 08:02:51 PM »
i totally have both Narultimate Hero 1 & 2 and once you figure out the basic comboes it's soo much fun! i'm usually a button masher and am terrible at video games, but even i can beat people on this game! i reallly recomend it to everyone cuz it's so much fun. you play story mode to unlock characters, and you can buy items and little figures with the money/points you earn while you play. it's also really fun cuz you have a partner that helps you out with items like a kunai with an explosion note attached or even have them do an attack. in Narultimate Hero2 you can choose from multiple characters to be your parenter and there are many more characters to play with like itachi, tsunade, and even Beautiful Green Beast Naruto! ^_^....ok i guess i'll go now cuz i'm just babbling...

General Anime Chat / What Anime Series Do You Follow Now?
« on: November 20, 2005, 07:54:53 PM »
i'm only keeping up on:

Paradise Kiss
Kyou Kara Maou
Hana Yori Dango live action
still collecting Prince of Tennis

hmm that's subtle ^_~ considering he's the only one left of the kids for us to see hehe  

he probably won't be showin for a little while but for now we can enjoy Sai and his potty mouth ^_^

ooookeys so it looks like i'm changin my mind for my cosplay. i'm gunna be doing Time Jump Ino and my friend is doing Time Jump Sakura.

ino's new costume is pretty cool too, she's in the next chapter which has yet to be uploaded. crazy crazy long hair though >_< hehe i'll have to start growing to atleast get the bangs

it was really hard to take pics if you were in the gathering. i think it's easier if you bring a friend not dressed as a naruto character and have them take all the pics cuz i had to keep passing my camera off to one of my friends who wasn't in certain shots. i got confused as to who had it in the end.

i'm not upset cuz the manga that they are putting in the paper are both american made ones. i don't read the paper anyway so it doesn't affect me.

i only watch them if i like the characters that are in it. i ignored the first one with sakura cuz it totally ruined the plot and naruto's character. but i started watching when hinata came in cuz she's just sooo adorable and we haven't seen her animated in a while. then i kept watching the next one cuz um..DUH it's Rock Lee! ehhe yea. i love lee! it was amazing and full of crack! i watched last weeks cuz i love Konohamaru-chan! and i'll probably watch this week's cuz there's more hinata goodness! though i still can't wait till they start back up for real. i'm loving the manga plot right now very very much! ^_^

i like Mr. Disgruntled >_<

282 is out?? where?

edit: nevermind i saw. OMG SHE'S SO CUTE!  

and kiba and shino....hotttttt! (damn akamaru is huge!)

http://img251.imageshack.us/my.php?image=2820nj.jpg for people who wanna be spoiled and see the time jump shino, kiba, and hinata!

General Anime Chat / paradise kiss
« on: October 31, 2005, 08:50:26 PM »
i think it might be because of the animation style. it was the same way with BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad, you just had to get used to the style first. the art is a bit raw but it still manages to keep some of the glamour that comes with Ai Yazawa's art style.

i did my halloweening yesterday as Mukahi Gakuto from prince of tennis in the school uniform. but i have a pirate outfit ready if i feel like doing anything tomorrow. pirates r0x0rs!!!

General Anime Chat / paradise kiss
« on: October 25, 2005, 09:12:13 PM »
i read the manga aaaaaaages ago (i was haunting the tokyopop website for days waiting for updates on releases) and now that the anime is out, i haunt animesuki for updates on the fansub releases! i love parakiss to pieces! my friends and i would read it in school and pass it around when we were finished. i was sooo excited when i heard they were making it into anime! ^_^ i'm a very happy mel right now

ooo Fuun-hime!! so kickass!  i like Fuun-hime! that movie was awesome!
i can't wait to see the costume!

General Anime Chat / Anime "too cute" to watch?
« on: October 15, 2005, 11:51:53 PM »

i like Do Re Mi....


no cake. i dun like cake..>_<

but i have candy! mmm pixi stix!!!!

happy birfday tooo me
happy birfday too me
happy biirfdaaay to mee
happy birfday to meeee!

yay. i feel old....

happy yesterday birthday to our magical Naruto-kun! ^_^

how do you like your eggs? scrambled? poached? sunny side up?

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