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found this on the yaoicon faqs:

Q: I won't be 18 in time for the convention this year, but I really want to attend! What if I get my parents' permission to come to Yaoi-Con?
A: Yaoi-Con cannot waive the age requirement, even if a minor has parental permission or parental supervision.


i'm pretty sure you have to be 18 to go to yaoi con. i think younger people kinda hang around but you can't get in till you are 18..not sure, i've never gone, i wasn't here last year around october

oh you mean pr0n? well in some areas they don't let you buy that until you're 19.

you're not old....you're young. i feel old....i'm turning 20 on the 11th...>_<

so it's 5 man team without chouji? that's cool though.
i'm thinking of assembling a group of the kunoichi but all time jump version. i think that would be cool.
happy birthday!   i still have to wait a few more days for mine...mine's the day after naruto's! (though i'm much older than him >_<)

are you guys planning on doing time jump characters? or just normal?

if he needs convincing, tell him it's tons of fun being naruto!! and that he'd get lots of fangirls cuz naruto is so worthy of fangirls! i'd fangirl! i would fangirled myself when i was naruto but that woulda been just weird...>_<

i have yet to see a really good zabuza. it helps if you have the spikey hair going too. i don't think i've seen anyone do it with the hair. and it would be nice if you had some muscles too...cuz yea, zabuza is a beast

i would love to dress up as Yondie but i'd probably look stupid..i dunno.
i really want a chuunin/jounin vest but i dunno if i could figure out how to make one...>_< i'm waiting for time jump hinata soo if she has a vest i'll have to make one...wee! i wish she'd show up already cuz i wanna make a costume sooo bad. i'm tryin to make a time jump sakura for my friend but she's in new york and it's kinda hard if she's there with all the supplies. i'm tryin to get her to join the forum too. oh welllll i can't wait till fanime!!!

yes! threads for awesome are awesome!

but really, what is the topic here? oh yeaaa cosplaying naruto characters...um...lets seee..something on topic..something on topic...here's something on topic! there aren't nearly enough Yondaime (4th) cosplayers! you think people would wanna cosplay as him cuz he's uber smexy AND he's got that kickass coat thingy! i mean really!

heh heh

well i suppose we crossplay the male characters cuz it's the easiest way to get in their pants >_< (that was bad....bad joke...) ::gets kicked in the head::

one way to fix it is to stop crossplaying as guys..but it's soo much fun being naruto! and i mean, the girl's costumes aren't as cool looking... blea i dunno

people thought i was a guy too...probably still do...>_< i think it should say under the username F or M ya know? just so we don't get confused...>_<

::is glad she doesn't have cable in apartment:: i heard some of the voices from clips, but over all i wouldn't watch it even if i DID have cable. i would start bawling over how bad it is..like one piece...poor sanji, poor poor sanji...>_<

so that's what really happened to dosu? gaara just fed him ice cream to death?

General Anime Chat / Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children-Leaked
« on: September 23, 2005, 12:18:52 AM »
it was gorgeous! i loved it! as someone not toooo familiar with FF (don't shoot me! i grew up on Nintendo >_<) i was blown away by the animation! ga! just being able to see the threads in Cloud's sweater vest thingy was sooo awesome! and the texture of the leather >_< sooo great!
and yea the fight scenes were incredible too ^_~ loooved the end (wink wink nudge nudge for all you that have seen it already) i just loved how they did everything! and Kadaj! aa!! i was watching it and i totally recognized his voice! it's the guy who does the voice for Kirihara in Prince of Tennis and Shikamaru of Naruto fame. the voice actors/actresses they used were really top notch (omg..did i just say top notch?)
guh anyway, it was GREAT and definatly worth buying! ^_^ and this coming from a total Final Fantasty n00b.

Ideas and Suggestions / Guests I Want For FanimeCon 2006
« on: September 21, 2005, 08:56:17 PM »
L'arc would be amazing
Asian Kung Fu would kick ass
Orange Range OMFG i would die happy
The Pillows= me reviving myself just to die happy again
Psycho Le Cemu would be awesome but with all the Daishi scandal i dun think it's possible >_<    i <3 Psycho

Big Event Showcase / Future MusicFest 2006 Guest Possibilities?
« on: September 21, 2005, 08:29:18 PM »
i second Beat Crusaders. but what bands would really be willing to come to america?

hooray! we're back! aa i can't wait till fanime! it's like..forever away but i'm so excited anyway!

General Anime Chat / Howl's Moving Castle
« on: July 06, 2005, 04:10:33 PM »
i was lucky to get to see the sub on the big screen in boston. they were alternating sub and dub for the showings, and you didn't know which one you were gunna see til you got to the theater.

i LOVE that movie! i think it's one of Miyazaki's best. i need to hunt down the books now cuz i don't read enough.

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