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Overall I thought Fanime was great.  It was my second time going and its my first convention so I don't really have anything to compare it to.  There is only one point I'd like to bring up:

Why doesn't Fanime do more to incorporate the theme into the convention.  2014 was a beach theme and 2015 was mythology but I didn't really see anything from the convention that represented those themes.  Sure, 2014 sold beach towels but what about decorations? What about filling the convention the theme to give cosplayers the incentive to design and/or make variations of their cosplay to go with the theme?  2016 is martial arts.  Why not put up some dojo style photo booths or something?  Maybe decorate the halls better.  I feel that if the convention lived up to its theme we would see some spectacular cosplay designed around it (not that the cosplays aren't already spectacular).  It just seems like the theme is irrelevant when the only thing the them covers is a new tshirt design and badges.
Also wondering about E-post card.  Any info?
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Complaints for housing
March 02, 2014, 09:34:26 PM
Ultimately there are just too many attendees than housing available. 

I think for next year they should encourage other nearby hotels to participate with fanime housing (although I am sure nearby hotels have no problem booking that weekend, anyway)

Pre-reg attendees should get priority registration for hotels

Hotel sign up should be limited to one room per person (or account holders credit card, etc).  I know this would be a huge complaint for those who group book, but it would make it fair across the board and prevent room hoarding.  Also, people have a year to save money and figure this out, and months from the time you book a hotel before any funds are touched on your card.  Just be responsible. 

This will be my first fanime and am entirely interested in getting to know people! Will definitely attend!