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all i can say is wow
and how bout showering...
i love to come
since i have cute little cow lambo ^ ^
but the bleach gathering somewhat starts at 11 a.m.
well the lunch/chess game ^ ^
but i'll come by to take some pics
slight change of plan :/
put me u
but hope you have fun at prom ^ ^
prom is one memorable night sigh

but cute pic. 
i signed up for the lunch gathering at
but not here
so can you add me and 2 or 3 friends all in bleach cosplays
starts friday 7 a.m. not counting thursday day zero
get there round 8 or 9 a.m. friday
the shounen jump gathering is at 2
it'll be cool but
what time and where tho?

if it is on a day i'm free i'll be chopin from eternal sonata
what you guys think ^ ^
it is semi done just need to do some finishing touches on it
wearing ichi wig shinji's didnt come yet XP
chill, relax, its fanime
have fun depending on which cosplay your planning
there maybe glompers but seems they banded glomping
if i'm not mistaken.
keep a emo bag or some sort of carry bag to put stuff in.

enjoy yourself bath
dont want to smell now do we lol

and ignore peoples stupid opinions
on what your cosplay look like blah if its bad only

ya thats bout it
thx yukari
i may get lazy and not make the sandles lol
since my finals are so coming up @_@
why have test ><
school is hard enough lol
save money
postponed some cosplays
for a new project ^ ^
yukari - i did it was on ^ ^
and its on page 24 here in this thread
seems i'm not on the list T^T
but i may change my cosplay though to
spoiler if you don't follow the manga
shinji 5th division captain
end spoiler
so ya
You Mean I Have To Choose On Which Cosplay to Put On For This @_@
Might Not Make It If An Cafe' Concert At The Same Time ><
Aoi Might Be Going Myself Or Try To Find A Date At The Con
Emo Bag
Camera/Cam Corder
I Pod
Lap Top If I Get One By Then

And Whatever Comes To mind By The Time
probably itachi
Got Married Like to 20 + Cosplayers