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Quote from: "anime_freakx1000"^

oh! I know the answer! XDD! You don't need to stay for the whole thing, you can go after you're done. But you would want to be there when it ends like at 4 or something? because they are going to post the results. ^^

oh..and a question...if there is no karaoke for a certain song, can i just burn the origina song to a cd and give it, and then you guys would dampen it? o.O

Thank you. ^_^
one question; will people who are trying out for the preliminary rounds need to stay through the whole thing, or only until they're finished with their own performance?
I finished the series yesterday... I really like the ending. o_O;
so this ISN'T dead. o_o;;
Quote from: "Touya no Miko"Is anyone here willing to help me with a death note script???
I will! :3
...the little children are coming.


"...yet." xDDD How encouraging.
I've been requested to bump this thread back to the first page. >_>;

I demand cake for doing this!! >O
Hi. You know me. :D

I will be Misa. Probably. o_O;