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i cant brain who has black hair so as a last minute effort i'm going as the Ottoman empire turkey and my boyfriend will be modern turkey
i'll be there... working on my green apron
i'll be going as crisis core zack fair
possibly a watanuki and doumeki
from us you'll get:
1 hatori
1 shigure
possibly 1 kyo
1 kagura
and possibly 1 haru
i might come as kyouya, my boyfriend might be mori
17 confirmed people coming!!! anyone else?
bump because its getting closer to the date and i'm not going to be prussia, i'm going to be ottoman empire
shameless plug begins now

did you see the gathering that's going to happen on the 5th of july?,12605.0.html

someone has to be interested even a teensy bit ne?
oh you people and your brain ... thinky things

thats a great idea, and i would, but i'm broke
i think i might change this to the 5th of july
what does everyone else think?
is it possible we might get  *gasp* more replies?
i did post to
i might have not posted it in the right place
i dunno

it looked as good as any
maybe you can point people at it or something

and i posted it on the yaoicon forums... i got like three responses T_T
anybody else know where i can post this so i can get more replies?
@lord moufmouf *makes a plu6to esque keening puppy noise*

and we are near a bart station for anyone else that thinks they have no way over and if you think you can bart it pm me and i'll give you my number
it would be if more than... three people have told me they're coming

maybe i should post on
the top of the hill has a view
the park at the bottom of the hill has a lake

i cant think of any hetalia esque riddles for a scavenger hunt either T_T
it really depends on what colour my hair will be
i know i'll be germany for ycon though
random park in castro valley
either at cull canyon park or greenridge park
i think it might be at cull canyon... depending on if i actually get any replies
even on facebook i dont have anyone who is definitely going

and yes there is a bart station nearby
also ifn you have game ideas i'd like to hear em

cause all i got is
axis vs allies tug o war
and badminton

i was thinking a scavenger hunt or capture the flag maybe too