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Would an ID be required for a 10 year old who looks older than their actual age?

Oh! And what's the difference between a child's badge and an adult badge (paper)? For this, I am just curious. I think it was the color last year, but I didnt have a paper badge, so I dont know for sure.
Okie, tomorrow, my mom and I are gonna devote 3-4 hours to shopping for my halloween costume/cosplay. I shall be my own design of SnJ Sasuke. Lame, but his hair is so fun to do, and I cant wait to see the faces of those little Naruto nerdy fans at my school stare bewildered XDD

I live near Eastridge btw, in San Jose. So any place in that area would be great.

So yeah, I need maybe a good place that sells wigs(my mom has one in mind, but we have hours, so it'll be nice to have some more options :D). Something that wont tangle easily(PARTY CITY SUCKORZZ....>.>. At least for the wig that I bought x___x). And will be easy to cut and stylized into Sasuke's hair style.

Then I'll be needing some place that would sell some cheap fabric(or cheap shirts) for his Uchiha symbol on the back and/or his dark blue/black shirt (not sure about which one I'll be yet...proabably blue though, since Sasuke hasnt shown up in his black outfit here in America least from what I've heard O_O). I was thinking Goodwill?

Then his socks/leg-warmer thingies. WHERE IN THE WORLD DO I GET LEGWARMERS?! My friend's told me that there was this one booth at Eastridge that had them, but they left after like a week TT___TT. If I cant find leg-warmers, then what can I use as an alternative? Would Tube Socks work? Stripey black-and-white socks?

Also, face paint or crayons? I think I might try doing somewhat of the curse seal(not sure, looks like hard work). So is this a good idea? And if it is, which one should I use?

Please help if you can. And remember that I only have a few hours to do this and it has to be in the area. Oh yeah, and the cheapest price please. Any other help or ideas on a SnJ Sasuke would be greatly appreciated as well. I just barely have an idea of what it'll be like.

This is the first time I will be making a costume, so I'm very excited but nervous because I really dont know how to work stuff like this. >.<

Thanks for taking the time to read this heck o' a long post, and cookies to those who give help. :3
General Anime Chat / Tips on making AMVs
October 12, 2006, 08:47:23 PM
It looks really really fun and all, and I have the program to use, music, and I sorta have the idea of slicing them together and all...but...

Where do I get clips? I heard that you can download other AMVs and use those clips(and that's good for beginners) or use entire anime episodes(which sounds harder).

So basically, where can I download some clips/AMVs? But I dont wanna download anything that has cookies or viruses or anything like that. So please make sure that the link(or w/e) you give me has safe downloadable material. ^__^ Thanks for any help!
Did you ever just watch an anime then go "" and be speechless? Or maybe the opening of the show or a character just blew you away? And you've never felt like this before for any(thing else?) other anime as well?

I dont know why, but jsut a few days ago, when I turned on Adult Swim to watch Trinity Blood, Bleach was on after so I was like "OKie, lets give this a try" and when I saw the opening. Wow. I dont know, it was like...awesome. And yeah, shoot me, late Bleach Fan -__-

The same goes for Ouran High School Host Club. The opening just caught my throat and the ending just really really hurt me. It was just...TT^TT

And out of all the anime I have ever seen, those 2 really caught my attention. I cant really explain it. Even though I claim to love Naruto, Air Gear, Chobits, Kyou Kara Maou, (shoot me) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and all those other anime by heart, only those 2 really caught me.

...has that ever happened to you?
Or just anime conventions in general is...

Well, for me it's the cosplaying. Being in the presence of cosplayers(like being in the presence of the characters themselves), the whole fun of it, and showing off something you made/bought/wearing and being proud.

What do you think is the best thing about Fanime/anime conventions?
Registration / Promotional Code?
September 24, 2006, 06:51:05 PM
When I took a peek at what the registration might look like (so my friends could tell me any necessary info) and saw under the "Other Information" box something about a Promotional Code.

What is that?
Just attend the con? What if you dont go and watch the anime screenings, or join and contests, or go into the Artist's Alley/Dealer's Room?

Can you just come for, say, the cosplayers? Meeting new people? Hall Cosplaying?
Registration / What would be the smartest way to...
September 08, 2006, 10:31:00 PM
Group Reg. an Anime Club? And what if family's coming too?

How do you Anime Club leaders/members group reg.? Do they all give you the money and you put it in a bank account?  Or they just give you the money, use your own money from your own bank account, then replace that money later?

And should I add in Family registrations too? Or should that be seperate?

Should I get help on this because it seems too complicated for a meer 13 year old to do? =__=
General Anime Chat / Awesome AMVs, MMVs, or the likes?
September 04, 2006, 05:40:29 PM
Any you think should be recognized? Any that're soo cool?
A really nice mostly-slideshow. Naruto - Youth of the Nation. This'll change how people look at slideshows.
So Sweet L. MMV dedicated to L and his craving for sweets X3
Naruto - Live For More.
Naruto - Whisper of the Beast. 7 months of work.
Naruto Hell. It's really fun to watch. Makes me want to become a hardcore Narutard again XD
Naruto - Tribute to Sandaime. Made me cry the first time, and second, and third...for a while.
Fruits Basket - A Song for Everyone. It's just some random fun to watch.
"Suzumiya-san Knows..." This still makes my stomach jump. It's really good.
Panic! At The Disco + Ouran High School Host Club = Awesome AMVs.
Another great Ouran AMV
D.Gray-Man MMV. The song is so very catchy and cute and XDD. I dont really know if it's a good MMV because I get lost in the music ~A~

I can keep going on, but then you'll get tired of me XDD

I know there're a LOT of Naruto AMVs, but that was during the era where I bookmarked good AMVs(that just so happened to be Naruto ones) and I just ran across them again.

And practically every OHSHC AMV is good. Really.
General Anime Chat / Death Note Anime October 3
September 04, 2006, 02:51:34 PM
I'm also excited for this one XDD

FINALLY. Death Note will have the attention it deserves!

L voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi (who did Ryuichi Sakuma from Gravitation and Ranma from Ranma 1/2(.

And Light voiced by Mamoru Miyano (who does Tamaki from Ouran High School Host club and Riku from Kingdom Hearts [Japanese version]).

(It's intersting these were the seiyuu chosen to voice L and Light... O__O)

New and really interesting info about Death Note's seiyuu:

Amane Misa: Voiced by Aya Hirano. AKA Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

  SOS Brigade's Leader Haruhi Suzumiya
+ Ouran High School Host Club's King Tamaki Suoh
   CHAOS...and fun ;P

...PWN! XD

(That's like Haruhi hooking up with him...O_X)
General Anime Chat / D.Gray-Man Anime October 3
September 04, 2006, 02:45:39 PM
Anyone excited (or the likes)?

I for one think the manga is ingenious and very excited for the animated version.

Their seiyuu seem promising as well X3


Forgot to mention this but I cant say that I wasnt disappointed...I wanted Paku Romi to voice Allen because that = ~~<3333
There would be such a serious cosplayer that wouldnt accept hugs because they want to be sooooooo in-character? And have you ever encountered someone like that?
General Anime Chat / What makes YOU Otaku?
September 04, 2006, 11:44:39 AM
Well, if you count yourself as an otaku, what do you think makes you that way? Staying up late, waiting for the newest subbed episode to come out? Surrounding yourself with plushies and merchandise of your favorite character? You're the actual meaning of Otaku where you have absolutely no life and friends and everything revolves around anime? You learned to speak Japanese JUST so you can watch the RAW episodes b4 anyone can understand the subs? COSPLAYING?

Here, you can show off how otaku you are XDD

(I dont know where this should be: here or Things In The Universe?)
Registration / Group Registration ???s
September 03, 2006, 09:53:41 PM
Okay, please tell me group registration will be up b4 the $40 deadline. If not, when will it be? And what's the planned discount? How many are in a "group"?(2, right?)

I really gotta know >.<
General Anime Chat / Air Gear!
August 16, 2006, 12:07:03 PM
Have you seen this anime yet? It's pretty good. (Awesome actually, I'm jsut keeping it contained *w*)

I've only seen 3 episode but it's soooooooooooo cool.

It's funny with (what I think) colorful characters, great art, and those Air Treks are to DIE for (are there any out here in the real world?!)

If you havent seen it yet, I reccomend watching it ASAP. It gets you hooked ._.()

So yeah...discuss~!
Would you rather make your costume or buy it? Do you do both for one costume? Or just make some costumes and buy others?

And why?
General Anime Chat / Downloading Anime
July 31, 2006, 04:18:33 PM
Are there any good websites to download anime? Any websites are fine as long as they have a good amount of GOOD anime.

This is for a friend...please help her poor soul, she hates YouTube. ^^()
General Convention Discussion / Fanime Mascots?
July 29, 2006, 01:21:06 PM
About those characters that appear on Fanime ads, that conventin Program Guide, and the website: who are they? I've been wondering this for a while now ^_^()

(Oh, and their genders as well are still a total mystery to me >.<)
General Anime Chat / Any Good Anime OPs?
July 25, 2006, 07:24:00 PM
Some good ones are: All of Pani Poni Dash's openings, Daia no Hana(Black Cat), GO!!(Naruto), Sakura Kiss(Ouran High School Host Club), Bouken Desho Desho?(OF COURSE: The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi), Rozen Maiden(dun' know the song >.>)

Those are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head ^^()

What're some of your favorite anime openings?
Yeah...anyone doing some jrock cosplay? My friend is planning on being Emiru from Lareine and she wants me to be Mayu.

I'm just curious. : D


Now, my friend might cosplay as Machi instead because:

A.) He's the missing member of the band and if Kamijo, Emiru, and Mayu ALL come to Fanime next year(there is a slight possibility!) then Machi = FULL BAND PICTURE! : D

B.) She totally looks like him. Facial features and all.

C.) He's easier to cosplay XP
General Anime Chat / Shounen AND Shoujo Anime/Manga
July 05, 2006, 08:35:09 PM
Any shounen manga out there with shoujo characteristics?

Or shoujo manga with shounen characteristics?

And something like "a little drama" or a "little slap/punch/school fight" doesnt count >.> If they did, then almost every anime/manga would count xD yeah. The only one I can think of now is Kyou Kara Maou >.> It's got bunches of drama but also bunches of war and stuff. Also some yaoi/shounen-ai implications, but yaoi fans(population: 98% girls) can go ga-ga over those and non-yaoi fans(population: 80% guys) can laugh and take it as a joke.
General Anime Chat / Ultimate Anime Showdown!
July 02, 2006, 09:21:36 PM
I just thought this would be a fun idea =^.^=

Okay, anything anime related can be used, even people who bash anime or probably one of the number one otaku's out there. Okamas, manga, games, EGLs, and JRock/JPop bands too I guess since they sometimes cosplay. Maybe even actors/actresses who played a certain character in a live-action movie. Or a seiyuu. Doesnt matter if that character died or not.

The only rule is that it can only be anime-related!

Here's an example:

QuotePost 1: Naruto walks into a mysterious house.

QuotePost 2: Then, InuYasha pops out and attacks him.

QuotePost 3: But Chi from Chobits came out and her cuteness stopped the fight immediately.

And so on I guess >P dont mind the bad examples

Here, I'll start:

Vash(from Trigun) is just sitting at his favorite donut shop eating a dozen donuts as usual.
Just as the title says.

(Sorry if it's still really really early, but I wouldnt want to pre-reg then find out that it's in Fremont or San Fransisco because then my parents would definately not let me go >.<)
Why do some people dont like it? Just wondering...I mean, its a great feeling to be hugged by someone, especially someone like you *cough* otaku *cough*

And most people say yes to total stranger hugs anyway...but why do others say no? Owo?
Ideas and Suggestions / Shonen-ai Marathon
June 25, 2006, 08:24:22 PM
I dont know if that's possible because 2 guys kissing and everything that is below sex might still be rated R becasue of homosexuality...

But some of the anime that were showing during the Yaoi marathon were so not rated NC-17 or R or M or w/e. Gakuen Heaven, Gravitation and Loveless...seriously. Gakuen Heaven would be rated PG and Loveless would be BARELY PG13.(due to shotacon content I guess) Same with Gravitation...they even blank out during the sex scenes! (exception of the OVAs...)

Probably 2 yaoi...and another shonen-ai I guess?

I'm just wondering if it would be possible...if there's anything wrong with this...gomen; my excuse is that the schedules were hard to read and I barely understood anything on it. >.>...

Okay...I changed the subject to a Shonen-ai marathon instead of a confusing PG-13 Yaoi one O_O.

This way people younger then 17/18 can watch the same shows shown during the Yaoi marathon that didnt really belong there.

I hope I make sense X.X