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Topics - senritsu

i dont know if this is the best place to put this
but i thought
since america's birthday is coming up (4th of july if you're slow), that i wanted to throw a bbq
with... like
games... and potluck kinda... food

i want all of the attendees to come as different countries
lets see how many we can get (maybe we can sing the worst rendition of we are the world ever) and freak out the locals... or something
tell me which country you are coming as and what food (possibly something pertaining to your country maybe?) you are bringing
if you know someone who is local and has a hetalia costume, bring them along too

maybe we can have stupid games
like daruma san ga koronda!
or something...
nothing better than a big crowd of freaks at a public park

i was thinking around noonish
and 4th of july is a saturday too XD

reply here if you want to go and what country/which food you're bringing
and i'll pm you with the directions

the address to the park is
(its called cull canyon park and i'm putting up signs)
18627 Cull Canyon Rd
Castro Valley, CA 94552

it has been brought to my attention that the date for this might be a bad choice because almost everyone is busy
should i change this to the 5th?

so i want to make this outfit
but i cant find the fabric with the leaves on it
should i draw the leaves on with fabric markers
or should i sew the leaves on?

or is there yet another option that i hadnt thought of?
i cant think of more characters than

kyo from fruits basket
pein from naruto
ichigo from bleach
tasuki from fushigi yuugi
and tenma from harukanaru toki no naka de

i usually bring at least 7 costumes to fanime (i change my mind alot)
help me figure out more characters with orange hair

funny... they're all guys... i'm gonna have to do alot of binding arent i?

but yes, i dont feel like wearing a wig and i have orange hair... help!
anyone going as a fushigi yuugi character?
yeah it's kinda old
but i have orange hair and tasuki's tattoo
so i figured why not
maybe we can think of a skit if i get enough people
i'm going to dye my hair a vivid (ish) red
and do this costume for a con

my problem is i have no idea how to do that with my hair

and since i'll have red hair, i might as well cosplay other redheads
any suggestions?

also advice on sewing my lips together (not actually) and makeup might be helpful too
i'm a real mess
Registration / needing a guardian?
May 11, 2007, 01:30:11 PM
so my friend (who will be 18 after the con) will be joining me (who is very over 18) for fanime, does she need a guardian?
and if so does she need a letter from her mom that say i can be her guardian?
i want to make gamma akutabi's sword as realistically as possible

to do that i need one of those toy chainsaws with the pull string (cause i want it to make noise too)
does anyone know where to get one?
i checked all the toy stores and all they have are the ones with the buttons no pull string
for my cosplay skit:
one aizen
one kaname
one gin
or some combination thereof
and on grimjaw or other arrancar (not ulquiorra)

there will be circus music it involves boredom in hueco mundo and a crying ulquiorra
i leave the rest to your imagination unless you are part of th skit

pm me for more details
hi all, sorry i havent posted in a while

i am in great need of a turk army

all you need is a black suit, the ability to get into a con, and the ability to run slowly and make it to one practice... atleast

a reno who can fall flat on his face and or a sephiroth who can do wheelies in a wheel chair also greatly appreciated

now i bet you're curious

... i gotta find me a skateboard too ;D

so who's onboard?
Registration / question
May 11, 2006, 03:11:41 PM
i registered for my boyfriend

i used his name
but my email address and phone number
he's not going to be able to go for even one day
its too late to transfer his registration online
what do i do?
can i photocopy his id and pick it up anyways????
we dont have a meeting time yet
or a meeting place

but i like hellangel's idea of going and singing in the karaoke room


oh look we have a meeting place

anyone else in???

or are we going to be stuck as the pop duo ryuuichi and ryuuichi???
i guess i could get a wig... but i still got no shuuichi clothes
IS there going to be a deathnote gathering or are L and misa misa gonna have to go to the jump gathering?