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Quote from: "atan134340"anyone want gundam stuff?

- Gundam Ace Magazine (vol 1-20~ish)
- Crossbone Gundam (1-6 complete)
*all mangas in japanese

- HGUC GP03D (it's so big!!)
- MG Gelgoog, GM Custom, Z, Z plus, FAZZ
- Coating MG Zaku, Z, GP01,02,03, Freedom, Gold Frame

How much are you looking for the Ace magazines?
Quote from: "Moonblossom"
Quote from: "Vanessa"50% off parking? wha? how? when?  :shock:

The Marriott's apparently having a promotion for Fanime attendees. It's listed on the hotel reservation info page

Awwww. I'm staying at the Hilton.
I'm going for Yellowcard and the Used. More so yellowcard for the music and the Used, so we can talk sh*t about Gerard. LO :oops:
50% off parking? wha? how? when?  :shock:
So where's everyone's reviews? I saw it in Dublin at their IMAX theater, never been in that area before but with 12 people in 3 cars it's hard to get lost. Anyway's, REVIEW time. (x-posted from the lj.)
Spider-Man three will probably be my favorite flim because of the way they handled Harry Osborn and his character. I have a great deal of love and interest in that character since I first got into the comics (more so, than Gwen Stacy) and i'm very pleased and surpised that this was almost really a Harry Osborn flim, I assumed the focus would be on Spidey/Eddie/MJ that I didn't even fathom that they would give Harry the time of day. I was really wrong.

Seeing Spider-Man in the imax is the way to go! But after so many battle scenes, things start to get blurry, I don't know if it was on my part or the flim's part, esp. the scene's when it's tight for Spider-Man and the 'New' Goblin. I literally had to take off my glasses. I'm seeing the flim on a regular screen later today. Yes, again. Hell, I plan to see it at least 4 times total, because I'm weird like that.

Seeing the 'New' Goblin's costume was fantastic! Everything was so upgraded and gave the Goblin this crediablity that the first outfit with his father almost never had. Gone were the cartoony-imagery and horrid green color and in this sleek new design that made the Goblin almost an equal with Spider-man. It was Great seeing Harry in action attempting to do something with this ravaging guilt/anxiety that he's been carrying with him for the last two flims.

It was great that we are able to see Gwen Stacy first in the flim before MJ. Seeing that blonde head a few rows in front of Peter in his class just got me all giddy and thrilled. I was praying for the girl to raise her hand and get the answer before Peter, which she did. A glowing smile that made me happy, so far it was off to a positive start for Gwen. Bryce Dallas Howard, who I'm not familar with has an awesome face, a beaming smile that seemed straight out of the images drawn by John Romita Sr. Even thought the school scene was seconds, it had me glowing. Gwen! Finally! On the big screen!

Seeing Mary Jane working on broadway and being a singer was kinda a drag, I know being thin and frail is in the in look, but this time Kirsten Dunst seemed to have last massive weight and is left in the flim looking like she's greasy, unkept and basically a mess. Almost all of her line's were about her feelings and how no one understands how she feel's. It really made me angry when the first time she gets down, she calls Harry and goes off to see him, doing the typical MJ and not realizes his truth feelings and reeling him in for that kiss, I know it takes two, and I know your all saying, 'it's JUST a kiss' but it's just another nod to the comics in where MJ juggles both Harry and Peter and instread of turning to drugs like Harry did in the comics, he turns to the bottle after getting that cold shoulder-shake off from MJ once again. Damn her. People seem to forget that in the comics, MJ was really selfish, hard working (kinda) but she looked out for number one, which was herself and Peter really didn't care for her personality and way of lifestyle, it wasn't until Gwen dies, that they all, MJ especially becomes a better person and the woman that Peter can love.

Harry, seeing him angstying in the balcony seats can get kinda old, but I'm glad the audience and myself doesn't get tried of the whole avenge the father trip he has, it makes Harry as a character and when you have a father like Norman it really can't be helped, what I didn't see coming was the memory lost stint that Harry faces and it was fantastic to see Harry, being Harry! As he was in the first flim! It was a punch to the gut, but a good punch to see Harry on the hospital bed glowing and smiling and just being happy to see Peter. It was good to see MJ showing up and seeing Harry. He's happy and I take any happy moment I can get! I'm really pleased and surpised that in the third movie, more time is devoted to show the relationship that Harry and Peter have. What scared him in the first two flim's is that they emphasis so much of Peter's growing up and changing due to his realtionship's with Ben and MJ, but I always felt Harry (and Gwen) played a much larger if not bigger role in Peter's life than MJ ever did. So what really made this movie work for me is the time devoted to their relationship. It made the scene in the coffee shop all that more raw and real and ANOTHER punch to the gut. Easily my favorite scene in the movie. Harry Osborn is not only that weak and feeble but can easily be manipulative and cruel to Peter more so, than his father was in the flim's. That wink and grin at the end of THAT scene, made it clear. It was easily my favorite in the whole flim.

Gwen Stacy. I've got this far into the review and haven't really spoken of her. While Gwen was all I was thinking about when this movie was being made, it was Harry that made the flim for me. Both characters I hold in high regard, and want nothing for the best for them in the movie-verse. I'm pleased with Harry ending and it was nod the issue of Harry's death where Harry gets his sanity back and makes the right choice and saves Peter. Out of all the characters I'm really happy that Harry makes the right choice, that seems to be the lesson for this flim and at the end when Harry dies his focus is all on Peter. Really spot on and well done, I really want to thank the movie-verse for doing justice on a great character.

Ok, Gwen! I keep getting side tracked. While three movies too late with one of the most unique female's (in her time) she plays a enormous impact in Spider-verse, so I'm pleased that three movies in, Gwen wasn't really Gwen, they didn't try to play her off like she was in the comics as his TRUE love but kept her sprit, you can't three movies in since it wouldn't make much sense, the flim's have established where Peter is with MJ and I'm ok with that. I wouldn't call it a love triangle in any sense, because it wasn't. Gwen played an appropriate woman who was in wrong place/wrong time with Peter, because Peter's doing some pretty horrid and petty stuff to MJ at the moment, but what made Gwen special is that while most girls would just relish and love rubbing it in the ex-girlfriend's face, she pulls to MJ and say's she sorry, it's during that moment that Gwen gains almost all her credibility and keeps her class intact. I'm pleased, so pleased. I feared that they would get lazy in the so-called love triangle and play her off as clingy and clueless, but it was nothing like that. She wasn't in the flim much, with I think a total of a dozen lines. Her moments with Eddie aren't much, but to see her and Peter on the same screen together was enough for him. Seeing that kiss was a million times better, a upside-down kissed ment for just MJ and Spidey was taken, yeah, call me stupid but I liked it better with Gwen and Spidey, very cute, she's glowing and I can't help but think under that mask, he's glowing as well.

Three villian's in one flim seems like much, but it was far from it, it worked rather well and Venom comes too late into the flim for me to really enjoy him, my favorite villian was the Sandman, his imagery is some of the best I've seen, I'm eager to see his scene's again. While they didn't really have time to devote to his backstory, you can see where he's coming from with the sick daughter and how he himself makes these choices, maybe they aren't right but he's doing them for what he think's is the right reason's. While rushed, he had a dept and sincerity that made him a thousand times more interesting than Doc Ock ever was. Really loved his character a great deal and hope to see him in the future.

Well, I could go on, maybe I will in another part when I see it again. There is actually alot of full on crying in this movie and a lotta laughs that I don't think were intended. But I really can't push it enough for you to go see this flim, infact go see it more than once, there really is a ton of stuff going and it wouldn't hurt to go see Gwen Stacy twice!
Quote from: "LadyKaren"Seeing as it's going to be hell getting to SF, I think I'm opting out.

*looks at the news* Oh that's right. Damn, I was driving up, but now I'm not to sure. I'm def. going to go see it on the imax, just gotta figure out what's the best way to get there.

Anyone else excited for Gwen Stacy? Surely I can't be the only one.

I'm interested in two of them for my two friends who wanted for the last minute but wanted nice shiny ones. PM if you have them avalible and what type of payment you accept.
Quote from: "MisakiFan41"

Mark your calenders! Gwen Stacy comes to the big screens, does she deserve to be seen on IMAX? you damn well know it!

Panels and Workshops / Panels
March 25, 2007, 12:53:04 PM
I submitted back in Feb. and got the Ok in the first week of march. But it's more or less "Your in", I don't know no other details right now..
Quote from: "ININ"
Quote from: "Vanessa"I filled out the panel forum best to my ability. I really hope I get considered.

I got an email from a staff because I did a panel last year.  For '07, I submitted two panel ideas XD

Wow lucky, what panels did you do last year and what ideas do you have for this year?
Quote from: "BrightHeart76"
Quote from: "Vanessa"
Quote from: "zoupzuop2"Bump once again.

My commission from should be arriving within the next few months. By then I'm sure to have a great Cosplay goin' down.

Would you recommend this "" place for others to use? My friend is looking for a place to put in an order for AX..

I don't know about chibified, but I've had very good luck with  They are fast, cheap and the outfit is really nicely made.

Wow that place looks awsome, I will tell my friend about this place, ASAP! what outfit did you buy from them?
Hotel and Facilities / Did you reserve your room yet?
February 27, 2007, 08:09:01 PM
Booked my room for the 3 nights, at the Hilton, 2 beds for me and my 3 friends. AWESOME, but can anyone refresh me on the cost of parking for 4 days? I can't really recall...
Quote from: "zoupzuop2"Bump once again.

My commission from should be arriving within the next few months. By then I'm sure to have a great Cosplay goin' down.

Would you recommend this "" place for others to use? My friend is looking for a place to put in an order for AX..
Panels and Workshops / FanimeCon needs Panels for 2007
February 25, 2007, 01:48:34 PM
I filled out the panel forum best to my ability. I really hope I get considered.
Not to sure of the time, I'm looking foward to a Sat/Afternoon thing, before things get real busy. But I wouldn't mind a night gathering, but all the BIG stuff goes on during the night. Hm...
Quote from: "Kathina_MacLeod"Hip Hip, Ima be Misa Misa jsut like a million others >: ) lets have a battle for the best looking misa misa, XDE--<

LOLZ. With an attitude like THAT, I'm sure you'll do just fine.  :lol:
Was looking for a gathering, and I'm glad to see a topic up for Death Note, but it was pushed back 3 pages! I don't think I'd cosplay, but I'm eager to take photos!
I had a few Hello!Project costumes, I did Mari's Mini Moni outfit, Miki Fujimoto's Boogie Woogie Train outfit and THAT dress Kei wore in her graduation, but sadly I have sold them off. I assumed H!P was dead. But I like your youtube video's and I hope to see you at fanime doing something Berryz Kobou, they are easily my favorite H!P group, besides Melon Kinebi.
Panels and Workshops / Panel Ideas & Requests
February 10, 2007, 11:42:06 AM
I filled out the form in hopes of maybe this year I can do my panel!
General Convention Discussion / Your best day
June 01, 2006, 03:36:51 PM
Saturday! Because of the AMV's, the money I had didn't spend at the Swap Meet was spent in the dealers room (Over 650.00 was spent on Studio Ghibli merch.) Sat. was A++ for me.