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General Convention Discussion / AMVs!
June 01, 2006, 11:21:00 AM
Not my link; but the song to the Princess TuTu anime is here:
I stayed at the Hilton and made my reservations for one bed and one rollaway and got lucky with two twin beds, but it was on 11th floor. I tipped the maids around 50.00 the first night and was in heaven! Those ladies came before going to sleep and cleaned up, straighen out all our stuff, bought in new towels at least 3 times a day, I swear we were the cleanest people at the con with everyone taking baths around 3 times a day. The ladies even helped us carry out our stuff to our car...

Good times. Great housekeeping. Sadly the didn't speak much english, but they went beyond the call of duty.
I loved Stage Zero. It kept things moving and really grabbed my attention, just when I thought there was nothing to do; Stage Zero was doing something random. Loooooooooooved it. Hope to see it again in the future!

Really liked how Artist Alley was in another room. It wasn't throw in the middle of the con floor like last year, where last year I had artists having a hard time hearing me and there wasn't much space to look around. This year with them being in the new room they had space to show off their goods. I felt like I missed out on alot of artists last year and this year I did over 25 sketch commisions.

The Swap Meet in the gaming room was just *_* THANK YOU. awesome.

And in the gaming room, the plushie machine, freakin' AWESOME. If that had more of those I would have easily spent all my cash on that.

More USA Musume, PLEASE.

AMV's the set up/presentation was PERFECT, but there should be some sort of rule where a anime can only be used once. I saw (to me) so many video's will Hellsing and FMA and Azumanga... Ugh. I would KILL for some old school anime being used.

What I didn't like? I'm all for Yaoi and I've been a fan of it since 97' but there was just SO MUCH OF IT. O_o. Ugh, it seems like everyone was selling yaoi doujinshi. I know it's popular so there really isn't much I can say about that. I'd easily pay TOP $ for a decent het doujinshi.

The Cosplay event. So many jokes about ninja's and such on. Not everyone likes ninja's. But again, what can I do? And the walk on's. LAME. Half of the time, they didn't come close to the stage and for someone sitting on the sidelines in the stands, I didn't see them.

J-list was really tame. I was expecting more. Alot more.
Someone from either Hello!Project or Johnny's Ent.
General Convention Discussion / swap meet
May 25, 2006, 02:56:31 PM
I think the new space is going to be more than enough.~ I'm so glad it's going to be somewhere bigger! Before it was such a mad house just trying to look.

Good luck on everyone selling! I will soooooo there to buy! And I'm breaking my 100's before hand and going in with lots of 5's and 10's because last year I was paying with 20's and alot of people didn't have change and it was such a run around.
General Convention Discussion / Le gasp! :O
May 21, 2006, 06:57:52 PM
Whoa. 4 more days. SO SURREAL! With Xmen midnight showing, pay day, raging waters and fanime this is like my own 'golden week'  :P
Quote from: "IamTetsuo"As long as it isn't like last year:
*Two weeks before* Scheduals will be up next week!
*One week before* Scheduals will be up soon!
*Two days before* Scheduals will be up tomorrow!
*One day before* Schedual will be up tonight!
*Friday* (same message as thursday)

WHOA. Now that's the gospel!~  !
Oh maaaaaaaan, I can't wait to go to Peggy Sue's. I totally forgot about that place until someone mentioned it! WOW. *_*
Wow. My panel didn't get accepted. So much for Johnny's Ent at fanime. ;_;
General Anime Chat / Longest Anime Title
May 07, 2006, 09:53:19 PM
Not anime, but Gackt had a long title to one of his songs:

Todokanai Ai to Shitteitainoni Kakaekirezuni Aishitsizuketa
Registration / Thursday night badge pick-up
May 06, 2006, 05:39:23 PM
Quote from: "MPLe"Thursday is Pre-Reg AND Early-Reg only.

What is Early Reg? ..
General Convention Discussion / swap meet
May 06, 2006, 11:21:51 AM
Quote from: "Tony"Sorry for the delay! It's up at !

So do we pay when we get there or can we pay now beforehand for the space?
Well I'm excited because the jlist will be in the dealers room this year. O_O
General Convention Discussion / Dinner with Kamijo
April 28, 2006, 06:55:48 PM
Of course it's ebay, jpophouse has no shame when it comes to that stuff, but if I was them, I'd be doing the same thing; I wait for the day for them to figure out they can make some REAL cash if they bring over a female/male idol. I'd pay THOUSANDS to have a private dinner date with a boy from J!Ent.
Anyone interested in a Mai Otome gathering?
Urusei Yatsura!

I have over 37 VHS tapes of the series and own 3 of the Boxsets. That show never fails to amaze me.
For the girl!crush type, I'd have to say that Gundam Wing's Relena Peacecraft is easily one of the hottest female's in anime, period. I hate saying that because either people think I'm a newbie or that GW is played out. But really, after almost 9 years after having first watch the series, she has left an impression on me that just stood out.

.... Gods. All of that makes me sound so GAY. But I'm not. Infact, I can't really stand women.

Yea... For males? I'd have to pick Mendou Shuutaro from UY. Now if he only had the Moroboshi  laugh than I'd be set. XD
Quote from: "RyuHayabusa"
Quote from: "Vanessa"I liked it. Downloaded up to ep. 5 and bought the rest off ebay. I got ripped offf for 1 dvd-r but I don't have the time/connection to download. Anyone got any idea of a good fansub distro if the still exsist? Otherwise the anime is fantastic and the music is a pure addiction.

There ya go.  :D

O_O. Holy hell. Do you KNOW how much I love you?
I liked it. Downloaded up to ep. 5 and bought the rest off ebay. I got ripped offf for 1 dvd-r but I don't have the time/connection to download. Anyone got any idea of a good fansub distro if the still exsist? Otherwise the anime is fantastic and the music is a pure addiction.
I just registered, since it was so late I got a king and a rollaway for my sister and her boyfriend for 3 nights. But I have a question,since she doesn't have a credit card I let her use mine. Will I get charged? Or can she pay cash when she gets there. Also any idea how much parking is this year?