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Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Food Truck Idea
June 05, 2013, 05:04:42 PM
i assume since I've seen a food truck event there before.. but Parque De Los Pobladores right down the street where Market and 1st come together can support a group of them.
Quote from: sakaki on June 05, 2013, 04:07:06 PM
So let me see. What exactly was good about all of that? I would even argue that no, they didn't lack manpower. They lacked brains. Why were multiple people just walking around the ballroom - unable to assist people with questions, not keeping line jumpers in check (yes, that happened in that room too) - just being absolutely, 100% worthless.

LOL it must be SO hard to follow registration check-in procedures. Sorry to break it to you, it probably wouldn't have helped. If it takes upwards of ten minutes to print out crappy black and white *labels* - they either needed
a) more printers
b) pre-printed badges
c) more brains - oh sorry, this was a given
d) better planning - oops, there I go again

Flawed logic my right gluteus maximus. Probably could have put a thousand monkeys in a room and registration would have been faster and less painless- albeit with more Ebola virus.
points and arguments.

other conventions invest and have the money to invest in better systems. most outsourcing their registration system. run by volunteers at the con, yes.. but the system is still outsourced and maintained as such.. outsource = money.

signage: yes, there wasn't enough. no argument. no time nor money to get them done on time. make-shift signs were made for the most part to help. didn't help that much. people had trouble locating registration when it was clearly announced it was going to be at the Fairmont (there were plenty lost people wandering around SJCC looking for it)

volunteers not being able to give answers/help/info/etc: back to training. not everyone knew what was going on. lots of people to manage, and lack of communication. that covers a big block of your points. not knowing how long the wait was? same thing. not being able to answer questions? not lack of brains.. lack of that information given to them. they have a job to do, told to do something.. and they do it.

rude volunteer/staff: take down their name or badge number. report it and send feedback. it'll be handled appropriately.

more printers: more money or have the appropriate allocation of their budget for them. (yes, they needed more printers and i won't argue there)
pre-printed badges: it was done in the past.. but why not this year? because Fanime wanted the capability for people to choose where they can pick up their badge. (yes, people could have gone to Clockwork Alchemy)
more brains/better planning: well duh.. but it's a bit difficult to plan when more than half the volunteers bail out on you. did i mention lack of manpower? blah blah.. it's because we're run by volunteers.. blah blah.. yes.. that's not an excuse.. blah blah.

you argue that there weren't enough brains, but insist on having a ton of monkeys as manpower.
Quote from: TruePoindexter on June 05, 2013, 11:56:10 AM
There is even a conference specifically for organizers of these kinds of events to meet and discuss approaches to these kinds of problems:
one click, and seeing at SPJA was involved with project-anime.. pretty much, at least for me, negates what Fanime is supposed to stand for.

in the end, it's about how much support Fanime and their registration system have.. both in manpower as well as finances.. those other events have tons of sponsors and financial backing to allow them to do the things they do.. it's not about the wheels at that point.. but the motor.

the motor wasn't strong enough to move the heavy vehicle.

i've been hearing and reading so many different suggestions.. and each one has either been tried in the past before.. is actually still implemented in some way.. or something else completely different. the con environment is dynamic and things change from year to year.. for the better or worse... but it's an ongoing evolution with changes constantly made.

as i've mentioned a few times, the system that Fanime Registration was using this year was actually good.. and allowed for things they weren't able to do before. there's always going to be complaints.. and what they lacked in manpower and implementation of their system caused the problems everyone saw.

as a long-time con veteran who's been there and done that, that's my personal opinion.. they needed more volunteers.. more people... but it's not just that really, there were people who said Fanime should have just grabbed people from other departments.. or shift manpower to support reg.. as if it would easily work that way.. people require training to be able to follow the proper procedures.. to get it done correctly. such flawed logic from people who think they know better.
Quote from: djmonolith on June 04, 2013, 08:38:11 PM
Thank you for the post.  Have you spoken with staff members/planners from other conventions who don't seem to have a problem with Registration?  Why recreate the wheel?
certain wheels work better with different vehicles.. ;)
Quote from: renalcul on June 03, 2013, 06:29:23 PM
hire more staff.
you mean hire staff? you can't "hire more staff" if you never hired staff in the first place..  :o

lol.. there's Fanime merch.. hmm.. custom badges... i dunno.. but that gives me another idea though... goes along the lines of a vip/premier badging system.. *shrug*..
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Sainte Claire
June 01, 2013, 12:39:25 AM
the Hyatt?
24 hrs for the entire weekend is nothing..  ;) it'll fly by quicker than you think. lol.

but it's awesome just to see more victims.. *cough*.. volunteers willing to help the con!  ;D
omg yes! the empty space in hall 1 when swap meet wasn't around was really nice.

larger groups that were just lingering around (especially that one night when a group of people with instruments were taking space in the hallway).. Rovers moved them inside Hall 1 and there were no complaints since they had the space, didn't block the hall, and didn't disturb anyone once they were inside because of how much space they had.

the large spin the bottle group that was in there one other day was getting pretty close to getting shut down because they were growing too big... but it never got to that point, and the game was over before any major issues happened. (staff loves people who can self-police themselves).. but yes.. large space in hall 1 was great for that.

then finally when dealer's hall line grew too big and started filling up the hallways.. the line was able to be routed inside hall 1.. that was convenient.
I was just about to mention.. yeah.. attendee badges had the Rovers texting hotline.. they couldn't even call or talk to anyone on the phone as the number to rovers was not connected to a phone. However, the hotline was quick to answer.. and if needed, can be used to send a rover to the person in need of help. I know a few people who needed help from harrassment and texted rovers about it, had people sent to them to get it taken care of.

do not be afraid to text rovers when you need help.

intoxicated people have been the most problematic thing staff has had to encounter over the entire con's history.. (minus registration lines.. sure).. and regardless of Fanime being a "dry convention".. countless people continue to ignore that..

for a staff member to "pull" a badge.. the violation needs to be deemed severe enough... and yes, it can only be done by a limited few. on the other hand, any staff member can confiscate a badge that is either fake, or clearly does not belong to the person that's using it.. the issue on revoking or pulling badges is that not many staff are properly trained or experienced.. and in the end, attendees will "complain" about staff abusing their power or some other nonsense... and then some other staff members will also go power crazy as well if they were given that capability.

having someone who's intoxicated, but cooperative.. is obviously much different than one who's causing trouble. those who aren't causing trouble besides being intoxicated... at that point.. if they are cooperative and take themselves back to their room.. there's no need to reprimand them by pulling their badge... if they require additional reminding... then the issue can be escalated.

if the person is outright belligerent.. then security gets involved and it becomes a more serious issue.. there is always someone awake during the convention that can pull a badge... and when the issue is serious enough, they are called out to do so.
ugh.. more than half these pictures are disturbing more than anything... and the worst is they're being posted online.. (though that part can be argued differently)..

nonetheless... these types of people are what makes photographers look bad. some of us do it for the art and passion.. and to mutually expand each others portfolio. that link.. is not a portfolio. it is sick.. and disturbing.

i urge everyone to be much more conscious of your surroundings.. don't be afraid to report creepers if you spot one. it's not enough to just tell them to stop.. (because obviously they'll just continue elsewhere).. they need to be dealt with accordingly.
Quote from: renalcul on May 30, 2013, 07:11:05 PM
Quote from: ewu on May 30, 2013, 06:26:49 PM
Email your ideas and experience/qualifications to registrationATfanimeDOTcom and me - ericATfanimeDOTcom. We'll see how we can bring you into the discussion.

OR, post here:,18525.0.html
done and done.
where's the like button on this forum?? lol..
i've been staffing in Rovers for... umm... i can definitely say longer than anyone else. lol.. so me too.

so.. yea.. as far as distance is concerned, it is a case by case thing. I know a few rovers that staffed this year are from far away, a few from socal... a few even further. so it's not impossible to staff if you can't make it to the meetings.

contact the dept. head you want to work for.. and they can work something out. :)

and you can certainly feel free to send as many forms for feedback.. *hint hint* lol.  ::)
People like Tetsuo are very much needed on the attendee side... and it brings up an important point. whenever attendees argue or complain about staff.. and try to tell other staff about that individual.. it's very much difficult to narrow down the problem areas unless you get a name or badge number.

just like how staffers can identify attendees by badge number, we can do the same for staff as well. now we can talk to the person in question and get their side of the story. if there is a legit problem, it's easier to get fixed. much better than a wild goose chase trying to figure out who it was.

also.. as if it wasn't already obvious in the title of this thread, proper feedback needs to be done via the form. sure there's a few staffers that come in and read this thread.. but not all do. the forms on the other hand, are read by the people that you want to read it.
Quote from: renalcul on May 30, 2013, 07:17:08 PM
Quote from: ewu on May 30, 2013, 06:23:57 PM
Mailing badges – There are four issues: 1) Minors – We need to have contact information and do some ID verification because of the number of minors we have at con.
Are the badges that minors purchase different from the badges that adults purchase?
yup. lol... well at least the child ones anyway..
hey... where was my fan service Eric!? :o
wait.. i'm staff.. i got my own services.. right? oh.. hmm.. lol.. nvm.  :P

btw.. loved your wall of text. so many people don't realize why reg. does what they do.. and coming from you. it helps people understand a lot better.

blah blah.. mail out badges.. blah blah.. I know why Fanime doesn't.. and I also know that Fanime USED TO (and I know that some people don't know that part..)
i had ever heard of homestuck... and i didn't see how apparently popular it was until i kept seeing cosplayers everywhere dressed up...

i was confused... but in the meantime.. probably happier just being ignorant.
i'm turning 30... and i think you can never be too young.. or too old for Fanime.

other cons on the other hand... perhaps.
Quote from: Sinmara on May 28, 2013, 06:04:18 PM
And becoming staff changes nothing if the department heads decide that they're going to keep using the same registration system they've relied on for the past several years without adapting.
actually, unless you were actually working staff.. you wouldn't realize that the registration system they used this year is very much different.. and it has adapted (whether or not it was better or worse is still a matter of opinion)... :o

and no. i was not on registration staff... but i have talked to those that were. still.. it was ultimately a matter of manpower and money that caused the problems everyone saw.
the Doubletree hotel is a great place for a convention that is currently the size of what CA is.. so I dunno what they will be planning on for future years..

just saying.. the Doubletree is really nice for what it is, and I can't see any other hotel in the area with the capabilities or having a better fit. who knows what the expansion of the SJCC will lead to though...
i agree with qr codes.. i'm sure the "powers that be" are well aware and are trying to figure out what to do to improve.. but there's budgeting and operational costs that they need to factor in.. so the issue there is getting that money to the registration system.

also.. technically.. there was another hotel you could pick up your badge at..

throughout the entire time.. i kept hearing people ask questions on how long the wait was.. there was no real accurate answer.. and that got me frustrated as well. i'm about to go "Disneyland" on them and have them implement a traffic flow timer to be able to estimate how long the wait is from a certain point.