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Quote from: Aelia on March 31, 2014, 05:18:01 PM
Made of wood it will be fine.

Question: swords made of wood are fine, correct? What if their blades are covered in aluminum tape? It simply gives it the shine and metallic look of live steel, but without any of the sharpness or danger.
Not really a question, but thanks for being so straightforward, Eric. Really looking forward to the web launch :D
Quote from: TwistedFayt on March 24, 2014, 03:33:53 PM
I had a difficult time finding other furries/fursuiters at Fanime last year so I hope that there will be more this year. ^^

While I may not be fursuiting, rest assured that a friendly Khajiit will be around on friday~ :3
My furry friends and I will be attending for the full weekend, feel free to PM me if you'd like to hang around :D
Quote from: kookiekween99 on March 24, 2014, 06:50:43 PM
Does anyone know where I can buy freezer paper?

Huh..first I've heard of freezer paper o.o
After some quick google-ing, it appears to be something you could pick up at just about any ol' grocery store..I could be wrong, though >>
Quote from: Nina Star 9 on March 11, 2014, 09:23:26 PM
I know someone who has used that armsock tutorial, and it did not work out well, just as a warning. The paint, no matter how well she applied it, was really awkward and stiff...
Instead of getting black and painting it, look into getting tights that are already grey. Buy a couple of pairs in case you mess up the first one.

Huh..this is definitely a route to consider..Do you know if she use acrylic paint or fabric paint?
#7 stunningly perfect for what I require :D I just need arms for my Khajiit, but I figured you guys would know best about this specific arm-covering clothing :3
Also making an AR cosplay, but that one's pretty straight forward. The only possible questions I've for that are good ways to create nondescript and con-worthy firearms, buuut for the moment I'm thinking I'll just cut out a few rifle shapes from foam and glue 'em together.
Quote from: octoberesque on March 11, 2014, 06:09:21 PM
The gloves from welovecolors are slightly shiny, unfortunately.

Huh..Think staining them with paint or anything of the like might help? I was planning on painting on them anyway, but shinyness is definitely something to be avoided >>
Might anyone know of a good site to acquire some grey opera gloves? Or really any kind of long glove might work :3

EDIT: Also intended use of this thread is for anyone and not just me, so ask away and hopefully the hivemind of our subforum can deliver on techniques, materials, etc for homestuck cosplay creation~
Quote from: octoberesque on March 10, 2014, 12:00:48 AM
I'm really looking to avoid yelling at all costs. But the caution tape might come in handy for Aimless Renegade cosplayers ;)

I shall bind us all together in a collection of justice~
..Guess that's my way of saying I'm attending as an AR anyway ^^
Invite Mega64~!
This must be a thing.

The Creatures and Game Grumps would be pretty neat, too~ :3
'Nother yeller here if you need one :D
May also have a spare supply of caution tape if necessary. Dunno why it would be, but for the sake of pooled resources- just letting you know :p
My brother and I are preparing our Ohmes and Cathay Khajiit cosplays and are curious as to whether anyone else is interested in having a bit of a meetup, or possibly a gathering if enough people seem interested~ :3
Quote from: HeeroYuy135 on February 24, 2014, 11:58:57 PM
So how did those Resident Evil cosplayers on the previous page get by the rules without getting caught?

Short answer: we didn't >_>
Long Answer: I am the...Forth one down pictured, I believe? Sporting the nifty FAMAS, G17, & Beretta. The picture must've been taken my first day at the con in that H.U.N.K cosplay, needless to say I was stopped partway through the day and told I couldn't have the guns, so I traded them in for my hidden wrist blade prop. Which was really just a rubber fake knife stuffed into my sleeve, so that didn't ruffle any feathers :p
Anywho, don't assume just because others have gotten by a few hours or days without being ejected from the con that you can 'do any better'. In talking with the peace bonding staff, they were very clear and polite about causing as little public alarm as possible, and, unfortunately, realistic prop guns can cause a great deal of alarm :/
Though, if it means anything, not carrying the guns didn't take away from my cosplaying fun in the slightest~
Just keep trying! I got through, but the processing is still slow, they're definitely dealing with a flood of people right now >_>

EDIT: the processing is SUPER slow ._.

Well, maybe an unofficial gathering would still be fun~? Keep in mind, not everyone who attends fanime uses the forums, so I wouldn't be surprised if we see more people there all fallout-ed :3
I'd be all for a fallout gathering~!
..So long as it doesn't become a "bethesda" gathering >.>
oh the woes of having two cosplays from the same gaming company...
...andIreallylikemykittyperson >>

But, er, yeah, how does one go about making such a thing "official"?
I mean, unless you'd all just like to do an impromptu thing :3
General Convention Discussion / Re: Day 0: Worth It?
January 28, 2014, 11:42:00 PM
Personally, I tend to treat day 0 as an additional day of the con. What with the previous few having their mixups and long waits, instead of taking it in as a horrid waiting experience, I take the time to make friends with those in line around me, play a board game or two, have a casual cosplay going on, just have fun with it~ :3
I'm certainly no expert on running gatherings, but the biggest point of advice I'd give you is to have a plan; who goes first, second, etc. The only gathering I've ever run was an impromptu resident evil gathering two years ago, though that seemed pretty simple to figure out- group picture first, then good guys, then individual characters, then bad, then their individual characters, then zombies, the- you get the idea, all I can say is that writing the order of characters down or at least having it set up in your head is DEFINITELY a must. Because coming up with it all on the spot is a bit panic-y #.#